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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

5.6. Clock parameters and optimization graphs

As the hats are not critical, then there’s a reserve for an hour , which means that I’m seen as a hijacker when I’m critical of a critical hat and what I’ll take a look at. I’ll show you, on skilki at the sum of the days, there’s a trial of all the robots, which should belong to the whole hat. Zvidsi can be used to tidy up the bridal gowns, who wants to wear a hat for the most important thing, not to be afraid of the critical hat (we’ll close the middle of the house with the critical hat), reserve an hour.

I ’ll show you a new reserve for an hour , I can do it for hours an hour; I can give this robot some time, but I don’t have to remember the term.

A new reserve for an hour robots are expensive to store the maximum of noblemen, which is to pass through a given robot. This reserve is possible by the way, by the way, when there is a given robot, I’m able to find an early term, I can allow a very long term in the most recent term.

An important power for the future is robots є those who don’t have to lay down only robots, but we’ll take our hats, to pass through it. In case of victorious reserve for an hour, there are only one robots, reserve an hour for the last robots, so lying on the maximum hat will be a whole group. Reserves for an hour, lying on the first (not trivial maximum) gowns, passing through the middle of the robot, passing around the same time as the size of the reserve.

Інші reserve an hour robots є parts of a new storage tank.

Actually, in practice, the robustness of the factual factual mill can be changed. At the end of the month, the hour of preaching, completion of work, and critical criticism is possible. Knowing the critical way, you can focus on quiet robots, but I’ll take a look at the terminology for all robots.

I have written that I am critical of the criticism, reserve an hour of work and evaluation of the project. I’m responsible for the project’s tasks, but I’m responsible for conducting an all-round analysis of the current graph and accepting visits for optimization. In order to achieve an important stage in the development of graphs in general, the main idea of ​​SPU. The winnings are given in the given graph for the visibility of the given terms and the abilities of the organization, which will further develop the project.

Optimization of the graph in the fallow pool of various tasks can be intelligently divided into private and complex. Types of private optimization of the graph є: minimization of the hour of the weekend to the complex of robots at the task of the first time; Minimization of the work of the Robit complex at a given hour of the project. Integrated optimization is the basis for optimal performance of the values ​​and terminology of the project in the fallow of specific types of values, which are set at the first implementation.

Optimization of the graphical presentation is the process of organizing the organization of the work of the complex to the work of the terminology of the Holy Week. Optimization is carried out with the help of a quick approach to refreshing a critical hat, a regional victorious resource.

Come to Persh’s chergu, come in for a quick trial, and you’ll be seen on a critical hat. To reach:

? I’ve overused the resources, like Timothy hours (Victoria’s reserve at the hour of non-critical gentry), as well as labor, material, energy, and I’ve been able to recover more resources when I’ve overloaded the resources.

For example, it’s possible to work on the “high school” business days. All the more efficient, the permissions to achieve the desired result with quietly running machines (excavators, layouts, etc.), the number of robots is numbered.

? speedy labor of critical jobs for transferring parts of the work for the best, to save the hour;

? a look at the topology of the measure, the winter warehouse of the robot and the structure of the measure.

? secure running of parallel (received) robots;

? expand wide front in large areas;

? Changes to the programmability can be done with the help of the technology of fixed technology, for example, at work, at monolithic concrete constructions with base elements, which can be pre-assembled at the factory.

Conduct the correct graph of the need for respect, so that you can secure your resources to the indicated boundary (so that you can protect your work with a secure front and you can follow the rules of safety technology).

In the process of quick triviality and critical critical hat, you can change the process of optimizing the speed of fastening to fast triviality of a new critical hat and so on to achieve a positive result. In the ideal dovina of the skin of the latest grievances, you can have the opportunity to take the critical hat, or even take the hat of the critical zone. In this case, all robots will be conducted vividly, and the termination of the completed project will be completed.

In practice, when trying to test an effective policy of a folded plan, it is inevitable to introduce up to date estimates of the termart factor of the robotic factor. The project can squeeze an accelerated second weekend, which, naturally, is to be seen on the board: there is no need to. That is why it is necessary to optimally match the project to the project and the trial of the Holy Week.

When using the “hour-wart” method, let the robots proportionally increase the number of wartosts. The growth of the vartosti at the changed hour is called vitrates for acceleration.

In Denmark, for practical reasons, I want to go to bed hour after hour, so as to bring її up to the given term for closing buddies. Then we’ll proceed to correct the graph for the criterion of the distribution of resources, repairing labor resources.

Variety of meanings, when you have a linear accumulation rate, the ability to optimize the schedule, the task of encouraging the optimal schedule, the formality of the task, the need to friend, triviality, whether a certain hat of a social graph is not set by the term of the project.

From now on, the method of city planning and management to ensure that the employees are on duty and that all robots are turned off are informative, so that you need to take control of the plan and control. And in case of victorious obluchivlyuvalno technology SPU же even not just one of the methods of planning, but automated by controlling the virological process.