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Financial Law - Vіkhrov O.P.

4. The order of the Sovereign to the budget of Ukraine that order

The third, ale, main stage of the budgetary process is the completion of the budget.

Vikonati budget means return, the minimum amount is set out in the law of the sovereign and lower budgets (redistribution of rulings is very good, and underreporting is more complete), and you need to have more time (no need to forget about it) I’m set up between the following dates, see if you’re on the go, if you need to change the number of times, you’ll be added to the budget).

From article 116 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the care of the approved budget is paid to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. For the budget of the state, the Constitution of Ukraine recorded in Article 143, for the sake of secrecy, settlement of the budget, for the sake of consolidating the budgets of the administrative and territorial units, the state and regional control over them

The budget is approved on the basis of the legislation and regulatory acts on the budget for the singing budget period and for the budget with the income and type budget, which can be approved by the financial authorities.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will take care of the sovereign budget of Ukraine. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is in charge of organizing the management of the sovereign budget of Ukraine, the coordinator of the budget participation in the budget process.

In Ukraine, the treasury form of servicing the sovereign state budget of Ukraine , as well as the transfer of the state treasury of Ukraine:

1) operation with the sovereign budget cats;

2) rozrahunkovokasovogo servants rozprachnik in budgetary cost;

3) control of budgetary considerations in case of over-indemnification, accepting of goiters and payments made;

4) the accounting region and the folding of the statistics about the sovereign budget of the state.

The state budget of Ukraine to keep an eye on the list, to be hardened by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in the same way as the budgetary funds at the monthly term by typing the law on the State Budget of Ukraine. Before the endorsement of the list of Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the hourly list of the official list will be closed.

An example of a confirmed budget list is handed over to the Committee for the Supreme Sake of Ukraine for the budget and for further information about making a new loan.

2. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, by extending the budget period, will ensure that the State Budget of Ukraine is established by the budget appropriations.

Viscanny of the Sovereign Budget of Ukraine for income

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is predicting and analyzing the income to the budget and the maximum right to add a line for the payment of advances, to collect (additional payments) for the amount of the loan for the period of the maximum amount

The State Treasury of Ukraine is in charge of accounting for all of the sovereign budget, which is subject to the sovereign budget of Ukraine.

Organize the obligation to secure now that in all cases the obligation to the sovereign budget is higher, more expensive (more payments) than the previous legislation.

Fee, pay (obov'yazkovі payments) and the main income of the sovereign budget to be insured for the latest on the single treasury majors of the sovereign budget of Ukraine and can not be accumulated on the mahogany bodies of tightening.

Fee, pay (obov'yazkovі payments) and the main income of the sovereign budget are recognized as insured in the income of the sovereign budget at the time of redemption to the “single treasury round of the sovereign budget.