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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

10. The program is secured by the process of project management

10.1. Sutnist and zmіst komunіkatsіyami management

Management of informational sound, as well as communication, in projects, including the necessary and necessary care for their immediate rejection, collection, widening, and further development of informational design. It’s too much to remember that it’s important that you communicate with people for sharing ideas and information, and that’s a good day for the successful completion of the project in Kintsev’s newsletter. I’m a person, she’s gotten to work in the framework of the project, she’s guilty of a ready one before the transfer and reception of information on the “movi” project for the installation of channels, she is guilty of rosumity, so that I can integrate the project into the whole.

Management of the project ’s responsibility on a guiding basis for group interaction within the framework of the project management and including:

1. Information about the project, so that you can select, distribute and distribute data, so that you can include more data, so that you can get it as a result of direct inspections, analitical testing, and expert estimates;

  1. Use the information processing technology, the information technology technology, which are based on the most current software products;
  2. hassle komunіkatsії, I’m basing myself on the right occasions for help, arranging for the care of my daily collection, generation, distribution and saving and transmission of necessary design information;
  3. Documentation Robot - zbir, processing and saving of project documentation.

All participants of the information system of the project, as well as of the necessary information to the document system of identification and identification to the cob of the development of the information system of the project.

Participants of the information exchange in the project:

deputy / spozhivach, investor, vikonavets, project kerivnik, consultants, control organizations, large organizations and private individuals.

Scheme of information exchange in the organization

Fig. 10.1. Scheme of information exchange in the organization

The informational sound of the project is broadly understood and includes extensive knowledge, which is not to be understood directly to the design stage. For example:

• Vibir of communication: if you need to inform in letters, and if you can, if you can write an informal note, and if you need an official note, it’s necessary.

• Writing style - more active, passive, encourage speech, good word and so on.

• Help for communication - in the main mov, project for visual needs for information and information.

• Technique of managing the backgammon - preparation of the order of the day, analysis of conflicts and so on.