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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

5.5. Understanding about hats

One of the most gracious to understand is a graph - understand a whore.

Shlyakh - be-yak the last robot, at the Yakiy Kintsev podia of the skin robot to get on the cob of the offensive robot for it. The middle of the season is the most interesting way of representing the season - be it a season, the cob of the season is most important, and the season is the final stage.

Naybilsh trivaly povniy shly at the home graph is called critical . Critical are also called robots and pods, which can be found on the whole hat.

On the graph (fig. 5.6.), The critical path to pass through the robots is (1; 2), (2; 5), (5; 6), (6; 8) and the road 16. 16. This means that all robots will be closed for 16 one hour. Critical hat is especially significant in the system of social control systems, which means that the main hat is to mark the final cycle of the entire complex of robots planned for an additional network graph. Knowing the date of the cob of robots and the triviality of the critical hat, you can set the date for the end of all programs. Be-yak zbіlshennya trivialostі robіt, scho to be on a critical hat, I will wake up the weekend with programs.

Critical hat

Fig. 5.6. Critical hat

At the stage of control and control over the course of the weekend the programs are mainly respected by robots, who are supposed to be on a critical hat, because, by virtue of this, they fell on a critical hat. To speed up the project’s triviality, it’s necessary to get to the forefront of the project to speed up the triviality of robots, lying on a critical hat.