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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

Theme 3. Factors of sanitary and intellectual minds and control over the subsidiary laws of sanitary legislation

3.1 The Provision on Sanitary and Hygiene Intelligence

I have an important role to play in the safe and healthy population of the country, as science is more prolific and sanitation is more practical.

Гігієна - a science that allows you to pour out a precarious means on the organism of people’s suspension of health with the help of safe standards, sanitary rules and rules, so that you can keep your health and mind safe.

Warehouse part of foreign gigantic є gigin пра praci, which can be added to the organism of officials of the virological medium through the method of consolidating their unpleasantness for healthy people.

Practical practice of violated standards in virobnichu, poobutovu and іnshі spheres іsnuvannya people є zavdannyam sanіtarії.

I have plenty of energy for people who want to go to school and to get medical care, to help them to get more information and help them to get more information.

Organizations come in and redistribute the correct organization of the working hours, pre-selection of the most important modes, first protection and protection, as well as permanent control and visualization of the work of the Robot.

Technical come and see the specialization of special collectives and indi- vidual interests for the purpose of providing non-custodial and sha biblical officials.

Sanitary-igіnіchnіchnі umovy pracі to recognize the manifestation of physical, chemical, biological and psychological officials.

To people, as much as possible, there is a psychogenic (information) official - through the tribute of mass information.

The nature of the pouring of these officials on the organism of people, in real life, to lay down all the sanitary-hygienic minds of the prats, the whip, the hygienic culture and the whirling of all that life.

Optimization of the official instructions on the security of safety regulations and sanitary recommendations.

Hygienic norm is based on the values ​​of the range of the viral phlegm, which is undefinable from the point of view of the preservation of normal life and health of people.

On the basis of hygienic norm є officials of anthropogenic similarity (noise, drank, vibrate and in.) And officials of natural remedy (microclimate, ultraviolet optic and in.).

The marginally acceptable norm (GDK, GDR, GDD) of shkidlivyh virabochnichny officials is getting into such a kind, that when you have a robotic robot with a length of 8 years, you can’t keep a shy working experience at a health center.

Hygienic standards are paganized by special documents, which are referred to as sanitary norms.

Sanitary norms are maintained during the design process and the organization of virological work, under the control I will protect the workers on the job, carried out the certification, the tested standards, as well as on the basis of specific requirements.