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Economic analysis (compendium)

3 Rozdil. Method і methodology of comprehensive economic analysis of state donor services

3.1. Method of Economic Analysis

“Method” resembles the Greek word “methodos”, which is translated from the meanings of hats to the theory, theory. The wider rozumіnnі method - all hats, how to take care of the recognized dysynosti, the highest number of principles, the more advanced processes, the more natural and subjective ones.

The method of economic analysis , such as the method of scientific science, is recognized as a vixen and features of the subject of vivchennya, as well as specific goals, vimogi and zavdanny, which are set before the analysis of this economy of economy and perspective. Yakshcho subject vіdpovіdaє nutrition, scho vivchaє science, the method - yak vivchaє, by any means and priyomami.

Specific for the ancient sciences, the methods for approaching the completion of their subject matter are based on the igneous dialectical method. More than once, the method of economic analysis is more complex, more comprehensive, more complete and more informative for the results of diving with the use of special methods of scheduled, regular, and regular events Correctly image the method to analyze the result, the effectiveness of the economic and social development of the enterprise. Win includes a scientifically primed system of principles, methods and methods for the subject of economic analysis of the subject. There are so many peculiarities: dialectic pidhid before vivchennya manifest and processes; vikoristannya system of indicators, which comprehensively characterize economic and social dіyalnіst business; vivchennya reasons zmіni indicators, z'yasuvannya and vimіryuvannya vzakozmozv'yazkіv і vzєmozozalezhnostі mіzh among them with a hat zasto-suvannya special prijomіv.

Shchodo methodical priyom_v dosledzhennya, then follow respect, scho analiz vikoristovu yak vlasnі, so і based on the attainment of the most advanced sciences.

The system of indicators, which helps to commemorate economic analysis, to lay down the visual level of access to the set of unique parameters, and to visualize the results of economic, social and economic activities. The system of analitical indicators is guilty of the image of the results of the state funded activity and the effectiveness of the legal resources, as well as the obvious resources of the country.

Behind their serpent, the indicators show up on kіlkіsnі і yakіsnі. Before kіlkіsnikh to lay indicators oath virobnitsva, kіlkostі pratsіvnikіv і t. Іn. Smell the image of the robot side of the business. Yakіsnі vkuyutut on sutty special features and power on the subject of vivcheniya (productive, practical, profitable, etc.).

Kіlkіsnі and yakіsnі indicators indisputably povyazanі mіzh themselves. Zmіna kіlkіsnikh obov'yazkovo lead to the winter yakіsnikh, і navpaki. Then I’m thinking about Victoria at the complex.

Actual indicators can be stagnant at all without exceptions, and acts of specificity in specific cases. At zvyazku zim stink podalyayutsya on zagalі that specific. To the ignorant, lay indicators of gross product, commodity product, profitability and that. Prior to specific ones - vrozhaynіst, fat, caloricity of the sand and that. Behind the steps of synthesis, indicators can be added to the pre-requisite, okremі that additional (indirect). Zazagalnyuyuch victorious for the zagalnogo characteristics of folding economical apparitions. Deacs from them are imagining the surroundings, elements of processes and processes, and vivchayutsya. Additional indicators are indicated for more detailed, detailed, refined characteristics of the object.

For methods of indicators, indicators are also absolute and unique. Persi turns in groshovih, natural vimіrniki abo through laborіstkіst. Vidnosnі show two different absolute indicators viznachayutsya vidotsotkah, some of which are indices. With the form of absolute and unique indicators є pet indicators.

Absolute indicators from his cherty are natural and that. Natural values ​​are the same for physical units of vimir. Vartіsnі show the value of a penny vimіrі.

It is clearly causal-related relationship-sound indicators that are based on factor and performance. As a matter of fact, the indicator is looked at as a result of the melting of singing reasons and whistleblower roles, while in vivchenznom vozamozv'yazkіv yogy call effective. Indicators, such as identifying the behavior of a productive indicator and showing the role of the reasons for their magnitude, are called factorial.

The economic analysis is guilty of basing on a complex indicator, formed on the principles of a system approach. Systematic code - direct from the methodology. Vin is based on vivchenny object as folding systems, which can be stored with the elements with the numerical internal and external sounds. The systematic permissions allow you to select the object, deny that I am aware of it, see the cause-and-effect sound of the middle parts of the whole object. The main features of the system approach are: dynamism, interconnection, interconnection, interconnection of elements of the system, complexity, reliability, visibility, visibility.

The need for stating such an approach is dictated by the need for a kind of viral feudalism, which is supposed to dominate the system and is inspired by the laws of the hierarchical call. Vibir indicator, what I want to do is to thank the government, and their analysis is also carried out with the position of the system approach. Vivchennya skin testimony in interchange with those who have the permission to see the officials, scho to pour on yogo zmіnu, і kіlkіsno vimіryati fallow age factors.

With the formulated system of indicators, the guilty must be such as vimogi:

1) the guilty system includes a little okremich indicator that is one more up-to-date, which may be more secure and more secure;

2) a system of guilty buti of the government of integration, which permits the freezing of society under the program-controlled management of the economy;

3) the required number of indicators for evaluating the environment aspects of the robot;

4) the indicators of guilty buti are adequate, so as to represent real processes and appearances. The stink is also so guilty buty dynamically and amused, unambiguously clear-sighted and visible processes, which I can get around.

The method of economical analysis of the immediate obligations of the third methodology and health at the expense of acceptance (method) of advancement.