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Economic analysis (compendium)

2.3. Principles of Economic Analysis

Vivchennya economical apparitions and processes, activities of virological institutions and their base are based on the principles of principle. This means that in the meantime, the analogous results and their results will be controlled by managing the virology, and this means that the people are guilty of ignoring the vimogs.

The main principles of economical analysis є : state power, science, efficiency, systematic and complex, efficiency, efficiency, effectiveness.

Estimate the economical manifestations, process those results of state donations, you need to protect the sovereign pidhid, so as to act efficiently for economic life and social law.

The principle of scientific knowledge means that the methodology of economic analysis is guilty of basing on the provisions of dialectics and economic theory. The analysis is guilty of being carried out on the basis of the most effective economic laws. Its principle is to be realized by a whip with a more thorough theory and analysis of techniques, a wide range of common economic and mathematical methods and EOM.

The principle of transfer of assets є real-life transfer of real economical manifestations and processes, causal-related sounds, acquaintances ’access to information transfer. I have given an analysis of the true buti with documentary evidence, just like the image of the main mill, the results of that reserve. The usnows of guilty obgruntovuvatsya analitichnymi rosahunami.

The principle of systematicity and complexity of the vimage of vivchaty leather is that it’s the right thing to do with each other’s elements, from the inside out and the next one’s call. The parties to the state d'yalnosti are guilty of not looking at each other, but with mutual recognition. The economy of the enterprise is guilty of the analysis of the system. I’ll save you a glybin of knowledge. All stages are seen systematically, appearances, indicators of dyalnosti analizo-vanogo ob'єkt in their interdependence.

The principle of efficiency means speed and accuracy of the analysis, taking control of the decision and the weekend. Efficiency of the analysis of the polyagine in a timely manifestation of the underlying causes of negative manifestations, and closed and stronger positive ones. Such a ritual is reached by the possibility of abbreviation of the robot business.

The analysis is manifested in the active effect on the results of the virology. With a glance to the analysis of guilt, the frailties and the pro-girls are now appearing. Information about the guilt is required to provide additional information for the analysis of materials during the selection of specific visits, up-front and up-to-date programs and plans.

The principle of efficiency analysis means that you need to spend more time on the job of analitical work in bagato.

Itself with such vimogami slіd keruvatis during the analysis of state gifts in the be-yakomu rivnі.