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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

5.4.3 Officials who want to pour on electric heating

On the other hand, people who live by electric power lay down in view of the physical parameters of the electric stake and of the official employees, as we live organisms.

Naslіdki urazhennya stale od support shkіri that support vnutrіshnіh organіv. Це змінна value, що мєє нінінійну deposits іd stan shkіri, navyshishnogo middle, parameters of electrical measures that іn ..

Partnership of the horn ball on the pink trees of the river (0.02-0.2 mm). Opіr іpіdermіsu at 1000 times more for іpіr dermis. When dry and unshielded, there are people who are pricked in wide ranges (3000 to 100000 Ohms), most likely a horn ball, and if it is up to 1000-5000 Ohms.

Electricity of the struma is better for those who are worn and obstructed by shkiri, especially with their speeches, which are good to conduct the jet.

There is a wide range of disagreements on the open doors of the house, so that due to the fact that you can cover the contact of the electrode with the house of people. The smallest opir maє shkira revealing, wide, strong side of the hand, half of the groin. There are a number of points on the city, on the other hand, a significantly lower number on the main roads, on the other hand, the topographical position is clear, and I don’t have to explain.

Otzhe, opіr tіla lyudiny - all the size, which can be swayed in wide ranges. However, with the addition of technical and technical concerns, I need to get 1000 Ohms for the electricity supply for people.

To the physical parameters of the electric line, which should be the most appropriate for the following organisms:

  • strumu strength;
  • a spasm;
  • rid strumu;
  • frequency.

Going negatively on the body of the human body is possible when the power is strong.

Three levels of power are seen.

  • maximum 0.1 mA with constant i 5-7 mA with continuous jet;
  • non-start-up 10-20 mA continuous, 50-80 mA continuous;
  • Fibrillation Nyrum 100 mA continuous, 3000 mA continuous.

The threshold threshold of the stream cannot viscally improve the people and in the whole order of winners invade without care.

Yakshcho force strumu is greater than the threshold of the right to win the judgment of the judges and unavailable. The bile became unbearable, the ship’s speed was so significant that I couldn’t overcome it, I couldn’t reach my hands and I’m able to pin up my contact with the medical and technical part myself. Such a stream is not insecure for people, but it’s not possible to get rapids у ен при,,,,,, but with trivial contact, it’s worth the growth of the low support of people’s body, which can lead to death.

The nature of the nature of the organism of people lies in the amount of strength.

If there are any strains, there’s more people dozens of times. Pridvishchennya spirits lead up to piercing the horn ball Shkіri.

Opіr tіla people іn postіynuyu іrum greater than іzh zmіnnomu. It has been experimentally established that the 120V constant and 42V regular waves are identical in the same way.

Injury electrical injuries significantly lie in the frequency of the strum. Nainebezpechnichim has a clear electrical shock ар a constant stream of 50Hz, and in the case of a lower frequency the frequency is better. Change is fixed at a frequency of 1000 Hz.

High-frequency jets, which can be converted to hundreds of kHz, as a rule, do not lead to electric shocks. The special features of high-frequency streams are victorious in medicine. EHF, UHF, VHF are widely stalled with a closed method.

For the past few years, the hour has passed through the stream of people, more than one hour. Chim before two days, tim bіsha ymovіrnіst important but deadly izmereniya.

It has been established that the sensitivity of the heart to the stream is not the same in the distinct phase of the dyalnost. The skin cycle of the heart is stored in two periods: one is called the diastole (if you take the whore of the heart for the weakened one and become stained with blood), the other for the systole, if the heart is transient, there is blood vessel in the arteries.

Immaturity of the wisdom of the heart’s heart, so that there is a reason for the death of the struma, to lie down in that way, with such a phase of the heart cycle, the hour passed through the heart. Bound by a valid hour of an hour, 0.1 seconds.