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Economic analysis (compendium)

7.2. Analysis of vitrate for syrovine and materials

Vitrati for syringes and materials borrow from private products in the average over 50-60%, but they may be significant valued fallow. Naivishchi stink in the gowns of the production industry. Economy tsikh vitrat maє virіshalnoe significant for lowering their own products.

The sum of vitra of food products for syringes and materiel is pledged to cover the total amount of viro products, the structure and the costs of pet supplies for the environment (costs of materials for a single product). Feed the material vitamins on the territory of the virobi near your house to lie in the form of clothing (mas) of the vitrified materials on the unit of production and the average price of the single materials. At the time of analysis, there’s an increase in the amount of cutaneous in the name of the official for the winter sum, the sum of the materials for the viral products. When tsomu victorious priyom lansyugovyh pidstanovki. The last rosemary is as follows:

1) the total amount of expenses for materials for the product for the plan (with the method of conversion) is covered: Зпл = (the volume of the products for the product for the plan) x (the planned number of products), the need for the main product) ;

2) to pay less than the total cost of materials for the plan, re-take into account the actual liabilities of the viral products: ЗМum1 = [(the oversize of the viral products of the plan) x (the planned number of materials, the need for the average price) )] x (some number of visions on the plan for the release of commodity products in a smart-natural (natural) vimiri);

3) the amount of expenses for the actual materials for the actual product launch, the price for the planned norms and the planned prices for the materials: 3Mum2 = (total cost of the product of the actual price), materials for the plan);

4) the cost of the material costs is actually lower than the planned prices: ЗМум3 = (the total load of the products is actual) х (the actual amount of the material), the amount of the cost of the main items is necessary);

5) the actual amount of the costs of materials for the production of products is covered: ЗМф = (the overall load of the products is actual) х (the actual number of materials), the number of products is necessary);

6) become visible in the actual status of the planned materials: (ЗМф - ЗМпл);

7) the amount of okremich chinnikіv is indicated on the amount of sumi vitrat material:

a) an oath of virobnitz products: (ZMum1 - ZMpl);

b) the structure of the virobility products: (ZMum2 - ZMum1);

c) pet vitrat materials: (ZMum3 - ZMum2);

d) price for syringes and materials: (ЗМф - ЗМум3).

Necessarily also analyzed the amount of material vitrates for issuing okremich views of products. The technique of the analysis is analogous to the guidance of the food. Riznitsya polega is more important in that in this case there is no risk of losing the structure of virobnitsa products for the winter of sum of material vitrates. Tobto, the algorithm is transferred one less than a magnitude smaller.

Dalі analytics are advised to increase the amount of material vitrates for a single product. Here, too, will be the priory of lansyugovyh permissions. The order of the rosette is as follows:

1) the planned total of material vitrates per unit of production is indicated: PMZpl = (quantity (mass) of materials, necessary for viral products and single plan) x (average price of one plan);

2) the actual amount of material vitrates per unit of production is similarly identified: ПМЗф = (actual quantity (mass) of materials, vitrified by the amount of single products) x (average price of single material);

3) visualize the total amount of material vitamins per unit of production with actual number of products and planned prices: ПМЗum = (actual number of products, material and equipment);

4) the amount of material sums of vitrates per unit of products is identified according to plan: (PMZf - PMZpl);

5) the number of officials is indicated for the sum of the sum of material vitrates for one product:

a) the number of materials that have been selected for single products: (PMZum - PMZpl);

b) price on the material: (PMZf - PMZum).

Kіlkіsnі vitrati materіalіv on a single product і to lay down від кількох officials:

- Yakostі syrovini i materіalіv;

- substitute one kind of material іnshim;

- serpents of technology, technology;

- Rіvnya vіdhodіv sirovini that іn.

At the time of the analysis, there is a need for rosuhavati, as if they had changed their vitrati materials (vitrati in the middle per unit of production) for a piece of one name of officials (div. Divisional 5.3.). As for the refusals, multiply the result by the planned price of the material and the actual cost of the product in kind, then the price of the material for the price of the product for the price tag for the product will be eliminated.

At his house, the middle price on the material also lay down in the next row of officials:

- I will become a syrovini market;

- the structure of material resources;

- Rivny transport and procurement of vitrates;

- yakostі syrovini i materіalіv that іn.

Schob znachiteli, as for the breech of the skin of the zhichny official, the amount of material costs was increased, the required price of the average price for the breech of the official multiplied by the actual number of the most important material.

Okremo slіd rozrahuvati vliv on the material Vitrati on one unit of the product of the replacement of one material in the first. Tsey official vlivaєє yak on winter season and masters of materials, so on winter price. Visit, as the material vitamins per unit of products through the winter number of living materials, the Wikimedia Commissary has been identified as the last, is possible with the advance rank:

PMZ = (PV1 - PV0) x Ts0,

de PV1 - peti vitrati materіalu, on which a deputy was held;

PV0 - pet_vitrati zamіnenogo material;

Ts0 - the price of the material.

To the winter of material vitrines for a single product through winter, the price of living materials, to the Wikimedia Commissary of one and the same material, is possible by such order:

MZ = (Ts1 - Ts0) x PV1,

de Ts1 - price material, on which a deputy was held;

Ts0 - the price of the material;

PV1 - petit vitrati materіalu;