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Economic analysis (compendium)

6.2. Analysis of the warehouse and the assortment of products

Having a look at the warehouse of products is more important for evaluating work robots. For the analysis of the product warehouse, the group of people behind the winter signs:

- after an hour of learning from virobility: it is new, it is new, it is new;

- for types and purposes: the main products; comrade of national cohabitation; інші see products;

- for categories of ancestors: food categories, pershoes, not tested; for indicators of grade; Behind the Step of Novelty and Innovation;

- for the specialization of special virology programs: such as scholarships and not the virology profiles;

- for vikoristanim materials: products from marketed materials and materials; from vіdhodіv that secondary syrovini.

At the end of the analysis, it is necessary to sign a notice of the business plan for the plan for the torn, unbroken new and unbroken, new products and the result of overrunning.

The product was invariably invigorated, it was letting go with a stretch of foreshowing in the sound of virobic minds (not in the past order). An unprecedented new є product, which in this case will go ahead. Until neporіvnyuvano Іншої products на to establish robots and services of an industrial nature that іншa commodity products.

Okremo also signifies the same weekly plan for the release of the main types of products, including export and consumer goods.

In order to evaluate the vision of the plan of launching a product for a natural-speech warehouse, it is necessary to actually produce a product of a dermal appearance in a natural form on the cob of rock with an increase in the amount of money and for the rest with a planned rest. The plan of virobnostva is invaded more than once, as long as the skin type of virobi is not less than the planned number has been issued.

After the group of the warehouse for the products for all the required signs, the vision of the plan and the dynamics of the development of the skin group of okremo are signaled. Vidhilennya at the dynamism and the stage of the vision of the plan for the groups to take into account the structure of the products, because the pet group is okramich group with the plan and the front of the rock in the main obscure. They call them "structural" snakes. You’ll be able to absorb the indicators of state gifts on a bagato: an oath of delivery to a supplier of goods, materiality, collection of goods, income, profitability. As a matter of fact, there is a pitoma house for more expensive products, then an oath to the VIP is available at the Virazi Zrosta's website. Those same things will become a matter of oaths for the benefit of the most profitable products.

Rozrahuvati having infused the structure of virobnitz on product liability is possible for the formula:

[(a number of weekly holidays to the plan of viral products at a particular time) - (a number of weekly plans to a virobniz of products at a reasonable natural rate (it is possible in standard years))] x (scheduled weekly prices)

Schob to take advantage of the disproportionate gap in macroeconomic conditions, not to agree on contractual losses for micro-loans, and not to take apart the entire out-of-stock warehouse. The fragments of the virobi may be the same as the authorities, the speed of the virobnosti alone cannot be compensated for by the scheduled issue of the last. In addition, an analysis of the assortment of products is carried out.

The assortment is the whole list of naimenuvan virobi іz to the significant number of cutaneous cutaneous ones.

Viconanny to the plan for the assortment of VIPs є the necessary mental viconanny to the supply plan. Protea, an assortment of VIP deliveries and deliveries can be avoided, because deliveries for the first week often come to a glimpse of the grocery store. There are plenty of ready-made products at the warehouse in front of the rock. We can negatively push that plan with an assortment of vipus not to sales of goods and supplies of cereals and supplies, but to a warehouse of surplus finished products in Kinets rock.

An assessment of the plan for the assortment can be carried out with the Urakhuvannyam Kіlkoh Methods. Naybilsh forgive є method of the best vidotsotka. When yogo zasosuvannі vizdachaetsya vidotsotok vikonannya plan tilki for those positions assortment, for the most actual number of plans is planned. Nainizhchiy z otrimanikh vidotskіv take up the buildings indicator of the vision of the plan for the assortment, but not 100%. With the assortment of the plan, there can’t be any reissues.

Proteus such an assessment method does not give food for food: there is a view of the group, there is no plan for any. To this, I would like to characterize the plan of the plan for the smallest number of people with the information about the quiet car, for the plan for the first time not to go, at the foreign post.

In another way, an assessment of the vision of the plan for the assortment є identification of the pet wagi is quiet, for the same way, the plan for the release of products is available for the rest of the country.

Ale naybilsh broaden the practical priyom є vizneshennya middle vidotsotka. For the whole one, after the skin position, the plan for the assortment of insured products was actually sucked in, but no more sums were planned. Accept the sumi assorted in a rakhunok. With a glance of satisfaction with the plan rejected by the result of the plan, the entire range of products should be marked with the entire plan of the complete plan.

Razrakhovyut reserve reserve on the basis of the release of products for think out the plan for the assortment. For the whole victory there is such a formula: [(100% - average% of the plan for the assortment) / 100%] x planned oath for the launch of the product.