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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

Test program control (401-450)

401. Theoretical basis for the process of breaking down:

a) A.M. Bach

b) M.V. Lomonosov;

c) M.M. Semenov;

402. Theory processes of oxidation by breaking:

a) M.V. Lomonosov;

b) M.M. Semenov;

c) A.M. Bach

403. Theory of the lancing reaction self-borrowed by breaking:

a) M.M. Semenov;

b) M.V. Lomonosov;

c) A.M., Bach;

404. The process of meeting the needs of the day:

a) two components;

b) three components;

c) chotirokh component;

405. Intensiveness of low intensity is reduced, but of fasting with a changed concentration of sourness, repeat until:

a) 12%;

b) 9%;

c) 14%;

406. In the skilkok aggregate mills, you can change the combustible recovini:

a) 2;

b) 3;

at 4;

407. The process of development can:

a) lift and refrain;

b) at a wiggle’s eyes;

c) at the foreclosure detonation;

408. Dependently on the basis of burning and oxidizing combustible amounts:

a) lift and not;

b) bіdni i bagatimi;

c) permanent and permanent;

409.Horinnya, scho rozpovsyuzhitsya z_ shvidkіstyu, as I override є shvidkіst sound call:

a) kinetic;

b) lamіnarnim;

c) detonation;

410. Dozvukove Horіnnya submit to:

a) lamіnarne i turbulent;

b) chemically odnor_nodnor_dne;

c) kinetic and diffuse;

411. The city is out of date for the prepared fuel system and is called:

a) homogenous;

b) kinetic;

c) lamіnarne;

412. As a rule, combustible cucumber and oxidizing agent are not to be changed by themselves;

a) homogenous;

b) lamіnarne;

c) diffusion;

413. Due to the flammability of all materials and words, there are categories:

a) three;

b) dvі;

c) chotiri;

414.Koefіtsієnt diminishing - tse:

a) the expansion of the front half;

b) the characteristic of optical Gustini Dima;

c) the characteristic of zadimlenost_ is brought to the hat of passing light;

415. For a half-moon in a zone of high temperature, the temperature is:

a) a worm;

b) orange;

c) bilim;

416.Basic characteristic дин дин ст ст неб неб неб неб неб є є temperature:

a) salah;

b) loan;

c) sleep;

417. USI of combustible ridini for temper

a) chotiri klasi;

b) three classes;

c) two classes;

418.Light-weathering temperature

a) up to 18? C;

b) up to 61? C;

c) ponad 61 ° C;

419.Postly easy-to-borrow easy-to-use temperature

a) 13-18? C;

b) 18-23? C;

c) 23-61? C;

420. Deposited in the lower mid-spalahuvannya drank hard specks in the aerosol station to:

a) 2 groups;

b) 5 groups;

c) 3 groups;

421. Especially non-custodial drank in the aerosol station ma NMS to:

a) 15 g / m3;

b) up to 65 g / m3;

c) ponad 65 g / m3;

422. Umovi self-borrowed by:

a) chotiri see;

b) five kinds;

c) three see;

423. Kisneviy Yandex - ce:

a) the minimum amount of kisnyu in the total amount of nitrous oxide;

b) the maximum indicator of acidity in the total amount of acid;

c) a stoichiometric indicator of combustible sum;

424.Applications for vibration and insecurity are:

a) three classes;

b) chotiri klasi;

c) five classes;

425. Note for the shivering non-bothering person to:

a) A, B, C, D, D;

b) I, II, III, IV, V;

c) П-І, П-ІІ, П-ІІа, П-ІІІ;

426. Electrical installation to:

a) storage of electrical installations;

b) ignition and vibration protection;

c) already and vibration protection;

427. Neobkhіdnіst zhistu promislovikh budіvel vіd bliskavki signify:

a) equal to the thunderstorm dyalnostі і ikh their designations;

b) ochkuvanuyu moglivisty irezhennya ix;

c) the district of Roztasuvannia;

428. Відповідно до Інформації скільки існує typів zones zahistu buіvel wіd bliskavki:

a) zone to zistu A;

b) the area to the Zachist B;

c) a zone of type A and a zone of type B;

429.Mezhazh vognestіykostі budіvel і sporud ma в buti such abi voni zberigali nesuchі і suburban functions by a lengthy period:

a) liquidation;

b) evacuation of people;

c) until the arrival of the snow teams;

430. Prototyozhenie stiini may whistle over the cover of combustible materials not less than yak to:

a) 30 cm;

b) 50 cm;

c) 60 cm;

431. The cost of inconsequential construction in the minds of lead to:

a) bonelessness;

b) the approval of trishchin, the door;

c) waste heat insulation;

432. The waste of heat-insulating functions in the minds

a) non-conforming constructions;

b) alarm constructions;

c) suburban construction;

433. The interconnected signatures are:

a) an hour;

b) temperature conditions

c) rosrahunkom;

434. Skіlki існує Steps in the Vognestіkostі ob'єktіv:

a) visim;

b) five;

c) six;

435. Naymenushu between vognestіykostі mayu unprotected:

a) wood construction;

b) concrete construction;

c) metal construction;

436. We are thoroughly and efficiently trying to help the wooden constructor є:

a) perlite plaster;

b) penetration by flame retardants;

c) coating with powders from asbestos and r_dkogo warehouse;

437.Chea can be extinguished with water from electrical installations, which can burn above the elastic:

a) is not possible with a compact jet;

b) it is possible with a compact jet;

c) tolka with a finely sawn stream;

438.Hіmіchnu pinі vikoristovuyut for dying:

a) all

b) combustible ridin;

c) possession of a scho to burn with a vise;

439.Hasinnya vernalnymi zasobyat to reach for a rachunka:

a) cooling of combustible speech;

b) change of oxidative weight;

c) lowering the speed of the process;

440. Vognegasnі powders vikoristovuyut for extinguishing quietly, so as to quench it is impossible to extinguish:

a) water;

b) halogen-organic spoilers;

c) freons;

441. The middle of all preoccupations that have arisen with non-affiliated and non-affiliated є:

a) powders;

b) freon;

c) international hassle;

442. A number of short-term powders є:

a) outburst;

b) visoka;

c) zlezhuvanіst;

443. The effect of fireproof powder powders in:

a) diluting the combustible medium with the products of the powder distribution;

b) cooling zones of the city, engibiruvanni chemical reactions;

c) all at once;

444. Dominuyuchuyu fire-fighting power vodi є:

a) oholodzhuyuyucha diya;

b) ізолююча дія;

c) engibuyucha;

445. House of Fire and Fire Powders for the combustion process є:

a) engibuyucha;

b) ізолююча дія;

c) cooling;

446. House of fire and powder for the process of burning гор:

a) izolyatsіya odyoreka gorinnya;

b) engibuvannya;

c) galvanic reaction;

447.Home of the halogenous fires of the house for the combustion process гор:

a) izolyatsіya odyoreka gorinnya;

b) cooling;

c) engibuvannya;

448. Dependently, there is a way to transport the fire extinguishers:

a) figurative, overpowered;

b) stationary;

c) mounted on wheels or carts;

449. Fire extinguishers mark with numbers, which means ix:

a) the type of speech, the ability to extinguish;

b) view of vognegasіnnya;

c) volume;

450. Fire extinguishers mark with letters, characterize:

a) type of fire-extinguisher;

b) õh ob'єm;

c) the effectiveness of vognegasіnnya;