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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

Test program control (51-100)

51. For the infringement of the rules of the Szczecin bezpeka, for example, there are fewer human victims of the KK of winnings ’posbavlya voli on the lines:

a) until chotiroh rokiv;

b) up to six rokіv;

c) up to eight rokіv.

52. The main objectives of the catering authority are protecting:

a) analysis of indicators of the causes of viral fever injuries and occupational injuries;

b) promotion of healthy and careless minds;

c) zazechechenie pratsyuyuchyh zasoby zahistu.

53. The State Administration for the Protection of Health and Social Rights:

a) the Cabinet of Ministers, the organ of looking, the ministry and the central and the organ of the wielding authority;

b) the Cabinet of Ministers, the approval of the central authorities of the Vicontainment;

c) the Cabinet of Ministers, state authorities and the organization of government self-determination.

54. Ob'ktami governing the public protection є:

a) the social zahist of the people who are practical in the minds of those who are not secure and who are not given enough;

b) control over the weekends of regional programs of politics I will be safe and smart;

c) the effectiveness of functional services and structural services for the protection of careless and healthy minds.

55. Management of the protection of the public for public health:

a) robotics, third deputy, head specialties, curvatures of structural pyrozdilov.

b) cairns of the service of public protection;

c) a robot teacher and an engineer with a protective practice.

56. What is a good organization-methodic work and preparation of management decisions for business?

a) a robot operator;

b) the service of public protection;

c) curvatures of structural pyrosis.

57. Who is the main coordinator of all robots at the sphere of protection of human rights?

a) service of public protection;

b) kerivniki dilnits;

c) kerivnik pіdpriimstva.

58. The following functions are to be included in the service of the Protect Praci:

a) control over the minds of the right to legal acts;

b) certification, initiation, analysis of minds;

c) development of plans and visits, to protect the safety of the public, control over the legislative acts, the implementation of the public and so on.

59. Navigation and recycling knowledge and nutrition

a) for practitioners, who are hired to work and periodically in the process of labor activity;

b) fallowed by the nature of labor activity and qualifications;

c) I have been working for years, I have worked with a graph, and I’m hardening myself as the chief engineer.

60. The first instruction on working hours is carried out:

a) a robot operator;

b) kerivnik robіt;

c) the service of public protection.

61. Introductory instruction to conduct:

a) special services for the defense;

b) special_alist viddilu frame;

c) the robot operator.

62. How often is repeated and repeated training on working hours for working with good reason?

a) once every three months;

b) time at shіstmіsyatsіv;

c) times at rik.

63. A pre-scheduled instruction on working hours should be carried out during interruptions on robots in public through:

a) twenty calendar days;

b) thirty calendar days;

c) sixty calendar days.

64. Tsіloviy іnstrukt conduct:

a) special services for the defense;

b) kerivnik robіt;

c) viddil frame.

65. Tsіloviy іnstruktazh carried out at such vipadki:

a) when interrupted by a robot;

b) in case of technological process;

c) in case of liquidation of an accident or any other negative accidents.

66. Tsіloviy іnstruktazh carried out at such vipadki:

a) in case of vicarious one-time work, which is not necessary due to professional requirements;

b) with the introduction of new regulatory acts;

c) when there is a break from the robot ponad 60 calendar days.

67. Tsіloviy іnstruktazh carried out at such vipadki:

a) with unrecognized prazuyuchimi non-custodial methods pratsі;

b) in case of unrecognized legal acts to protect the law;

c) in case of vicarious work, an admission order is issued on a yak, a previous document is issued.

68. The most beautiful view of the obyazkovymim the laws of the laws on prazdy zd_isnyuyut:

a) special state organizations and inspectors;

b) the Attorney General and the order of the prosecutor;

c) commitments to protect the practice of self-determination.

69. The sovereign glimpse of the subsidiary legislation and regulatory acts for the protection of public health:

a) Cabіnіnіnіstіv;

b) The prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Taxes and Duties;

c) special powers of the organization and inspectors.

70. Special services of the service of the defense of the pratsi at times

a) to issue a decree of the individual requirements for liquidation;

b) I’ll take over the robot, as I do it, I will threaten the life of the princes;

c) to protect the security of the public with a glance to the end-to-end methods of navigation.

71. The main endeavors of Derzhgirdpromnaglyad є:

a) the form and security of the sovereign policy at the sphere of protection of the prats;

b) the form of the solution for prevention of the seizure and protection of the healthy population;

c) the health of special care and the region of felony injuries.

72. Posadovi individuals of the organs of sovereign glance may have the right to:

a) hello rozslіduvannya and the region of extraordinary vipadkiv;

b) carry out the roses to the robot, which is the beginning of the practice;

c) seeing the robot teachers obov'yazkovі until the end of the attribution about the consolidation of the short-term.

73. Posadovi individuals of the organs of sovereign glance may have the right to:

a) repeatedly repeat the pre-trial of the vimog to protect the pratsi at the control facilities;

b) to accept the operation of industrial products;

c) good health insurance and non-vocational education.

74. Posadovi individuals of the organs of sovereign glance may have the right to:

a) a good expert examination of the projects for the reconstruction and reconstruction of the project;

b) winners of attraction to administrative administration;

c) davati dialed to zberigannya, vikoristannya and the region of vibuhovy rechovin.

75. When planting an individual organ, it’s possible to carefully select the right to:

a) restore the objectivity of the potential and not without reason;

b) zvіlnyat z plant, but impose disciplinary discipline on the settlement, who violated the rules for the protection of the princes;

c) increase in the organization of the prosecutor’s office a submission about unavailability of the okrimich osvidih ​​osіb zaymanіy posadі for the attraction of іх to відповідальності.

76. Services for the protection of the public for public health:

a) home and administrative control of the camp for the protection of the prats;

b) analysis of the causes of viral injury to injuries, overhaul of the performance of instructing, I will begin to know how;

c) zahist іnterestіv pratsyuyuchih with vinneknennі conflict situations.

77. Home and administrative control of health:

a) professional spіlki;

b) kerivnik pіdpriyomstva, the main specialty of that individual, which is nadilennі adminіnіstrativnymi pozvazhennymi;

c) galuze specialties of the higher administrative organs.

78. operational control of food;

a) 4 steps;

b) 3 steps;

c) 2 steps.

79. Uncommon hijackings are confessed by a commitment to the law enforcement, as if they stinked:

a) hour straight forward to the robot;

b) for transportation without any permissions;

c) on the territory of industrial enterprises, the robot, as a rule, was keen on the robotic hands of the robot.

80. Uncommon hijackings are recognized as such, when they got into a virobnitz, they stink like this:

a) on the transport side virobnitstva pislya completion of a working day;

b) on the territory of business during working hours;

c) in case of supremacy of patronage of the help of the robots,

81. Uncommon hijackings appear as follows:

a) the insurer of raptic death I will become healthy through non-custodial employees as bureaucrats of the open middle treasury;

b) within the boundaries of the territory for working hours;

c) the position between the enterprises, as if the robot was tied with transitions to the objects beyond the hands of the robot.

82. Uncommon hijackings are recognized as such, when they got into a virobnitz, they stink like this:

a) on the public transport side, for example, the stink of the victim was in the interests of the business;

b) on the territory of property for the benefit of the weekend, don’t enter the direct contact with the official;

c) on the territory of the government, but the posture between the two with the next two objects.

83. Komisіya z roslіduvannya maє proanalіzuvata furnish a non-terrific haste with a stretch:

a) 10 days;

b) 7 days;

c) 3 days.

84. Do skilkokh prіmіrniki stock up on the act of extraordinary problems with the form N-1 or NT?

a) 6;

b) 4;

at 3.

85. To the special rozslіduvannyu pidlyagayut:

a) 5 deadly injured;

b) the group and the deadly extraordinary hitchhikers have squeezed;

c) I’ve been trampled 10 and more than in the case of a group of not-so-bad vipadok.

86. Special rozslіduvannya carried out by a stretch:

a) 10 days;

b) 3 days;

c) 7 days.

87. The special deed of deed for the form is stored behind the results of the list:

a) NT;

b) H-1;

c) H-5.

88. Vіdpovіdno to the Regulations of the accident are divided into:

a) two categories;

b) three categories;

c) f'yat categories.

89. Prior to the persecution category, lay down the accident, the inheritance of such:

a) bent to 5 os_b but injured 10 os_b;

b) 5 osіb was turned up; but 10 і was more injured;

c) threw up to 3 osib abo injured ponad 10 osib;

90. An emergency first category shall be issued with an approved order:

a) the core of the organization to the sphere of management of which is necessary to establish ownership;

b) core organs of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties;

c) to the central authority of the wielding authority for the Uzbek authorities with the sovereign public eye and the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

91. Avariety of other categories shall be taken into account by an approved order:

a) a kerivnik of organization to the sphere of control of which there is a duty to establish ownership of the organs of sovereign glance and the Ministry of Taxes and Duties;

b) the state bodies of the sovereign glance over the protection of the national and MNF;

c) the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, looking at the protection of the public and the Social Insurance Fund.

92. In the event of an accident and folding of an act for form N-5, the following terms shall be established:

a) 3 days;

b) 5 days;

c) 10 days.

93. The act of rozslіduvannya avarіy, de ceaselessly reckless vipadu zberіgaєatsya on pіdpriєmstvі:

a) two rockies;

b) p'yat rock_v;

c) forty p'yat rockіv.

94. The causes of virobiotic injury are as follows:

a) three groups;

b) chotiri group;

c) two groups.

95. Prior to the technical reasons for virobic injury, the following shall be applied:

a) unintentional visibility and control of the work of Robot;

b) low level of performance;

c) the lack of technological technological possession and the lack of engineering rozrahunkіv.

96. An analysis of the causes of virobiotic injury to meti:

a) establish the main and supreme officials, who have been called up to a terrible haste;

b) I will repeat and provide information about the arrangement and organization of working hours;

c) establish the nature of virological activity, which calls up to a terrible vipadu.

97.Sanitary-igіnіchnіі umov pratsі signify:

a) regulatory standards;

b) physical, chemical, biological, psychophysical officials;

c) social, psychophysiological, psychogenic official;

98. Gіgіnіchnі standards:

a) the optimal and the most acceptable are the official bureaucrats of the virological treasure;

b) absolutely non-custodial infusion of virological officials;

c) the limit permissible concentration, rivine, doze shklivly dіyuchih on people dignitaries;

99. Oblіk professional zhvoryuvany that otruєn zdіysnyuє:

a) dіlnichnі lіkarnі;

b) the Ministry of Health;

c) CEC;

100. Forms of the sovereign sanitary look:

a) Tsiloviy;

b) spare and precise;

c) forward and tsiloviy;