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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

5.10. Graph analysis of compromise

In case of graphical analysis, it is necessary to indicate which factor is constant. Helpful scenarios of development.

1. Yakіst constant

With the whole project, it’s a function for one hour.

Departure wartosti at one o'clock at post iynost

Point X showing the task of the line of the project. As a matter of fact, the project’s assignment at the given lines is even more planned, then it is more possible to obtain additional labor resources, as well as a standard work for completing tasks for the graphs. In the deposits of the observance of standard normative work, there is the possibility of finding the minimum point on the graph, which should be completed until the most important project.

In the process of drafting and accepting the decision with respect to independence, it’s constant, first I’ll take into account the respectability of the deputy manager’s organization, the significance of the project of the middle organization’s projects, and potential removal of the law. As a rule, the contractor cannot compromise on the full reputation, violated products (imparted servants), and we ask them not to be violated. So design may be in aerospace galuzy, nuclear power and that ..

Yakshchot yakіst є constant, then іsnuє chotiri method of compromising solutions is strictly factor in the hour and vartostі:

  1. the acquisition of additional resources. As a rule, when there’s a lot of price. Negative fees can be related to the necessary control of vitrates within the framework of a project approved by the budget;
  2. Zmіna obsyagіv that kind of robot. You can use this method of vikoristovuvati, except that you can’t exclude that type of robot you’ve brought to the mind of the technical minds of the project;
  3. re-allocated resources to the project by concentrating on critical robots for lower vitrat;
  4. Зміна calendar grafiku robіt. As a result, the resource has been redrawn and rescheduled, so you can bring up the day-to-day rizikіv.

2. Vartіst is a constant

With all this, the project will be functional for one hour.

Dependence of yakostі that lines at postіnіy vartostі

In addition, just like a contractor can get a plan for the planned graph, lay down the anchor.

I will show curve “A”, which means that the temperature is better for the project, a few days later, the whole song will be robbed, and the longer and longer term, the more robust. Curve “C” is a tool for freezing, as long as it is safe to eat, there is 30–40% of the required time for an additional hour. Situation “B” is possible only for the minds of a clear vision of the minds of the deputy deputy for the project.

In the minds of fictitious vartosti, it’s very suicidally important to pack minds of contracts that are like labor and that service. With all this, I need to curry special respect for my budget for the project at the time of the deputy deputy’s vimog.

As a rule, in case of a fixed price contract, the transfer will be completed on a graphical basis. Ale vidma’s vision of technical wisdom on the topic of visibility For example, a low level of maintenance and maintenance of a house for maintenance and repair.

3. Hour - constant

The situation below shows the situation if the factor фактором line is completed by the contract, and the factors that can be expressed are the price and the number of robots.

Departure of vartosti vid of yakost_ at posts lines

For the minds, 90% of the wisdom is to take care of the contract price, the contractor can simplify the technology (curve “A”). Curves “B” and “C” represent the situation if, for attaining the tasks of technical minds, one needs to become familiar with the additional vitrati. For the umpteenth time, the contractor is guilty of viznachiti, because we are important for the order.

All parameters - mean

Since all the parameters of the project are not fixed, then the contractor can independently choose what they can do in the last period of the project.

The present graph of permissionsєanalysis of vitrati and lines of the end of the project for the riznih ravnyakh yakostі.

With all this, the project will be functional for one hour.

Poshuk compromise decision in minds, if all parameters are

Another way to analyze this scenario is to vibrate financial alternatives. When you take a decision to enter into the pool, a rizik is ready to incur a contractor to secure lines of work.

Vibration solution of mid-financial alternatives


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Nutrition for conversion knowledge:

  1. Describe the main views of the calendar-plan of the project.
  2. Describe the history of the plan of the plan.
  3. Describe the sutility and the basic understanding of the social plan.
  4. What is the reason for the maximum graph type of “robot-sound” and “robot-like”?
  5. Describe the rules and the last encouragement of the graphs.
  6. What is the reason for the introduction of operational robots and the need for a graph?
  7. What is the order of greeting the order of the graph?
  8. What is the reason for optimizing the graph?
  9. What does Pareto optimum mean and what is the best way to choose the optimal solution in a bagcriterion system?
  10. How can I type a contract for a compromise deal?
  11. Yakі є method of making a compromise solution, yakshost yakіst є fiksovanim factor?
  12. Yaki є method of making a compromise solution, but wartime is a factor?