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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

1.4 Reasons for viral fever injuries and occupational abuse

We have a system of prophylaxis of virobiotic injury and professional occupation, but an analysis of the reasons that we need to consider that particular control and visualization of the injury by non-unsafe robots, and the parameters of virobiotic medium.

In the viral sphere of injury, there are injuries and occupations due to technological processes, possessions, as well as a scientifically-wound organisation and an ergonomic organisation.

Statistics about those that have the greatest number of viral injuries between the powers can be resolved through ignoring and unprincipled elementary rules and safety rules hourly hours of work.

In the process of searching and analyzing extraordinary problems, it was established that more (up to 80%) of them were handed over not for technical reasons, but for the incorrect organization of the official’s official.

Shchob reliably identify the reasons, as well as zoom in on viral injury and capture the professional nature of the need to analyze the brain of people with the elements of a specific viral environment. (fig. 1)

Scheme of interaction of people with elements of virobenichic middle 

Fig. 1. Scheme of interaction of people with elements of virobenichic medium .

At the virologic center of the human being, it comes into contact with the virological community through the intercourse and subject matter of the right and the right sound.

Throw the praxis through the management of them by the people to pour on the subject of praxis, which can be clearly expressed as if it were in the open. For example, the machine operator is excavating the excavator with the soil, and operating the tractor on the machine in the open space. However, I want to immediately pour it onto the ludina, so a machine driver who cares for weak soils can eliminate the injury through the throwing of the excavator and so on.

From now on, the virological spheres in the process of interchange of viral elements on the body of people are busy, because there are so many items, and there are so many technical employees, as well

According to the causes of virobiotic injuries and occupational injuries, the following classification has been established:

  • Organizational reasons
  • Technical reasons
  • Psychophysiological reasons

Before organіzatsіynih reasons nalezhit: wrong organіzatsіya pratsі abo robochem Georeferencing, vіdsutnіst іnstruktazhіv abo neyakіsne їh carrying out, torn down tehnologіchnogo regime abo trudovoї distsiplіni, vіdsutnіst іnstruktsіy of BEZPEKA pratsі on robochem mіstsyah, neuzgodzhenіst in dіyah, vіdsutnіst PVR (proektіv virobnitstva robіt) and takozh lucid control of the virologic care, the availability of services for the zahist, special clothing and so on.

For technical reasons, there are: design and construction deficiencies, lack of ownership, transport and energy add-ons for customers, lack of construction machines, signaling systems, incorrect operation, technical conditions,

To the psychophysiological reasons to lay down: unavailability of minds of the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the organisms of humans, unhappy psychology in groups, twigs, high alcohol, and living.

Such is the classification of the causes of viral fever injuries є to finish mindfully. The reasons for viral injury and professional occupation are to show the results of sharing, follow the instructions for the group of employees, and if you need to take care of the organ, you may have to neglect people. Zdebіlshogo virobnichі extraordinary vipadki and professional occupation to carry not one cause, but bagatoprochny character.

Consider the reasons for the cause of virologic injury and the negative impact of labor on the other hand, with a system of organizational and technical concerns, which will save the number of civil servants and civil servants for human organisms.

By organizing visits, you can choose the right dress for the workplace, the pre-trial mode and the help of the team are carried out. Here are the following: continuous visibility and control of the subsidiaries of the legislative acts, gardening areas, non-public areas, public passage and public safety systems, public and private services.

Pid tehnіchnimi taps rozumіyut nalezhne vikoristannya іsnuyuchih spetsіalnih Collective that іndivіdualnih zasobіv pratsyuyuchih, vikonannya vіdpovіdnih іnzhenernih rozrahunkіv scho zabezpechuyut Bezpieczne vikonannya robіt at vikoristannі elektrichnogo Strum fіzichnih, bіologіchnih abo іnshih bearing-down, scho Pevnyi mіroyu mozhut sprichinyati viniknennya nebezpechnih abo shkіdlivih obstavin in virobnichіy sferі.

Recovering the causes of virologic injury and occupational trauma, I will remember the meta, as well as the world visibility of the situation.