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Economic analysis (compendium)

1.2. See an economic analysis

The transition to the market fundamentals of the organization of the economic system of Ukraine in the field of efficiency and management of the suspension of the competition on all levels. It’s more important for the master to enforce economic analysis. There is a view of the importance of capturing all of the views in the management of the bagato, in which to lay down and the effectiveness of the management itself.

Providing maximum efficiency vikoristannya analizu vimagaє clear rozumіnnya zavdan okremich yogo species, ix of them that features.

Klasifіkuvati analysis on okremі see is possible for bugs and signs. The main ones є:

- see the management systems of the state d'yalnistyu and virobnitsvom;

- about the management, what about the analysis;

- the level of management of the state d'yal_styu;

- methodology of vivchenny ob'іktіv;

- sub'єkti;

- accumulation of objects in vivchennya;

- zmіst programs analizu.

For the familiar type of control systems of the state-owned subsidiary and virobility systems, for the most part there are control cycles for the public administration of the processes, open and efficient ones.

Operational analysis is available in operational or short-term control systems (per decade, tidyen, ext, zmіnu). There are windings on the vivchennya of the first short-term causal-inherited sounds in the management area, the results of which are seen in the main operational region. Tsey view analіzu poklikany figure out ob'єktivnu otsіnku gospodarskim situatsіyam scho skladayutsya, svoєchasno viyavlyati that vimіryuvati vpliv virіshalnih chinnikіv on vіdhilennya od prog rozvitku, vikrivati ​​reasons scho їh obumovlyuyut, that card redundancy of metoyu of acceptance optimally operational upravlіnskih rіshen schodo vikonannya prog rozvitku.

Operational analysis is based on a wide variety of natural indicators, which characterize the first officials of a technical nature, and generally use indicators for economic indicators.

In case of operational analysis, it’s not that everything’s visible, but it’s less than the highest official form. This is due to the need for randomness and cancellation of the analytical information, as well as often due to the weakness and the lack of access to the official documents of the management system.

The randomness of the rejection of the results є the characteristic rice operational analysis. On the other hand, please take an hour to take the results for analysis, you can use them for short-term reasons, and like to see the tasks set by the program. An operational analysis is also characterized by a wider range of admissions between the officials, the redistribution of some signals about the need for an explicit inclusion of the function analysis.

Neobkhodnuyu udovnogo udachnogo i prosperno-nogo analizu є zatosuvannya shvidkodіyucho uchet-luvalno орган and organizational techniques. The most convenient way to understand the realizatsii features is that they can be analyzed in automated control systems.

A stream analysis is locked in a stream system, but a mid-line control system. The main tasks of the ч in more detail, go through the weekend of planning and programming programs of working periods (months and quarters with an increase in the amount of money). By the method of analysis, the manifestation and assimilation of the negative causes characteristic of a given system, the succession of current reserves, as well as the attainment of delivered meti.

In-line analysis, which has been quickly and efficiently, is more comprehensively comprehensive. When you win, not just technical and organizational factors on economic results, but social, psychological, organizational, legal, environmental and other factors. This is the best way to take advantage of effective reservations and better efficiency in this system of management and give more accurate assessment of the results of activity.

The head index of information in case of continuous analysis is periodic and periodic (accounting, tax, statistical), while the same number of indicators are higher than in previous ones.

Streamline analysis has been quickly and efficiently performed with my suttural underdog. Winnings of the past with gospodarskimi processes for the first time per hour (month, quarter, rik). Viyavleni reserves mean for a given period, even in the future, the possibility of reducing the results. However, for Maybutn’s period, we’ve decided to use Vikritich, and for other negative reasons, to allow you to get rid of negative influences on the weekend program.

At the practical part, more accurate analysis is performed on the basis of the state donation for the quarter and the quarter - for the month.

The prospective analysis is in front of the prospective system of management systems. Winning pleas for better understanding of forecasting results of state gifts, as well as pre-image plans and programs for 5, 10, 15 and more rockets, to give an estimate of the actual and actual program.

For additional prospective analysis, it is possible to identify the prospects for economical and social results in the development of science and technology, to scrutinize scientifically the programs of social, economical and technical development of the public gospel, and to optimally

On rіvnі of companies Taqiy analіz yavlyaє him vivchennya chinnikіv rozvitku pіdpriєmstva, їh vzaєmozv'yazku that vplivu on rezultativnі pokazniki in dinamіtsі for Dovgy perіod hour.

For a prospective analysis, the main respect is to come to you for possible causal reasons, as for Maybut, you will consider the form of the most effective indicators, so that the analysis is carried out before the most important processes. For the sake of specialty, it’s certainly due to the forecast of the pre-term perspective. With this kind of analysis, the official’s style, the size of the indicator for the last one is quiet, the way the role is in the May period.

The analysis of actual results for the performance of the periodic analysis of the fact that the elements of the retrospective analysis are manifest, that is the analysis of the most important processes.

Evaluation of the vision of promising plans and programs - more important is the prospect of promising analysis. I won’t be grounded on the results of the actual factual official form in which the part of the planned period and the forecast of the previous period will be shown for the past part, I’ll show up for the part. I’m going to analyze directly with positive officials (positive and negative ones), they have a rosma and I have become actually deceived that maybutny results, so that I can take chalmut rosette. With this rank you can immediately see the weak, new reserves and take the necessary management. Such an analysis is often referred to as an analysis of an ochuvannyy weekend of the program and a view of the okremiy view. It is most likely to be recognized as the most neat, the pre-gostrokova perspective is inline.

Depends on business management, general and technical analysis, financial and economic, financial and economic, economic and marketing, economical and economic, economical and economical, economical, economic, economic and economic.

Technical and economic analysis - is the result of the integration of technical and economic processes, which will become a part of the virology process, and that will result in economic efficiency.

Financial and economic analysis - as a result of financial results of business, profitability, profitability, efficiency of capital, financial and labor costs.

Social and economic analysis - a whole range of mutual social and economic processes, as well as an impact on economic results.

The economic and statistical analysis is the main goal of the large-scale solitary property on the other management districts.

Economic and environmental analysis - due to the fact that they are engaged in environmental and environmental processes, associated with environmental costs and environmental costs.

Marketing analysis - the whole range of products and finished products, those and offers, the form of prices, a competitive medium and so on.

Depends on the river and the scale of management and control of the offensive and see the analysis: internal, donated, galusev, middle-aged (regional, territorial), national-donated.

Intrashnogospodarsky including analysis of robots obdnannya, production, workshop, dilnitsі, brigades. Galuzeviy vivchaє dyalіst goluzey i p_dgaluzey. The regional doslіdzhuє funktsion-bath complex of galleys, in the middle of one region. Narodnospodarskiy vivchaє gospodarsku dyalnіst u kraїnі in whole.

For the vivchennyaya methodology, we can analyze the analysis separately, factorial, marginal, economic-mathematical, stochastic, functional-virtual.

Portal analysis - it’s simpler than periodical indicators with indicators for the flow rock plan, but with the last few minutes periodiv.

Factor analysis of straightenings on the rosarachun of the size of the water okremikh chinnikіv by the value of the most effective indicators.

Margin analysis is a method of lowering the managerial decision and the estimate of the maximum value of the boundary values, which characterize the causal liability of the sales liability, surplus, permanent expenses.

An economical and mathematical analysis of designations for picking up with a rose-colored hat Variety of economical tasks, manifested reserves for improved efficiency for a large selection of available resources.

Stochastic analysis (korelyatsіyniy) is victorious for vivchenny stochastic deposits between the cloisters and processes of the state dyalnosti.

Functional-Vartisniy analysis of designations for the manifestation and the increase in excess costs. For one, it’s necessary to find the best options for specific products in terms of form, structure, simplicity, supranility and the most technical signs.

Depends on the sub-(ktіv (koristuvachіv іnalіtichno іinformation) іzrіznyayut analysis of internal and external knowledge. The internal activities shall be carried out by the authorities themselves, or by auditing organizations for the purpose of satisfying the needs of the authorities for the management of the economy. Zovnіshnі analysis is carried out on the basis of all kinds of power by the state authorities of the state administration and regulation of the economy, bank institutions, shareholders, investors.

Behind the step of accumulation of objects in vivchenny analysis, we’ll have to subscribe (most of them without exceptions) and vibration (part of the objects). Falling in sight of programs, we can analyze more comprehensively (to increase the ability to do business) and thematically (to better understand more about the business).

All named see an economic analysis to be seen among themselves for the organization, the organization and the methodology carried out. Ale at succession stink hidden at the reach of one place.