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The financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi

3.4. Analysis of platform and credit facilities

Achievement of financial sustainability of the business є the main tasks of being an organization, but at the same time we do not need to be more important є optimize both the structure, dynamics of reverse activity and the need for more

Up to the present hour, there is quite a wide variety of methods for managing the winter elements of working capital. Zokrem, companies with different nationalities of Ukraine are widely involved in the need for analitical and instrumental tools for managing stocks, debts registered, pennies, short-term financial contributions and credited debts.

At the same time, traditionally, and in the plan of developing the theoretical foundations, and in the practical aspect, controlling the elements of the working capital, I’m looking at it completely, within the framework of the specifics of the form of capital. It’s important to keep the operation cycle in its entirety, to manage it, as a rule, get rid of the overwhelming recommendations for the fastest possible triviality of the operation cycle and, as part of the obligation, to make sure that there are no more bargaining bargains.

The development of the ideal operating cycle, the development of the dynamic operating process, the development of the operating system, the development of the operating system, and the possibility of operating in a non-essential, non-essential operating environment. the basis for optimizing the foreign positions of the criteria of liquidity and profitability.

Optimization of the operational cycle of the transfer of the coverage of the offensive aspects:

1. lag structure of the cycle, that is, if there is a lag in realizing the stock, lag in the collection of debts and the lag of credit bargaining, as well as in terms of value, you can signify the period of circulation of small items;

2. Vartisno structure of the cycle and dynamics, so that the relationship between the forms of working capital and intensive processes of one-to-one transformation;

3. Characteristics of the profitability of the operating cycle, its liquidity and interchange between them.

Vrakhuvannya tszhozmozv'yazkіv necessary for the diagnosis of performance management, yakі can not be adequately evaluated as part of the consideration of the surrounding element of working capital. All this is due to the fact that management can reduce the direction of the process and reduce some characteristics and immediately improve the performance, and adequately evaluate the point from the point of view I will optimize the system as a whole.

One of the most important tasks is the problem of optimizing management of the debit and bargain є identifying the optimal minds on the merchandise credit.

The practice of managing consumer goods in Ukraine shows that, as a rule, credit terms, are rewarded with benefits, and are not based on the position of maximizing the value of functions. Bagato pіdpriєmstv kopіyu dosvіd accept the decision from the past, as long as the situation was absolutely clear, the view was completely clear, but more than the last pending gadgets. With this approach, the specificity of business, the situation on the commodity and financial markets is practically not taken into the rosary. As a result, among the main reasons, we are leading to a non-rational deformation of the operational cycle and the settlement of the igneous financial camp.

Naybilsh rozpovsuzhenoy practice of establishing a credit period

in companies with a ruin of credit є one of credit minds, such as including the maximum term for paying a loan, discounts, discounts, and discounts, at least there is a discount at all times.

Credit policy, secrecy, terminology, credit credits, significant importance for the normal balance of current assets and treasury assets and financial finances. Zbіlshennya credit terms you can stimulate the growth of paying for the help of those who are willing to take advantage of the opportunity and increase the potential for the growth of goods. However, the realization of this potential is less possible with sufficient security of material resources — commodity stocks, labor resources, necessary trade and storage areas, and financial stores.

As a matter of fact, the process of accepting the decision on the basis of the adoption of credit policy is not rounded up, we can win the situation of overtrading, as long as there is a good picture of economic growth, it’s difficult to manage the economic growth. The rapid shipment of goods, non-maintenance of sufficient financial resources, and the equal structure of the operating cycle, we can bring to critical crisis, I’m quickened to develop bankruptcy. In the situation of over-trading, there appear to be weighed down by all the groups of market agents, who will be given the opportunity - posters, creditor banks, shareholders. For the sake of secrecy, it is necessary to seriously and seriously turn around the parameters of credit facilities and the process of transferring funds to a new credit policy on the basis of the review of the function of the loan as a process, which includes three stages. First stage - the interest in the minds of the old credit policy - the first place is characterized by a significant amount of goods, the dynamics of stocks, deductible bargains, pennies, etc. creditor The other stage is the transition from the old credit policy to the new one, the stage is more flexible in the financial view, since the new policy has not given the necessary increase in the financial resources of the bank. The third stage is the new style of the branch of government in the minds of the credit policy. Tsey stan is characterized by better sales, surplus, current assets, consume financial resources. Yakshchin vin reach for the breech of the transition process, which are the characteristics of dynamic rivovagi, pribdpriamstvo zbіlshuє svіy financial potential and borrow effective position on the scale of "income - risik".

Analіzuyuchi pokazniki fіnansovo-gospodarskoї dіyalnostі pіdpriєmstva, zgіdno of vische tales neobhіdno vіdmіtiti scho dosyagnennya fіnansovoї rіvnovagi pіdpriєmstva MP "Gіpek" E optimіzatsіya about "єmu, structure, dinamіki circulating aktivіv i polіtiki їh fіnansuvannya of points Zora uzgodzhennya dvoh konflіktnih krіterієv - visokoї dohіdnostі і adequacy of liquidity. About, what are indicators like:

  1. pitoma of a vag of heaped capital (a number of financial deposits), for example, at 2000r. Vin becoming 35%, if the same for 2001r. wine reserves up to 43.3%;
  2. pitoma carriage of vaginal capital in the foreign balance sheet (several financial autonomy), for example: 2000 rubles - 65%, 2001 rubles - 56.7%.

Pidsumuyuchi, it is necessary to designate those that practice managing property in Ukraine, which usually means credit terms, which are rewarded with benefits, and are not wound up to maximize the value of functions. Bagato pіdpriєmstv kopіyu dosvіd accept the decision from the past, as long as the situation was absolutely clear, the view was completely clear, but more than the last pending gadgets.