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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.


With a characteristic drawing of an ordinary period, the development of suspension є the place of the dominant sovereign form of moisture, the transition to democracy and the economic marketplace.

The characteristic drawing of the present period is the beginning є entering the territory of our country to a single European space, transferring the credit and modular organization of the starting process and the parsum control with the knowledge of the test.

In case of vivchenny discipline “Fundamentals of the protection of the princes”, the priority is to ensure that the Maybutton is in good health and that it’s safe for the most important and most important people.

Virichen food is safe and sound in the mainstream in the academic process of a complete system and knowledge of the problems of protecting the public, the necessary for the right to take adequate care for the public, and we are in good condition.

Achievement of absolutely bezpeka in the minds of an ordinary development of the technosphere є unrealistic ambitions. The concept of absolute security is desirable and humane, but not such that it is not subject to the laws of superiority and the technosphere, it is enriched by the magnificent number of officials, as long as they can be spacious, and they have the same power.

With a vivid motive in vivchennі discipline of maє buti poshuk shlyahv to the end of the indivisible and collective zahistu protsyuyuchyh vid of a kind of viral frivolous, but non-bustling.

Vivchennya distsiplіni Got to metі Nadachi maybutnіm fahіvtsyam Taqiy obsyag knowledge umіn that navichok, dwellers in the Minds virobnichoї dіyalnostі stench could priymati adekvatnі іnzhenernі rіshennya for Relief yakih organіzatsіya pratsі, tehnologіchne obladnannya that car, scho ekspluatuyutsya abo will attempt vvoditisya in ekspluatatsіyu could Buti Jerel Nadzvychaina sytuatsia raise, accident with negative traumatic injuries.

The normative discipline is the transmission of high levels of knowledge, knowledge and power of law and order, based on the reach of theoretical and practical basics about the negative impact of the technology field at a busy workplace.

Virishennya nourish bury pracі in deiynye virobnichichnyh minds no longer cease vidpovidaty to the arrogant needs of the technosphere. In the field of virology problems, protect and protect the environment in order to engage in technological processes and technologies in the course of their design, construction and operation. It is less necessary for these areas of virology and technology development to be scientifically promoted and put into practice as a result of the design, the project and the operation of the project will be minimal.

Opanuvannya students distsiplіni polyagaє in fact dwellers maybutnіh kerіvnikіv pіdpriєmstva navchiti NAUKOVO obґruntovuvati vіdpovіdnі come in Zahist that napoleglivo vtіlyuvati їh in practicality dіyalnіst kerovanogo ob`єktu of metoyu positive vplivu pokraschennya minds pratsі on organіzm Lyudin її dovgolіttya, pratsezdatnіst that Visoko produktivnіst pratsі. Such a provision to nutrition is without any problems due to social problems, as a result, on the other hand, the results of viral care are reduced, and the state of the main virological funds and the incidence of injuries are low.

As a result of vivchenny discipline students may:

  • Identify the nature of the negative influx of publicity and non-affidavits of the viral technological man-made means of human organisms, the nobility of the physical, the chemical and the biological and the negative;
  • At the same time, you can see the potentiality of the Dzherel’s non-affidavit and those officials, who can be in the minds of viral careers to do the same;
  • Analizuvati and rozslіduvati causes virobnichnogo injuries and occupational zhvoryuvany, signify a hat zobobigannya tsim yaavischam and razroblyat engineering go in zahist;
  • Viyavlyati and analizuvati may be the reasons for catching fire and scattering so much in engineering with the desire to see for any small bullets b minimalny, and human victims are impotent.

It is normative discipline to set temple vimogas before preparing them, know how to know them, know how to smell, how much they could do well with a folding, technogenic environment, know how to do this, Also, more and more thoroughly.

An interactive complex of basic discipline for student reimbursement, as well as access to graduate and graduate programs for undergraduate training, and that for completing secondary education, I recommend that you have a standard credit system.

The basic and theoretical plan of practical and practical material of discipline is one hour, generally, 1.5 credits are estimated.

The interactive complex of the primary methodical protection of discipline of transmission у I will help students with the knowledge of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and the ability to use safety in the field of technology.

Description of basic discipline


In case of normative discipline, the strategic principle is that the principle of a comprehensive supply of food is safe, as it is implicit in the social welfare of the public minds.

Such motivation to increase the normative discipline to zoom in on such positive social results, as well as preserving good health and satisfaction, increasing the satisfaction of people with the results of their best performance, and showing the best results.

Rozpodil balіv, assigning students


T-topic lecture busy.

Umovnі skorochennya

ДАІ - State Automobile Inspection

DNAOP - state regulatory act of protection

Navy - the upper boundary of the spalahu

VKMV - upper concentration range between vibuhu

EMB - Electromagnetism

ZІZ - bring in an indivisible zahist

LEP - power transmission lines

Ministry of Health - Ministry of Health is healthy? I

MNS - ministry of suprasubic situations

MVS - Ministry of Internal Affairs

NMS - Lower Inter

NKMV - upper concentration range between vibuhu

CNS - central nervous system