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Economic analysis (compendium)

9 ROZDIL. Analysis of financial stan

Pіd financial institution rozumіyut pіdprіmpriyamstva іnansuvat his dіyalіst. The win is characterized by securing financial resources, necessary for the normal functioning of the business, the docility of the third and the fourth, the financial, the financial, the legal, the financial, the

The financial mill can be but stiimkim, nonstimkim and crush. Zdatnіst pіdpriєmstva svoєchasno zdіysnyuvati platezhі, fіnansuvati his dіyalnіst on rozshirenіy osnovі svіdchit about Yogo stabіlny fіnansovy camp.

9.1. Analysis of assets and liabilities

I need to analyze, first for everything, read the structure of the asset and liabilities.

Vidomosti, it is necessary to keep in balance, allow business, such as the structure of the hairline and the capital capitals, the cooldowns are received before the turnover of the business of the short-term and short-term postal resources.

The financial stand of the business of bagato is why there is a reason to lay down that yakti koshti won’t be at your own order and kudi won the deposit. For belonging, the apparent capital is allocated to power (1 share) and posichkovy (2 or 3 share). Vidovodno to triviality vikoristannya rozrіznyayut capital_dovgostrokovy postіyniy (permanent: 2 і 3 izdіli passivu) і short-term (3 rozdіl passivu).

The need for a vigorous capital is enriched by vimogs of self-financing. If you don’t want to pay for the benefits of buying clothes for the cozies of your own clothes, don’t wait for the day and it’s possible for you, especially if you have a seasonal character. This is the optimal solution for the vigorous and posichkovy capitals of the bagato in which to lay down the financial mill of the enterprise.

I have a link with important indicators that characterize the market stability, є: some financial autonomy (independence: pitoma vagal capital in the capital sum); a number of financial deposits (a part of a posichkovy capital); the shoulder of the financial important, or the financial financial risiku (the presentation of the posichkovy capital to the hairy). Chim is the third row of the first indicator and the lower indicators of the other and the third, the team is the financial institution of the company.

Evaluation of investment, which is needed at the structure of capital, can be made up of: investment investors and business enterprises. For investors there is a situation, if there is a part of the hairy capitulum at the front of the house. Business enterprises, as a rule, are reclaimed in purchased items. Having eliminated the need for less business, lower profitability, it is possible to expand, to increase the profitability of the capital. The result of such direct referrals was the combination of positive and high status. In galleys with a low coefficient of revolving capital, the shoulder of the financial important is not guilty of overriding 0.5. In the last galleys, the turnover of the capis of the lobe, which may be better than 1.

Conducting an internal analysis of the financial camp, you need to revive the dynamics and structure of the hair and the capitals, explain the reasons for the storage and the date of the estimate for the free period.

Healed posichkovyh koshtіv before the turn of business є a normal claw. Ale slіd pam'yatati, scho rosumnі rozmіri zauchennya zdatnі polіpshiti financial institution of pidprimstva, and above-the-clock pozhirshiti yogo. In addition, in the process of analysis, you need to check in the warehouse, the age of the winnings of the creditors' bargaining, the revelation, the frequency and the reasons for the approval of the stranded bargaining, the staff of the budget, the amount of the budget, the budget, the amount, the budget

The middle price is the same as in the case of creditor bargaining in circulation with the following enterprises:

Zs x D / Sk.o.,

de Зс - average surplus of creditor bargaining;

D - days per period;

Sk.o. - the amount of credit turnover for rahrahnok razrahunkіv with creditors.

Analizuyuchi creditor bargaining, necessary vrakhovuvati, what you won є at once with a dzherel pokritty debitorsko bargaining. In addition, in the process of analyzing, it is necessary to break the amount of debited and credited bargaining. As if I’ve pershifted to a friend, then I’ll have to talk about the investment of capital in debit for bargaining.

When analyzing the pre-subscription capitals, I’m sure to respect the terms of the pre-subscriber loans, so I’m going to lay down the stability of the financial camp.

When you proceed to analyze the assets of the company. Assets are called a mustache, which can be used, to establish ownership and image in the asset balance. An asset is characterized by commercial capital, so that it can be invested in a particular mine, material value. The win is characterized by the vitality of the business of selling and selling products, the surplus of free delivery.

Activate at the step of liquidity (health is quickly revisited for sale) to pre-term (main capital) and current (negotiable).

The growth of financial benefits is even more significant in financial and financial efficiency. The results of viral and financial activities, as well as financial resources of the company, which are more likely to lie in addition to the fact that they are mainly included in the main form, are more often . In addition, in the process of analyzing the assets of the company in the first place, I’ll take part in the warehouse in the structure and date of assessment.

Potimally necessary z'yasuvati zmіni udovgostrokovyh (reverse assets) assets. Dovgostrokovi activi but the main capital - all the cost of assets, non-cash assets, regional stocks, stocks of coriander kopalin, specialty donations, non-material assets and so on. There is great respect for the vivchennya will become, the dynamics and structures of fixed assets, so as to establish the main pitoma in the pre-investment assets of the company. With a vivchenny warehouse of the main concerns, it’s almost necessary to have active and passive parts, power and working machines. Type of optimal іх spіvvіdoshennoe bagato in which to lay down fund_finance and financial mill of business.

Dalіy needed to analyze the amount for the skin article of current assets in the balance sheet of the mobile part of the capital (for petty cats, grocery stores, dealerships, finished products).

Zbіlshennya koshtіv on bank rashkahnakh means reduction of the financial camp of the company. However, the revelation of the great excesses of pennies by the stretch of the trivial hour tells about the wrong way of capital, some kind of bi-buty is invested in the whole of virobnitsvo, action and so on. The sum of the pennies on the mollusks is guilty of losing too much in the limits of the percussion consumers.

The availability of debtor bargaining of financial resources, which is why I lose financial resources. Leather p_dpriimstvo zatsіkavlene at the quick termіnіv repaid payments. In the process of analysis, you must verify the dynamics, the warehouse, the reasons and the age of approval of the debit of bargaining. It’s easy to establish that you don’t have to go to the sumi warehouse, it’s unrealistic for contracting, but there are, like, the terminology of the long-standing prescription. Yakshko stink є, then you need to live in order to get hold of them, including the beast before trial.

Triviality of claims for debits to debit is denoted by the following rank: (average surplus of debit for rachunas debit x days / Sum of debit turnover for delinquents debit).

Schob pidrahuvati zbitki pidprimstva of the kind of instant payment of debts to the receivers, the need for the appearance of the stitched debits of the day, the amount of money, the price is adjusted for the price of the payment (for the whole amount). You may also need a bag of stitched debitorial bargaining multiplied by the bank rate for the period and the amount of the result of the withdrawn amount of the penal amount.

Significant inflow to the financial mill of the enterprise will help the mill of reserve stocks. With the help of securing the normal operation of the virology and storage of products, the supplies of the guilty buty are optimal. Їx inadequacy will be blocked by interruptions in the case of virology, and the excess will be blocked by interruptions.

I’ll analyze the need for viral reserves and need to fix the actual requirements for planned needs.

Great is the pitoma of the vaga in the streamline assets of industrial enterprises to establish ready-made products. For the excess of finished products in warehouses of the enterprise, bring up the freeze-up of reverse assets, the availability of loans, the need for loans and the payment of loans for them, the increase in payables, the amount of the payers, and the amount of money they pay. With the help of the expanded zbutu, it is necessary to vivchati hats to lower their own products, to increase their competitiveness, to organize effective advertisements, etc.

Mzhzh articles of the asset and liabilities balance існує тісний взємозв'язок. The skin of the asset is an asset to the balance of the єє п п п дж дж ела ела ела ела ела ела ела ела. Dzherelom fіnansuvannya dovgostrokhovyh assets, as a rule, є power capital and dovgostrokovі posichkovі koshti. In the case of vicious falls, the form of the pre-contracted assets and for the short-circuit credit loans to the bank is possible. Streamline activity approve yak for rags of short hair capitals, so and for rags of short-stringed posichkovyh koshtіv. With the help of a guarantee of repayment of bazhan bazhanos, a stink of stink of boulevard is half molded for a mantle of hairy capital.

Deposits with the right form for the main amount of current assets (circulating capital) are divided into two parts: regular (for the round of short-row goiters and other assets) and the largest amount of available assets (stock) )

The failure of the viable circulating capital to lead to the significant part of the current assets, as well as to talk about the strengthening of the financial deposits and the inconsistency of the camp.

I’m starting to analyze, the skills of the hairy capital are in circulation. For the whole sum of the foreign sums for the first and other distributions, I need to keep the balance of the sum of the pre-term (reverse) assets.

The sum of the lofty working capital can be increased by the following order: see the total sum of the current assets in the sum of the short-term financial goiter'yazan (3rd passive). Analyst rozrahovuє also the structure of the vapal capital, so that part of the vaginal working capital and the main capital at the zagalny sum. The first indicator is called a factor of maneuvering capital. I will show, the yak part of the hairy capital is in circulation, so that in such a form, the yak permits to maneuver the cats with it.

An important indicator of financial campus is є also the security of material werewolfs with the powerful Jerels of finance. You won’t lose your way with a whip of the total sum of the capital working capital from the zagalnoy sum of financial working capital.

I can see that there are four types of financial and financial benefits:

1. The absolute stіykіst fіnansovogo will (i margin costs (materіalnі oborotnі Foundation) menshі sumi Vlasnyi working kapіtalu i kreditіv pid bank inventory materіalnі tsіnnostі and koefіtsієnt zabezpechenostі zapasіv i costs Dzherela koshtіv bіlshe odinitsі (Taqiy koefіtsієnt rozrahovuєtsya Shlyakhov dіlennya sumi Vlasnyi working kapіtalu i credit to the bank for inventory and value for stocks and expenses (financial assets).

2. Normal cost (stocks and costs (material circulating funds) more expensive amount of working capital and credits to the bank;

3. Non-financial (overcrisis) financial stand (stocks and expenses (material circulating assets) to increase the amount of capital working capital and loans to the bank;

If there is financial inconvenience, you must be admissible, as well as understand:

- virobnichi stocks plus ready-made products to be expensive, but to overwrite the amount of short-term loans and poshikovyh koshty, take a share from the form of stocks;

- incomplete virobnitstvo plus vitrati maybutnіkh perііdіv dorіvnyuє аbo less than the sum of the total working capital.

4. Crisis financial mill (business for inter-bankruptcy) (stocks and expenses (material circulating funds) large sums of capital working capital and credit to the bank cash and material assets plus the reserve fund).