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The financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi


Addendum 1. Tab. 2.1. Structurization of galuzi accepting financial solutions

Klasifіkatsіyna oznaka

Tipi financial loans

Theoretical basis

1. The hour horizon, the instructions for taking the time

1.1. Rishennya pre-string character.

1.2. Rishennya for the period of the middle triviality.

1.3. Short-term financial statement

Financial strategy, divided on the basis of pre-forecast forecasts.

Financial bus for mid-line period.

The policy of operational finance.

2. Directly to the flow of financial resources

2.1. Investing financial resources.

2.2. Healing financial resources.

Politics investing in active assets See the politics of financial resources financial resources.

3. Direct investment

3.1. Real

Investment in reverse assets

3.2. Conducting financial investments.

3.3. Investment in reverse assets

Analysis and assessment of projects in real investment;

Policy management investment cycle;

Analysis and evaluation of financial and investment projects.

Management policy:

- inventory;

- debitors bargained;

- penny cats ix . Equivalents;

- a reverse capital and operating cycle.

4. Dzherela i umov uchennya financial resources

4.1. Healing of financial resources for the breeches of hairy dzherel.

4.2. Healing posikovyh financial resources

The policy of managing the hassles. The policy of the available resources.

Addendum 2. Table 2.2. Characteristics of the serpent vitrat

See vitrat

The nature of the behavior of the vitrat at the time of the replacement of the reserve stock

1. Vitrati zberigannya stocking:

1.1. Vitrati povyazanі z іmmobіlіzatsієy capіtalu, scho іinvestuєsya in stock

1.2. Warehouse Vitrati

1.3. Vitrati on insurance

1.4. mine payroll

1.5. psuvannya, old, robbery.


2. Vitrati, given the form

2.1. vitrati rozmіschennya zamovlen

2.2. transport vitrati

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3 Vitrati pov'yazanі z vinniknennyam defіtsitu stock_v

3.1. vrati vіd znizhennya goods exchange

3.2. double the goodness of goodwill (GOOD-WILL)

3.3. vіd non-optimal vikoristannya tsilovih


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