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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

4.8 Electromagnetism (EMP)

In the process of the European biosphere, constantly changing the frequency of the electromagnetic and magnetic fields of the Earth, cosmic exchanges. Nine people are widely Vicorists є dzherela EMP in the open gadgets of science and technology (heat treatment, radio location, radio connection, in mobile and audio, radio navigation, medical etc.).

The main EMR є transformers, power lines, antennas for radio stations, and more electrical installations, have a wide range of frequencies.

Ustatkuvannya, scho є generator в electromagnet energy, viprom іnyu otlyuchyuyu space аг elektromagnet іnvіlnі hvilі і shvidkіstyu close to the speed of light (3108 m / s). The main parameters of the EMF є dovina hvilі, the frequency of counting and the speed of the rose.
The electromagnet field is near Jerel vipromyuvannya hvil intellectually divided into three ranges:

  • near (zone of induction);
  • industrial area (zone of interference);
  • distant (Khvilova abo zone vipromіnyuvannya).

Significant EMR dzherel є jets of industrial frequency 50Hz. Під ЛЭП napruzhenіst can reach a decilex thousand volts per meter. What’s up for such a range is much to be scoured by the earth, even after 50-100m of the power transmission lines the voltage can be changed up to a hundred and more than ten V / m.

The problem of electromagnetic obstruc- tion of a transcendental mediator has become unnecessarily Todi, since the non-hesitant flow of EMF into healthy people has appeared.

Lyudin’s mother’s bodies are almost charming for the help of some kind of sprites; she can feel free and open in space. However, the EMF is not out of the box, the wikiblus is the hibna dumka, which is not the case. Acts of charisma, people may electrosensory health, work and learn about abnormal fields in places near people and creatures.

In the bagatochkas of the sphere of duality and minds, I will incite ludin to stare at the shkidlivu dyu EMP and not pidozryuє, what is the reason зах cause of seizure and even death.

Dyya elektromagnitnyh vvil on the organism to lay down the vid vigorous intensity of the dzherela, the triviality of the dormancy, dvzhini vvil, the nature of the vipromyuvannya (without interruption, the impulse) and the regime of the voprominenyu (postinay, nternet).

The basis of the functional organism is that it is even slightly weak with bioelectrical jets, which will synchronize with natural biological modes.

Part EMPs can almost always fall at the frequencies of biological rhythms in the brain, but bioelectrical activity of the heart and the last organ organs in humans can lead to desynchronization of functional processes in the organism.

It has been established that EMF (especially high-voltage power lines) in patients with trivial disease, cancer, leukemia, puffiness of the brain, and sclerosis and severe seizures. It has been established that the EMF has the ability to express genes and gene pool of living living.

The mechanism of biological activity on the human body is related to thermal, as well as non-thermal specific, thermal EMF manifests itself in the thermal temperature, as well as the local, thermal, thermal, and thermal transition.

Change the EMFs, static streams and EMFs to conduct people. Bagato of polymeric materials accumulate electric charges, a dzherel of a static battery can be used to dress people, it’s easy to electricize behind a rubbing rubble.

Electricization of people is designated on the nervous system. Lyudina’s being reprimanded, vomitingly embarrassed, in the head of the head, but the allergic reaction.

EMF strength of 300-1000V / cm in size fixes negative influx on the human body, and in the range of 5000-10000V / cm of wiklik, the creature is killed.

The intensity of the EMF in the village has much more, and in the village. The zones of Mistakh are assimilating, the EMF intensity of those who are tens and hundreds of times overwhelming the electromagnet background of the natural green zones of the Sils settlement.

Poddalsha urbanization will bring to a greater difficulty the middle of the EMP, and in this way - until the greatest threat to healthy people, hereditary people of intensive electromagnetically opromnenny.

Remaining all the mechanism of the EMF is pouring into the human organism, it is not at all thoroughly worried, ale vidomo, and the second school of consciousness manifests itself in all the other regions - the subclinical organs, the whole organs and the whole organisms. The correlation between the birth rate of children and children is restored, and the number of low-frequency energy sources is restored.

EMP p_dlyagayut normuvannya through its negative impact on the organism of people. The Law “On the Protection of Sanitary and Epidemic Well-Being of the Population” (1996), the transfer of the normative rules to the population of the population for the purpose of electromagnet protection.
The threshold for the intensity of heat and electromagnetic electromagnets is normal for the fall in the frequency range, okremo for the electric and magnetic storage EMF.

For viral workers, there is a radio frequency range, the permissible value of the EMF is controlled, not more than once every time on the river, with the help of a vigorous load on work.

The magnetic field strength is at volts per meter (V / m), the magnetic field strength is in amperes per meter (A / m). enter the results of a vim_ryuvannya from a special magazine.

For security careless staff vid dії EMP vikoristovuyut so come in:

  • Organizations;
  • engineering-technical;
  • likuvalno-prophylactic.

Organizations come in include: rational radio and technical devices, ideal mode of praxis and vidpochin, establishment of sanitary and overseas zones.

Prior to engineering and technical visits, it is imperative to ensure that the installations are sealed, screened, cleaned, and remotely controlled.

For screening of workplace victorious viddivayuchi, sіtkovі, elastichnі that poglinyayuchi tipi ekranіv. The form, the size and the screen size of the screen should be marked with a rose.

For the priest to pretend to be victorious, there are special clothes, clothes made from metallic fabrics for clothing, overalls, coats, aprons, jackets with hoods and eye-glasses fitted in them, and the skeleton is covered with a pair of tin oxide.

Prior to preventive visits, it is imperative for the zahist to conduct the first and second medical examinations with the help of the manifestation of ear health care at the early stages of the twig.

Individuals, yaks did not reach the 18-th secondary viku, and radio frequency generators are not allowed to work. Individuals who are in contact with the EHF and UHF necklaces, can see the Dodatkov’s checklist and the shortened triviality of the working day.