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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

4.2.6. Pleasure about subsidies and high priority come.

Export subsidies

It is possible to export goods to and from other countries, as well as to directly collect and export goods, as well as to store and purchase goods. Indirect surcharges can be buti, sight, surcharges for sale, excise tax, turnover, dodana wart, franchise, transfer, possessed skinny, as well as a coat of arms zbіr.

The principle of the national regime, which is one of the first for the GATT, the transfer of the right of the powers to impose on the import of comrades, environmental protection, indirect taxes, and the possibility of stasis for the production of national economy. From now on, yakby exported comrades did not call for indirect payments from the export of the country, which meant that they wondered if they would need to send more money to the export and the domestic export. If you are already exporting a comrade to pay direct income (for profit or profit), then it means that this comrade is subsidized by the day. The subsidy for export is blocked. The country may be able to provide its own exporters with more indirect taxes, as well as exportable goods. The enterprises are quiet in the country, in some they cannot be transmitted more and more indirectly, they can rely on the immovable campsite on foreign markets. Please indicate that it’s not guilty of changing the warehouse to import warehouses and parts of the goods, which are prepared for export, and indirect contributions to export comrades. Envy of the future will not be deemed to be the same, as it is with the subsidies of export.

Krai are infrequently indulged in releasing export. It is permissible to get to the GATT, but it’s okay to reserve for export export, as well as not allowed.

Allowed to derogate from, directly to the provisional standards, however, the rules are generally classified, sorted by the marketing of international merchandise, and for the handling of critical deficiencies.

From the GATT, it’s possible to make a reservation for the export of syrovini with the method of stimulating the development of national industrial knowledge and the unique competition between the exporters of syrovini.

It’s a matter of respect, but it is important to export to the regime of the national most competitive environment, because you cannot go to export until some time and water before you go to the export.

Subsidy for the production of industrial goods. I take care of the subsidies and the important considerations that you come in and signify the right of the Powers to grant subsidies, which can be significantly increased for bargaining. Export subsidies are uniquely defended. As a rule, before the exportation of export subsidies, there was a need for more excuse for the land, then for the land, I’m forging out. Unarmed subsidies invade permissible.

Subsidies can be applied to grants, a posic, a guarantee to repay a posic, a government and a government to receive income, to pay extra money, to send goods and services, and to pay goods.

For the analogy with the foreign tax subsidies, they are called red light subsidies, they should be subject to export subsidies and subsidies, which are rewarded with the need for goods from abroad, but not

Permitted subsidies:

o on oscarzhuvanі (actionable);

o neoskarzhuvanі (non actionable).

Oskarzhuvani subsidies are called subsidies of "amber light subsidies", and neoskarzhuvani are called subsidies of "green light" (green light subsidies).

Prior to subsidies, it is understood that "specificity" is understood. Specific є subsidies, which are hoped for by the abo group, the industrial group, the industrial sector, the group of industrial halls, and the singing region.

The ability to defer subsidy is necessary for the reduction of serious prejudice to the interests of the mainland. Advancement can be seen in the fact that subsidized comrades will be competitive with yak in the national, so in the old markets.

Іншойю підставой for despicable є material Skoda (material injury). It’s possible that subsidized import partners can pay attention to non-subscribed national goods and subsidies, you can start trading GATT systems. From now on, such subsidies should be kept quiet until the end of the year.

Supported subsidies, which are not specific, get involved with oscars. True, for the sake of the rule ки vinyatki (for example, subsidies for singing science-based education, frequent funding for adaptation of viral needs and new standards to protect the middle-of-the-way treasures, helped to develop the district). Grants subsidized by the Malikh and the Middle Parties, as a rule, enter into unwarranted.

I’m only singing the country of respect, but comrades from the country won zaboroneni subsidies, but at the same time it was unacceptably designated above the permissible subsidies, you can turn around to the authority to regulate the disputes of the COT. As a matter of fact, negative accruals have accumulated material forms of skoda, that is, the country, the death of animals before the procedures of regular disputes, and the possibility of equal importance for the import of subsidized comrades. For the whole petition of national industrialization, I’ve been overwhelmed with a subsidized import. Vrevnovazhenі Mita can not be superimposed on a comrade, for the sake of viola-bility, there are some kind of boolean subsidies, but I don’t get involved in oscar.

4.2.7. Pleasure about the defense come in

Pleasure about the public come in small at the discretion of discriminatory come in "gray area" with the principles and rules of the GATT. So come in are called “siroi zoni”, because they won’t be boolean and legitimate (such as stinky boulei bilimi), they were illegal (type bony boulii were black), but they were promoted without any notice of the site.

Come in "syroi zones" bully in the yak "voluntary export restraints" and "orderly marketing arrangements" (orderly marketing arrangements). The stinks meant that they would voluntarily "separate" export to the limousines (agreed limits) on the vimogue of the krai-importing country-exporting countries. Such approaches smothered competition among national and imported goods. Ohoronny come in did not get accustomed to the basics, but to the vibrant basis. Perebachalosya, scho come in may repent until 1 s_chnya 1999 p.

At that time, as a matter of fact, the import of the singing product by picking up stubbers for the national industrial scale, as well as allowing you to live in a private visit by selling a time-out period for obmezhzhennya import.

Before you make such visits, you’ll need to have a good look. As a rule, get out of sight of the beasts of the virobnikov. Ohhoronny come in don't get used to it, you probably have problems with national industry due to factors, but don't get stuck in importing goods. Come in to make a note of the structural adjustment of the halls of industry and competition on international markets. Priostosuvannya, zokrema, transfer є during the sale of advanced technology and technology, as well as rationalization of virobnitz.
Ohhoronny come here for additional support tariffs, but for reservation of payment terms. Vibir call to enter the competent authority, which is good. The quota can be increased by the number of post-graduate countries. Quotas can be appreciated, on a regular basis, in import for an advanced period, while at the same time we can keep the interests of the "new".

In okremich vipadki it is allowed to reserve a separate account of the same country or group of people. Such a discriminatory pidhid may be less than a consultation with a committee of public visits that is for a new year.

Country, live live, come on in, visit country, interests of some kind of Skoda, proper commercial compensation. If the country-importer and the country-exporter have not reached home about compensation, then you can stay at the entrance at the time (retaliatory action). Alas, the right to enter is not possible to hastily reach out for the first three trips of rock at the entrance, lived in most of the time before the minds and please look at the absolutely large import.

Country, right now to develop, sign up for private visits, as well as import of a product to the country, live now, come in, do not overwhelm 3%. As a rule, the part of the country is collective, I’m going to get bogged down, I transfer to import 9%, so I don’t bother with country loans.

The maximum triviality of the cob period during the life of the security entrances is to become 4 rock, you can move it up to 8 rock, and for the krash, you can develop up to 10 rock.

The GATT rules allow countries to develop, enjoy singing at the home of security entrances and regularly marry import through a one-hour period. Tse spriya є development of new gadgets promyslovosti (new or infant industries). Ale zastosuvannya meaning of the rules allowed for clearly marked minds. Quietly, come in and be able to get used to the sanction of Svitovo organizatsii trade. I’ll get some security visits about notification. It is necessary to transfer from the GATT, then come in to buy the clock in hours, and if necessary, signify the lines of graduated withdrawal for the last hour.