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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


In the economy of the first and foremost main mortgages of Ukraine, "International Trade", there is a discipline. First hand employees and first-hand employees from the international economy can also be repaired by distributors who attach to the international trade. One of such intrinsic companions has been broken down (by authors) and the author of this series. Win the publication of prominence of the International Academy of Personnel Management in 2002

Pratsyuuchi over the international trade bureau, the author wanted to know again the material that was kept at the international economy bureau, and wrote two books. There can be a good communication with the success of the first half hour of the international discipline, as well as the primary plans for the most advanced student courses of the international course. For the offended material offense, the associates exchange one one.

When writing a book, the author pragnuv oznayomiti vitychiznyany reader with yakomoga widest stake in English information from international trade; Squeezed з zrozumіlo visvіltliti allі nutrition of subjects; finish the reader to the point that the knowledge of the English business language is behind the boundaries of the basic course; fill the vacuum, having schooled in Ukraine at the beginning of literary studies with discipline.

The deliveries of the "International Trade" are not less than the first, but practical coryp. The author is able to, thanks to the material available to our students in order to help students, so as not to go beyond the knowledge of students from different countries.

Spodіvayuchissya, scho і conceive of real and socially vіpravdanі, the author of the proponent of the first-hand companion to an additional reader.