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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.5.7 Stationary service

On quiet industrial occasions, even if you can, it’s possible to design the installation of fire protection, as well as automatic mode.

Automatic installation of fire protection class for:

  • Appointments
  • the principle of
  • Robot mode
  • type of fire-extinguishing speech;
  • by way of submitting fire-extinguished speeches to the middle in a row, bog і tі.

For the designations of the automatic fire-fighting installation, please subscribe for such purposes, for which:

  • occasional fire;
  • gas cannon;
  • localization pozhezh;
  • blockage

For the trivial start-up of a fired installation, they are submitted to:

  • overhead code (trivial launch up to 0.1s);
  • shvidkodiyuchi (start-up delay 0.1-0.3 s);
  • mid-energy (3-30s);
  • Інерційні (ponad 0.5 hv).

During the trial period, the gas-fired installations can be used for short hours (up to 15hV), mid-range (up to 30hv) and triivali (ponad 30hv).

The number of stationary problems of fire protection and installation of automatic water fire protection devices. For regional daimy, in Budva, possessing these facilities, 96% of the blaze was repaid before the arrival of the newly-fledged pidrozdіlіv.

Fully equipped with sprinkler and dealership installations for woodworking plants with a surface of 700m2, store cellulose, filing of a workshop with a synovin for their complete installation, they have the independence of any other area.

The sprinkler installation is automatic - having a plurality of water pipes at the front end, possessed by so-called sprinkler heads, open such locks with fusible locks.

The alloy, which has locks, has a melting temperature of 72-93 ° C or 141-182 ° C. When temperature is elevated, the castle is melted, the sprinkler’s head is opened and, in the middle, it is burnt out with water.

The screens of the installation are equipped with control and signal valves, such as when the head is turned on and the signal is triggered by the water alarm.

During fires at the sprinkler installations, you’ll need to show less head than you need to change the temperature, and also don’t have to temper the temple for energy - you’ll need to show less than 2-3 times at the moment of temperature increase.

This type of energy is unacceptable especially in quiet waterfalls, if you need to bring water in all at once to the entire area. In these circuits, the drenches are installed.

Drencher installations do not have low-melting locks, stink є dry pipe and permanent insulation.

In sound minds, you need to drive the unit to the group valve, which will automatically turn off when you need it automatically, and manually give an alarm signal immediately. At the time of the troubled season, the water in the deluge system will be given a vise, and, according to the conclusion of the elderly, the system will wade from the system through the descent fan.

Drencher installations are available for cleaning on top of walls, windows, doors, for locating local and blocking water curtains, for the ingenious elements of technological possession, all-in-one wake-ups, and I can do this.

Automatic installations pozhegogasіnnya mayu postіyno buti ready to go out. Kerivnik ob'єkta with the order of a priznachaє a person, a yak vidpovіdaє for the comparison of sprinkler and deluge installations. The reference of the installations is changed once a day, and the control-signaling equipment - usually, to the cob of the winter.

For protivopojezhuyu zhystu objects of chemical and naphtha industry, as well as there, in the viral program of easy-to-use and combustible radio installations sprinkler installations.

Sprinkler pin installations for the principle of similar to water sprinklers. The stinks turn on automatically when the castle is in view, the design of such a system is to see the water sprinkler.

Automatically dzherelo sprinkler pin є ma є vysoky napir vodi, scho є еч є є ереб ереб ереб роб роб роб роб роб оту оту ж ж ж ж п п п к к к к п п п ного ного ного sprinkler

The dignity of the installation of a victorious installation for the harassment of such objects, even after that you can get a clear view of the area and the delineation of the area, the area of ​​the apartment is completely open.
When winnings are fired at the dealerships, the sprazhovuє snezhny sovіschuvach, a kind of launching an office-launching vuzol to start the water roznichu, pinoutvoryuvachy and generator pini.

There, there is a combustible material that is irregular and uninterrupted, automatic transmission of local automatic installation, such as intermittent and extinguished between the periods between.

Automatic installations of gas fire-fighting equipment for:

  • installation of a lot of fire;
  • Installing local fire protection.

The catch of fire in these plants can be butoxide in the form of oxygen and inert rechovini (argon, water vapor, nitrogen) of freon and spoil based on the refrigerant.

These installations can be breathed in quickly and easily by sensing the presence of gas spasms and gates in a new concentration of the medium, as well as the feeling of urgency.

For extinguishing with powder jams, fixed installations and over-installations with manual, remote and automatic switch-ons are activated.

In stationary powder plants with winding spills, they can be used to react to dim, heat, light and so on.

Powder installations of healthy shutter powder curtains over the top of the fire.

In order to identify a type of automatic installation, a specific installation must be made for specific types of services, such as officials who can cause a fouling and a fire place for healthy supplies.