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Economic analysis (compendium)

3.2. Methodology of Economic Analysis

Pіd methodology rozumіyut sukupnіst ways and that rules nabilshsh dotsіlnogo vikonanny singing robots.

On the basis of the method of economical analysis of the main approach to the social and economic processes, the methodology is based on the principle of special social and social information. The methodology also includes a system of rules and a guarantee that effectively guarantee the method is secured. Tobto, methodology є a practical follow-up to the analysis method, its principles and priyom, we designate for reviewing the control processes, the process of realizing and realizing the reserve of effectiveness, we accept the best of possible efficiency.

In other words, the methodology of economic analysis - which is the most methodological method - please punish the visions of the analitical analysis. It can be seen from the induced food, including the bagato moment. The main ones are є the last weekend, the end of the analytical robots and the methods (priyomi) doslidzhennya ob'єktіv.

The main reason is the optimal post-release review of the comprehensive analysis of the state granting of permissions for allowing such a way:

- clarification of the objects, meti and zavdan analysis, folding up the plan of the first implementation;

- Development of a system of indicators, for which they are characterized by an objective analysis;

- zbіr perevіrka іnformatsії;

- more indicators (actual with planned, actual for a number of rock and so on);

- a view of officials and vnoznachennya ikh them on the results of the duty of business;

- the growth of non-resident reserves and the effectiveness of virobnitztva;

- Estimation of the results of the business and the selection of visits to the reserve reserves.

Insanely the most important element of the methodology of economical analysis of the first method and method. In the middle of them you can see the traditions, such as the lack of discipline for processing and information processing. The stench includes inclusive, graphical, balance sheet, average and average values, group, tabular.

For vivchennya vplivu faktorіv on the results gospodarskoї dіyalnostі pіdpriєmstva that pіdrahunku rezervіv in ekonomіchnomu analіzі zastosovuyutsya way to determіnovanogo factor analіzu (lantsyugovі pіdstanovki, absolyutnі that vіdnosnі rіznitsі, іndeksi, іntegralnі method proportsіyne dіlennya), stochastics factor analіzu (korelyatsіyny analіz, dispersіyny analіz, component analіz , a bagaty factor analysis), optimization indicators (economical and mathematical methods, programming, mass service theory, theory of gris, dos luchennya operation).

The method of analysis is to lay down the form of the scale, the scope of the agreement, the manifestations of the technical concerns for the development and so on.

Characterize the main, most often live way to analyze.

Porvinnannya zasosovuetsya for an overwhelming evaluation of the indicator. I’m going to analyze: planned dates with actual and actual indicators for the scheduled dates (for the most important plan, the primed plan for the same workload); actual date of the planned period (for the control of the assessment of the plan); factual data with norms and limits (for assessment of pre-established and manifested reserves of economic resources); actual dates of actual period with actual ones for front periods (for dynamic dynamics, tempo and laws of development of statehood); factual data of business with average indicators for galuz (for the value of business).

Porvnyannya is the whole scientific method of recognition, in the case of a certain nevidome you can see more, you can show up, you can already see it, we can see it earlier, by means of the signposted image of the rice, but it’s necessary to understand them. For additional assistance, one becomes more visible and specific in the most economical monasteries, more than one acquires the desired status, tendencies and laws of development.

In case of a rigorous method, it is necessary to reach more indicators, so as to keep one estimate, the methodology, the structure, the calendar term and the knowledge of the robot.

Porvnyannya - cob stage analysis. Pislya yogo zastosuvannya guilty buti vivchenі reasons for the establishment of vidhilen that dana ikh them otsivnaya otsіnka.

The average and largest values ​​are widely stashed in practical analysis. The average value is based on the basis of mass, also one-time tributes. It’s stinky to give a bond of character to the processes and the yavisch. In the economic analysis, the goodness of the statistics rate is arithmetic (the middle is simple), the middle is harmonic, the middle is geometric, the middle is chronological, the middle is square, fashion, median. Portion of actual business gifts with average indicators gives you the opportunity to find a good idea of ​​average performance and the ability to cut robots.

The maximum value is the price of the quotation and the number of factors. Vidotsotki zasosovyatsya for vivchennya step of the vision of the plan, structural indicators, rivnya vitrat, profitability and so on. Koefіtsієnti - a whole couple of two different indicators, one of which is to take one. In an economical analysis, such a factor is identified as a reserve, fund yield, fund-broknost, mechanical resins, energy-saving and energy ..

Існує bagato vidivnivnogo values. In analysis, the most prevailing ones are: the value of the planned schedule is presented, the value of the plan is visible, the value of the dynamics, structure, coordination, intensity, efficiency.

The value of the planned schedule is the value of the planned schedule of the indicator of continuous flow to the previous month at the middle of the year to the middle price for the previous rock.

The value of the vision of the plan is visible - the value of the actual level of the indicator before the planned one.

The value of the dynamics is recognized as a slut of the value of the indicator of the flow period for the second period at the front period. Qya value can be seen as base and yak lantsyugova. Basisna - the center of the cutaneous rivia of the dynamic row to the rivine of the base period; lantsyugova - dіlennya іvnya cutaneous offensive period in front.

The indicator of the structures is the overall share (pitoma of the vagina) of the part in the whole.

The value of the coordination is the most common part of the whole (for example, the share of the active and passive parts of the main funds).

The value of the intensity is characterized by the degree of growth, the development of the singing apparition in the middle of the environment (for example, the appearance of the hundreds of robotic knowledge). The value of efficiency is the most important thing - with resources and costs (for example, the amount of products per 1 hryvnia of costs).

Priyom gruppuvan zruchny for z'yasuvannya vzakozvozv'yazku and vzakozmozalezhnostі mіzh show-nicknames at a great tribute. It’s possible to establish an appearance, a character that is directly interchangeable with the analized displays. However, it is not possible to group behind vipadkovym signs. Before you induce group tables, you need to be a whore of theoretical and economic analysis to explain the nature of causal links between indicators, interconnection and interdependence. The group is also assisted in the preparation of the original material and the same analytical sample. The stench is to give the power of viokremiti iz from sukupnosti danykh naybіlsh characteristics of the moment, officials, tendencies zmіn.

The graphical way to save your attention is the simplicity and simplicity of understanding and understanding of information. When an economic analysis is carried out, you can add up to circles, circles, lines, coordinates and graphs. For the additional graph, it is possible to analyze the accumulation of indicators.

Mіzh bagatma indicators існє functional-onalna (balance sheet) deposits and vzumna mumble. Naybilsh zagalnom balance balance fallow еж fallow land between the state gifts and tsar dzherely.

For the additional balance method, it is possible to carefully analyze the material and labor resources, pennies, income and vitality. Particularly widespread congregation occurs when there is a vivnennogo financial camp of pidprimstva, yogo gospodarsky zobobіv and dzherel.

There are clear waterfalls, as long as the indicators are isn’t functional (proportional), the bedding is very mathematical in nature, and it’s impossible to identify with a straight hat a rosette. Taku vimіryuyut deposits for the additional priyomіv elіmіnuvannya. Possessing the respect of the past and the moment of fire of one official and that of inclination of the strength of the last.

We’ll be the head of such prizes ц lance trials, if you have fixed, one by one, you’ll replace the basis value of the skin officer (planned and actual dates for the minimum period) on the actual date of the valid period. First, I’m going to replace the base data with actual data up to the maximum number of structural indicators (officials), and then the maximum number. If you vivchatsya being drunk on the best indicator of kіlkokh kіlkіsnih and yakіsnikh officials, then it’s a good idea to shy away from planning the next day or the last of the main ones. The result is marked out (re-insured) as the value of the more proactive performance indicator. Moreover, the reinsurance of the resultant indicators is one less than the price of the certificate, the official should not look at it. Victory-based basis (planned and actual) of the past period, re-allocated to the actual value of the effective indicator, sequentially mumbled the lansyugovy permutation, so that you can finish the results of the skin deletion from the front. In order to ensure that you can see the flow of one official and include the latest. Remained means that, in the leather department, one official is guilty of butti for the sake of the rest, and all of them are guilty of the post.

For example, let’s take a look at how to add two officials to the product launch: the number of employees and the productivity of the products (Table 3.1.).

Table 3.1.

Obviously, there is direct accumulation of product output in terms of the number of employees and productivity of products. The goiter is the sign of the infusion of the dermal officer, it’s noticeably the last and last substitution of the actual data, the planned ones (Table 3.2.).

Table 3.2.

In case of significant inflow of a quantified indicator (for our application - the number of robots), yakisnyi (productiveness) should take up the plan, and with a marked infusion of a quantitative indicator, take on actual data.

Thus, for the breech of increased productivity, pre-paid products were increased by 292.3 - 261 = + 31.3 thousand. UAH., and for the lack of supply the number of products is not met by products at 261 - 270 = - 9 thousand. UAH Algebraic sum of otrimanyh quantities give us a zagalnuyu sum of re-understanding of the plan of production of products (- 9 + 31.3) = 22.3 thousand. UAH

In practice, often victorious modifications priyom lantsyugovih pidstavkan - priyom riznits. Such a person has a Persh for all that means absolute chi vidnosnu riznitsyu (vidhilennya) schodeno chinnikіv that resultant indicator. Це відхилення від plan chi vіd a tribute to the anterior period. Potim vidkhilennya for the skin officer to multiply by the absolute value of the last vzakomopov'yazanikh officials. As a rule, two officials poured into the final plan for the performance indicators - kіlkіsny and yakіsnіy, then vіdkhilennya vіd plan for kіlkіsnim dignitary multiplied by the planned yakіsnimi, and vіdkhilennya vіd plan for yakіsnimi. The number at the dynamo for the official is multiplied by the absolute value of the minimum for the period, and clearly the absolute - the absolute value of the official at the periodic.

For the butt, you can use the tabl. 3.1. An increase in the number of employees for a product launch for inducing food by the algorithm: - 30 x 300 = - 9000. An increase in the amount of productivity is: + 36 x 870 = 31320. Algebra is more than one official is guilty of an additional 31 - 3 times + 21. Having rounded up to ten, it is as it is shown in the table, it is rimamo  21.3). I am purely algebraic for the most part, the official doesn’t come to see the result indicator, then it means that the roses are viscous due to the lack of accuracy and accuracy.

Also, in one of the modifikovanii priyomіv analizu є saldovy. Winning is quiet in quiet falls, as long as the singing official is not able to vigorously fold, and the senior officials are not prompted for the successful indicator. Todd is an excuse for an unofficial official, but a number of notations with a whip vidnimannya vid vidhilennya for a successful indicator of algebraic sumi value vidomikh officials. But when the priest, the pardon allowed by the front rose flowers, is automatically transferred to the ceremony of filling the official, who was awarded the next prize, and I don’t pay attention.

We call the reception of the proportional dilennya окkoli за a krem, although I want for my sutnistyu і one є one with one modifikatsіy. When yogo zastosuvannі vliv a skin official on a resultant indicator in proportion to a proportional yogo share at vidkhilenny for this indicator.

In an economic analysis, there may be stagnant-integrated indicators. For their help, an assessment will be given to each other in terms of performance (as a rule, we will take pictures). The integral indicator becomes a hat for finding the root (square, cubic, etc. - for the best analysis indicators) with the benefit of the following indicators for the formula:

de S - integral indicator; K1, K2, K3, ..., Kn - the absolute and most significant value of indicators, which can be counted; n - the number of analytic indicators.

For the analysis of the winter season, in vozmozhno interchangeable winter season the official method is based on the process of integration.

The Yandex method of adoption on the latest indicators of dynamics, spacious portions, the plan, the way to visualize the actual fact of the analized indicator of the periodic period of the basic period of time. Vikoristovuyutsya yak іndivіdualіnі, so і aggregate інсси. For additional aggregate indexes, you can see the increase of official figures for the winter result of multiple indicators and multiple models. The order of the razrahunku of the ініні інідіі інідів відомий for the statistics course.

Use a stochastic analysis - this is the methodology for executing officials, the sound of which is the most effective indicator (for the view of the predicted function of the functional) є the incomparable, the more accurate (the correlated). As a rule, when functional (recession) deposits are present with a constant argument, wait for the function to be changed, then with a correlated sound of the argument, you can increase the value of the number of available, more important indicators.

There is a great deal of importance, which is more thoroughly comprehended, with some mathematics, mathematical statistics and more, most of which are generated by the sciences. An economical analysis is less than pristosov priiomi to vivchenny his subject. For the sake of the method of contributing to them, enter the names and bring them to the single system.