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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

3.4 Assessment of minds

Umovi pracі - as a whole, the officials of the viral fowl of the labor process, who can absorb the health of the people in the process of substantive activity.

Umovi pracі formulyatsya pіd dієu vіdpovіdnih officials. To lay them:

  • sanitary-gіgі nіchnі elements of the traditional middleware: microclimate, noise, vibration and so on;
  • psychophysiological elements, working posture, physical and nervous nervous emotion;
  • natural elements, culture of virobicheskogo medium;
  • social and psychological elements: working hours are trivial, hours and hours are required, payments and compensations for work are due, and there is also a singing psychology for any kind of work.

Evaluation of the minds of the mother to include sukupnu all the elements of the virological medium to the organism of people. Because of the necessary method, it is necessary to conduct an analysis of the minds within the framework of skin structural treatment, which will break up the system of preventive visits to establish healthy and careless minds.

Within the boundaries of one enterprise behind the class of schooling, there can be more practical knowledge.

In the historical aspect of the development of subjective activity, you can see the manual, mechanized and automated see the praxis.

At the stage of complex mechanization and automation of virological processes, on robots, computers, computerization, robotics and operator activity, from one side, many more people have been expanded. Significantly decreased the number of physical operations related to manual training, and the need for high-quality training changed.

Nineteen see the subject matter of doing so as much as the size of the physical way, so as to the nervous and emotional stresses, which can be infused without interruption into the physical and psychological functions of the body.

Virobnicha dyalnist, scho v_dbuvaєatsya for the minds without the flush of shk_dlivih officials to enter into comfortably. For such minds, the elements of the viral phlegm are interrupted by people who are in harmony with the physiological nature.

Mostly, having viral fiduciary officials must be within the limits of the hygienic standards, but the trochs should be overpriced with the norms, and the best ones would be acceptable, the most powerful ones would be safe.

From the physiological point of view, the function of the organisms of people, the work of the head, the energy of the brain, the nervous system.

Trudova dyalnіst people intellectually submit to the physical and the rosum.

Фізична праця is bound up with a robot м'язів, which will bring the organism to energy. Behind the magnitude of this vitratum, there are three categories: easy, medium important, important. Creme is physical and can be static or dynamic.

Universality of the pre-prepared static workload of the m'yazіv pratsya became the cause of the violated vtomy.

The dynamic robot is connected with the movement of people and the environment in open spaces. A dynamic zusilla may have a cyclical character, an inheritance of whose speed is reached through an active video card for an hour to be watched from a video card. Such is the rhythmic nature of the robot m'yazіv spriyaє menshy vtlyuvanyvanostі, nizh with static robots.

Rozumova’s activity is determined by the participation in the labor process of the central nervous system and those organs that are sensitive, the brain is not only coordinated functions, but є is the main practical organ. Rozumovo prazі is characterized by a small amount of ruffling, a one-dimensional posture is visible, I will relax the shared processes and zoom in the manifestation in the organs of the nigga and the surrounding organs of the brain trapped by the pen.

The cerebrum should become less than 1.2-1.5% of the total body weight, but only after 20% of the energy resources.

Formally, the completion of a working day should not be brought up to the pinning of professionally hidden rozumovoi dyalnosti, scho wiklikє stan vtomi і perevtomi.

Vtoma - for the most part of the time-honored benefits in the physiological and psychological stan- dards of the people who are inherently in the reaction of the central nervous system to the physical abilities of the rosum.

Depends on the nature of the subject matter of the volume of the book of the physical, the rosum and the emotion.

Secondly, there is a normal natural camp of organism, so that one can assimilate after a one-time vouching, and again, a whole pathological camp will not be lost. For the knowledge of the re-entry, it is necessary to medically hand in.