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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.5.5 Methods and concerns

Vognegasnі rechovini

After having crouched, if there is a component, please take part in the process.

The process of burning can be pinned with a whip:

  • lower number of combustible speech;
  • change of oxidative weight;
  • zbіlshennya the process of activation of energy in the half.

Before the main ways to pin down the process of burning, you can bring the following methods:

  • priniphennya nadhodhennya oxidizing (sour) to the middle of burning;
  • dilution repeated non-combustible, internal gases;
  • lower temperature of combustible speech to the level lower than temperature;
  • izolyatsії vognysha pozhzhі vіd access again;
  • change of concentration of combustible speeches with a whisker of a dilution of non-combustible materials;
  • intensive galvanic training for chemical reactions (engibuvannya);
  • mechanically visible half a strong jet of water, powder, gas.

Based on these methods and methods, the process of burning is based on the behind-the-scenes speeches and technical problems.

Appearance of the most recent methods and methods of extinguishing the fire, as well as the advancing of extinguished speeches and noses, identify the skin-specific vipade with a fallow scale of fouling, the characteristics of combustible specks and materials, as well as.

Prior to the departure of gas, lay down:

  • water and steam;
  • hіmіchna y povіtryano-hіmіchna pіna;
  • international and non-combustible gases;
  • halocarbonic acid;
  • dry powders;
  • pisok, sch_lna fabric - a story and asbestos.

There are no universal inconsistencies. For this reason, in order to pin down the process of one and the same speech at a number of holidays, there is a need to identify the most important ones. In case of additional concerns, the requirement for the occurrence of the possibility of the removal of the high-performance extinction effect is at minimal cost.

Characteristics of extraneous powers

For the cancellation of the most important issue, we will often have victorious water.

Water at the front with the most extinguished rivers and the temple is warm. One liter of water at a heating rate of 0 to 100? With a clay of 120kJ of heat, and with a vapor of 2260 kJ, a good cooling effect.

Water is too high for heating, water is distributed and water is at a temperature of 1700? C, but it is not needed for damping, the standard temperature does not exceed 1200-1440? C.

Water is in contact with the contact in the high-temperature range for the time being steaming up, staying at 1700 times, more and more sour again until the concentration, but not the process of burning.

Strum the water, straighten it onto the creek, burn it, wash the part, don’t burn it anymore, assert thin water, and change the access of combustible cucumbers near the mountain zone.

Strong stream of water for half a year, but you will die out.

For extinguishing water with water, victorious faucets and sleeves, faucet hydrants, sprinkler and denger installations, as well as water can be supplied with compact and finely chopped streamers (specks up to 10 microns).

To extinguish such fires with compact jets, if you need to supply water to the great city, whose charge means significant shock force with great long range.

With thin torches it is effective to extinguish solid combustible speeches, combustible and navigate easily borrowed words. When the Vitrata of water is extinguished, such water is not electrical, therefore, it can extinguish electrical installations, which can burn off.

Suttvim a short period of water ока temporal temperature is frozen. The water is not victorious for extinguishing rechovins, it reacts briskly with it (pool of metal, carbide, hydride metal and other).

Water doesn’t have to show victories for the dying of oil products and bagatokh of the organ organs’s speeches;

Suttєvim nedolіkom Vod Je її nizka zmochuvalna zdatnіst i small v'yazkіst scho zavazhaє gasіnnyu fibrous pilopodіbnih that - Especially - tlіyuchih materіalіv, SSMSC toil Velika pitomu surface in balls yakih Je povіtrya scho pіdtrimuє protses gorіnnya.

For greater penetration into the pores of the smallest materials near the water, add supplements of surface-active specks, which increase the sensory sensitivities and vyazkist.