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Economic analysis (compendium)

6 Rozdil. Analysis of virobniztva and realizatsії products

6.1. Analysis of the oath of virobnitstva and realizatsії products

Obsyagi that Tempi zrostannya virobnitstva produktsії, її yakіst suttєvo vplivayut the value vitrat that fіnansovі result dіyalnostі pіdpriєmstva. Virology obligations are violated in natural, intellectual-natural and vartisnyh (in wholesale prices) vimirniki.

The main indicators that characterize the obedience of virobnitz products, є commodity and gross production.

The indicator of gross products is the price of all the violated products and the work of the robot (including incomplete virobnets), which can be analyzed at any price.

Commodity products - the price of the gross product, which is reduced by the surplus of incomplete virobnitz and the internal turnover, which can be analyzed at other prices of rock.

Realization of products is characterized by an indicator of the oath of realizatsii in higher prices. By way of analysis, to the warehouse, the oath of implementation is to include the option of paying for the products paid by the buyer.

Analysis oversight virobnitsva slіd distribution to vivchenny dynamics of gross and commodity products. Rosrachuyut basis (clearly marked for the period) and lansyugov (leather period is periodically forward) the growth rate and the increase in this indicator. The average average growth rate (growth) of the gross product and commodity products is also recognized, and it is necessary to average over the geometric mean or the average arithmetic. The average pace of growth in mid-geometric:

Ť = n-1vТ1 x Т2 x ... xТn,

de T1,2, ..., n - lantsyugovі tempi zrostannya.

Analyze the same way with the plan for the production of products for the first period with the goal of planned indicators with actual and average average values ​​and indexes.

In the process of analysis, you also need to check out the total amount of realizable products. Analysis is recommended to be carried out for the leather month, quarter, pivrichchya, pik. At the end of the month, actual facts are given with planned, forward periods, the percentage of the future plan, the absolute number of changes, the growth rate for the analysis is increased by one hour, the absolute value is increased.

The following officials are poured into the sales of realizatsii products:

- Zmіna surplus ready-made products in warehouses at the cob і kіnets perіodu;

- Wart_ to launch a commodity product;

- Zmіna surplus vidantazhenoї products, unpaid by buyers on the cob і kіnets period.

In spite of the names of the officials, they are rooted in the whip of the tune of the tune of the actual rivals with the planned ones through the growth of the cutaneous growth of them. The oath of absolute growth and the oath of amusement, for vivchennya, the balance of commodity products is stocked up:

Analyze the realizatsiyu products, you need to vivchiti weekend of contracted goiters and supplies. Nevikonannya agreement is heavier in penalties for itself and a loss of market prices for products. Necessarily familiarize yourself with the delivery plan for the retail customers and the types of products. Rozrahovuetsya koffitsієnt weekend of the agreement of the goiter'yazan:

Cd = [(zagalniy planned oath vidantazhennya for contracts) - (unavailable deliveries for okremi agreements)] / (zagalny planned oath vidantazhennya for contracts).