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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

3.2 State Sanitary Law

I am happy to be guilty of the sanitation of the sanitary and environmental benefits of the population in the sphere of law. I regulate the Law “On the security of the sanitary and environmental benefits of the population” (1994).

Vidpovidno until the entire Law of the Government may have a clear view of sanitary and technical measures come in and the control over the visions of the sanitary legislation.

Victory of non-civil servants at the virological office, however, some spheres are allowed to be excluded for the manifestation of certification, which is due to the state registration.

Santarny prosperous populations reach as well as those of the sovereign expertise. With the expertise є design of national, regional, community and social programs of social and economic development, documentation for the design, new technology, new technology, and all those who can bring health.

Warehousing part of sanitary legislation є sanitary norms, rules, methodological instructions, recommendations, regulations and technical regulations.

Important in sanitary legislation є such documents as:

  • SN 245-71 “Sanitary Norms of the Project for Industrial Production”. You need a document that regulates sanitary sanctions, sanitary classifications, permits equal number of official employees, permissions prior to the design of technological processes, possession, number one and equipment.
  • ДСанПіН 173-96 “State Sanitary Rules for Planning and Forgetting Population Points”.
  • ДСН 3.3.6-037-99 - “State Sanitary Norms for Virological Noise, Ultrasound and Infrasound”.
  • ДСН 3.3.6-039-99 - “State Sanitary Norms for Violation and Local Vibration”.
  • ДСН 3.3.6-042-99 - “State Sanitary Norms for Microclimate of Virological Primitives”.
  • “Sanitary Rules for Organizing Technological Processes and Higher Vimogi to Virological Ownership” і t. Іn.

Vimogi, who want to take revenge in sanitary norms and rules, is specified in methodological instructions, recommendations and instructions, as a kind of the Ministry of Health.

Surrounding the main sovereign documents of sanitary legislation on the subject of state grants, it is possible to preserve the sanitary norms and rules of the rules and regulations.