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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

Theme 1. Legislation and regulatory framework in the sphere of protection

1.1 Basic etapi development of protection

Istoria for the protection of the mother tongue and for any science, a science of interest until quiet, as I stood before her at the last and stand at the right time for the development of productive forces.

The main endeavor is to protect the praxis implicitly because of the meaning of praxis in life.

For the rest of the ten years, large-scale changes in the character of the minds of the viral nature of the world were given. Lyudina ovolodila atomic energy, she got in the process of her dyalnosti all the shells of the Earth and navigated into space. In the case of technologically advanced environments, there is a widespread increase in naphtha and gas as the primary energy supply, technological processes with fast parameters, high and low temperatures, which could not but have caused people to be more busy in general. The method is that I want to clean them.

The energy requirement of the machines and the mechanisms, the visibility of the working organs and the necessary response to the interruption of viral warriors could not be indicated on the indicators of injuries and safety rises.

Research on the effectiveness of forms of safety, forms and methods of prevention of viral fever injuries of obstruction at 1929 p. If at VNZ, the Vivchati course began, the title was entitled “Technology of safety and security prazі”.

For fake rock, the course has repeatedly called for my name not the permanent daily life of the scientific foundations of safety and security in the sphere of human activity. Ninovidno up to the standard of sanctification of the MES course, I will call it “Protection of the Praxis”. I want to protect my children вед right up to the minimum time for traumatic ear surgery, but for overwhelming my parents for one-time protection of comfortable minds with maximum productivity and efficiency.

The discipline "Protection of the Prazі" is tied up with the help of technical sciences and special sciences. It’s organically and logically synthesizing the health of these sciences, it’s very clear that I’m clearly turning around, by the way I have a thorough knowledge of the most important things to do.

Behind the signs of the flood of bustling and non-bureaucratic viral servants to the organisms of people, coming and going, I want to get rid of them for the course of protecting them, the course “Protection of the environment” at the structural presentation of 4 courses:

  • Legal and Organizational Food Protection;
  • Fundamentals of physiology, safety and viral health;
  • Technics bezpeki;
  • Bezzheka;

For such a structure, the course “Defense of the World” is a comprehensive engineering and technical discipline, which is based on theoretical drawings, constructive solutions, experiments, and further studies. For those who are interested in the course, the main thing to do is to study the foreign food protection of the most important legislative base of the legal health service, the safety technology and the safety potential.

Nowadays it’s technogenic middleware visuva temple vimogi before preparation fakhіvtsіv vіchishoy blessed, until nabutih them knowledge, mind that skill. You’ll stink to merit good at the folding complex of virology officials.