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Economic analysis (compendium)

5.2. Analysis of major virological funds

5.2.1. The analysis of security of fixed assets, fixed assets, technical assistance

The protection of fixed assets with the necessary assets and assortments, steps of one week, one of the most official officials of the effectiveness of virobnostva.

All the food to be taken for given privileges, for some to be presented in a group of different types of funds, for them, in addition to those introduced for analysis period. At the time of the analysis, the factual manifestation of the main assets on the basis of the planned demand for them is actual.

Such a reunion is carried out not unnecessarily as a whole, and the first time the okremikh group of basic funds. With the help of the main fund analysis, you can group behind the winter signs:

1) for the purposes of that Galuzev affiliation: industrial and viral assets, virobiotic funds of internal gali, non-viral funds;

2) the nature of the participation in the virological process: active and passive part of fixed assets;

3) behind the material warehouse: business, equipment, ancillary annexes, cars and installations, transport vehicles and main assets;

4) for depreciation rates: fixed assets of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd group (more than one with the legislation on additional payments for the benefit of the company).

At the time of analysis, it is possible to have an okremich group of basic funds in front of them, and to verify the dynamics. Oskіlki vіrshalniy vliv for the need for business to cope robotic machines and virobnichnost possession, then the whole part is recommended to be seen in the analysis at the warehouse of the main funds.

The indicators of fundraising and technical precautions are being insured. The indicator of foreign fundraising is recognized as a middle-ranking wartost of industrial and viral funds to the average number of employees at the top of the list. The level of technical interest is recognized as one of the most important features of the competition until the middle list of employees is available at the time of purchase. Analyzed tempi zrostannya tsikh indicators.

Having analyzed the availability of fixed assets and the protection of their property, they should especially respect the state of the art. An indicator of the technical camp of fixed assets is the first for all є steps іhny znosu. The winnings are the same as the first year to the primary wartost of the main funds. This is an indication of the price of yak in total for all the funds, so for the storage parts on the cob and the analized period. Reject the meaning. Analyze as well of wrapping up indicator - a certain amount of income of fixed assets. Yogo razrakhovyty yak vіdnoshennya surplus wartosti to the primary vartostі funds.

I can also list the number of assets and the assets of the main funds. Stink at once to characterize the serpent of the technical camp and the ruch funds. Koefіtsітnt onnovlennya - the whole of the foundations, who have come for analysis of the period, before their appearance at the period. Koefіtsієnt vibuttya - the whole presentation of the vartosti vibulih for the analysis of the period of the main funds until the third of the vostosti on the cob of the period. Named some factors to analyze at dynamos.

At the technical base of the foundations, there is significantly an increase in the number of plans and capital repairs.

Shchob viznachiti vikonannya plan schyod obyagіv overhaul, the necessary need to restore the factual vikonanoy overhaul repair with a planned sum of vitrat for repairs. Also, it is necessary to conduct a meeting in a large vimiri (for a large renovation).

Technological camp of fixed assets to lay down the same service and terminology. In addition, in the course of the analysis, it is necessary, on an apparent basis, to end the period of possession of the group for the operation of the second operator for the receipt of technical passports. For the price of the most significant fixed assets, there are up to 5 companies to operate, from 5 to 10, from 10 to 20 and more than 20.

In order to evaluate the technical level of fixed assets, it is also necessary to designate a pitoma house of a progressive possession (including automatic) at a foreign client and a host. Дї dinamika prostchuzhatsya stretch a number of perіodіv.