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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

4.9.3 Laser Vipromyuvannya

A laser is called an optical quantum generator. The laser’s particularity is straightforward, allowing you to select the power of the greatest power (10 -10 W / cm )

Lazerne vypromіnyuvannya vikoristovuyut for the location of the supputnikov, telebachennya, blessing the great areas, drilling openings in the ground, metal tests on geodetic robots і.н.

Lasers generate vibrations of the ultraviolet, visible and infrared ranges, and for the nature of the generation, they are pulsed (with a trivial timing of up to 0.25 s) and without interruption (ponad 0.25 s).

The normative parameters of laser laser є visual reference to the surface area (W / cm ), but the energy consumption per unit surface (J / cm )

Falling into the robot mode is the most advanced mode of operation in a very wide space, and especially not unsafe — a mirror-like vision for promising functional people.

Steps of potential potential reason to lie down:

  • the need for dzherela;
  • dovini praise;
  • triviality impulse;
  • vidbittya rozіyuvannya promіnі і t. іn.

Sub-active laser vipromyimatsya yak “Slupuch_st, yak is impotent vitrimati”.

Lasers are allowed to be specially selected from specially owned companies. The need for laser energy can be done through thermal, mechanical and electrical power.

Opromіnennya sprychinyaє impaired dyalnosti central nervous system, heart-forensic system, endocrine vials, bring up to a low blood pressure a drop of blood and so on.

On the other hand, there is a laser laser, I want to have a biologic structure, I need to be varied, I need to know how to squeeze, I need to lead to the winnings of shock, so I can match the grass. It’s not tilka optics that you can see, but the first shave of the fabric, which is especially safe for the eyes. The vise of laser promenade can become hundreds of thousands. Pascal is the inheritance of great labor.

Naybilshu part of the opromіnennya sprymaє shkіra, scho lead up to the winnings of the optics іzіnnogo step - all the time before necrosis. Glybin penetration prominіv to lay down in the form of pigmentation, chim won dark, tim glybin penetration mensha.

In case of safety visits, the specificity of laser installation, overhead and analysis of all potential potential failures (intense noise, manual “popping”, repeated ozonization, winding ozone) are needed. For the whole, there is a plan of visibility from the images to the spacious and energetic situation, straight and possibly laser laser exchanges.

For cleaning, repeat the ventilation system. Primary farmbayut at colori with malim koofіtsієntom vididtya (4% vididih a sklom promyv to finish for an improvement іtkіvki an eye). Robot maє held for the minds of strong enlightenment, shchob zіnitsya oka small mіnіmalny rozmіr.

Important is the importance of automated control of distance operation of the units.

The admission of the primitive de є laser installation is allowed only to persons, which can be guaranteed without delay on them.

With robotic clothing and mittens of non-penetrating black cloth with a small number of private parts.

For the evaluation of laser vipromyuvanny, vikoristovy colorimeters, photoelectric, actinometric and that method.