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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

4.2.8. Pleasure about anti-dumping practice

The angle of the top of the Bula was laid at 1988 p. after the completion of the Tokyo round of negotiations, the GATT ’signaled the remit of the anti-dumping committee in the country, before the direct demotion of the demo-pinged goods.

For the sake of revenge zhorstki criterias for dumping. Such a product is invaded by Demping, I will export the price of transferring the price of the best goods from the Ukrainian export, or I will sell the price of lower prices and lower cost of production.

I’ll look at the officials, to make up for the unfair competition, and to choose the two forms:

o subsidy to export;

o dumping of goods on foreign markets.

From around the land of the member-countries, they can reserve an anti-dumping mito on a dumping comrade. For the imposition of such a mit, it’s necessary, for the sake of dumping, a comrade to commit a material Skoda to a foreign market (do you have such a Skoda?).

Talk about be-yak with forms of dumping, it’s not unreasonable for the Ukrainian export to sell everything at an economical price and comrade for prices that are inferior for spending money, but there are insignificant sales liabilities. In such a case, for the sake of exporting goods to third-party prices, however, you can pay the price, so that you could add up when selling goods in real-time import.

Mizh Damping and Import and Shkodoyu for national industrial production in the country may be a cause-and-effect link.

Country dumping needs to come to the attention of the politicians of dumping 100% of the country’s land, and importing comrades. Lose in okremich vipadka can analizuvati kіlka krask-іmporterіv at once.

For antidumping rozslіduvan, as a rule, the need for more nationalistic promo word.

Authorities of Ukraine, respect, respect politics, dumping them publicly about the cob of anti-dumping and reporting about the conduct of local exporters. Upon the cob of export, export and import goods, such as dumping, and the right to clarify. Exporters are guilty of pressuring the authorities for information. Okremі dії in the process of rozslіduvannya can vіdbuvatisya specific mіstsyakh (on-the-spot investigations). Vіdmova u nadannі moglivostі for the health of such accreditation yes the right to the competent authorities of the victorists in the distribution of information, yak stink impose find the best available information.

It’s very easy to complete the purchase of export price (export pree) and price of internal market (home eonsumption priee). Understated internal prices are not taken up to respect for such minds:

o vіdpovіdnі sales і mayu mіtse stretching period, whісh i overwrite і one rіk;

o the average sales price for the internal market is lower, lower is the average cost of single products (the weigthed average unitost);

o sales overshoot for prices lower than the expense of virobnitztva, I transcend 20% of the oversight oath;

o costs are not compensated by stretching the rosary hour.

The average price is the average price of the internal market and the average price of all export lands, or the average internal price of the whole land. As soon as the export price is significant, then the average price of the internal market can be fixed with the price of a particular export. For currency razrahunkіv slіd brother to respect the exchange rate behind the camp on the date of sale (date of sale) or the rate of the values ​​of the forward contract.

Since the price of the internal market is not acceptable for exporting, then it is allowed to vote for the price, I will be reckoned with it, because of the cost of labor, I’ll supply comrades for export. For the rokrahunku vikoristuyutsya information of the real tired accounting area of ​​the virobnik (exporter), to cover the cost of overhead and income, as a rule, have a good time at the same time with similar goods. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to indulge in the goods by other means, then you are allowed to spend more money, go for real information from similar exporters (virobniks), and you have to make sure that I have no doubt that I’ve got to bargain for trade in similar goods of exported exporters (virobnikov).

By sounding at dumping you can know and don’t want to deceive others for such minds:

o dumping does not overwhelm; 2% export price;

o I don’t overpay a portion of import to a specific country 3% to all imported goods (but I don’t have to stash at that time, as most of the country with import portions that are less than 3% become 7% of the foreign import product at once);

o Skoda є mіzernoy.

When you want to get anti-dumping, you have to take advantage of, in general, have a lot of goods, a lot of money from an economically differentiated territory, subsidies become less than 1% and the oath of subsidized import is small. For merchandise from the country of Kazakhstan, I’m willing to break up, be allowed to have a subsidy of up to 2%, and subsidies for import are not guilty of overtaking 4% of the foreign import. By the rule, the rule is not to stash; as a rule, a part of the skin region, I’m different, I do not overwhelm 4% of the import, a portion of such countries is 9% foreign.

I care about the anti-dumping practice and I care about the subsidies and the timing of the change, come over the opportunity to be imposed by the country, so as to be overlooked by the tax authorities, who are lower than those for the dumping and subsidies. Tse vidomo yak "lesser duty rule" (lesser duty rule).

One of the most important reasons for owning an organization, is it possible to choose the right time for provisional measures - to show the right amount for cash deposits and bonds. I’m imposed by the law of sanction I re-enter the amount of money, but as a matter of regional ownership, then I will pay extra. As a matter of fact, the sanction is to appear lower, then the right to win the right to vimagati is overcharged.

Exporters may request the right to export prices so that they can get out of antidumping and return calls. Allow me to do so less if the authority of the result of the publication is to show the visibility about the appearance of the registered national promo word. Zmusiti exportersіv pіdvishchiti expіrtsіnі price is not possible, then on the right is voluntary.

The maximum triviality of the term for the health care in the context of both should be 18 months. Before the top-ups of the residual decision, competent organizations are willing to see the details of the change, to identify the remaining sides of the factual situation, on which there is a risk.

Vrevnovazhenі that anti-dumping me may have been installed okremo for a skin exporter (virobnik). As long as it’s great, it’s permissible to sign a mito, flailing around statistically reliably, in such a case, exporters (violators) should be pleased.

When you enter, you’ll need to have control over all of them, as a rule, you need to have such visits, that’s why they’re going.

I care about the anti-dumping practice and I care about the subsidies and the right time, come in, you also have to go in automatically to repair the work through five days of writing. For the promotion of official requirements, it’s possible to reinstate all the requirements, then go to the front door until you update the new ones for dumping and motherboard.

4.2.9. Pleasure about pov'yazanі z tradeіvleyu іinvestitsіynі come in

Before that, I’d like to take a look at the need for trading and investing, come in and learn about the main investment at the international trade:

o Vimoga about the local government requirement (local content requirement): in the process of production of singing products, obov'yazkovo maikovorists, the part (oath) of the warehouse parts of the city center is oversized;

o Vimoga balance balancing trade (trade-balancing requirement): import and export may buty at the singing company;

o foreign exchange balancing requirement: foreign exchange expenses for import and foreign currency export and for third-party buyers may have to change the proportionate;

o currency exchange: exchange restrictions on access to foreign currency;

o domestic sales requirement (domestic sales requirement): the obligation to sell the part of your products to the national market of the independent country;

o virochna vimoga (manufacturing requirement): singing comrade to get ready for the national economy;

o export performance quota (export performance requirement): part of the product range iz yazkovo is exported;

o product compulsory vimoga: product compulsory virobnik to sing singing products, vipuscheny specific virozhnichnymi burdens, to enter yominki markets;

o obmezhdennya shchodo virobnitstva (manufacturing limitations): the fence of foreign companies viroblyati singing comrade in krai - importer capital;

o Vimoga technology transfer requirement (technology transfer requirement): singing, see technology transferring can be transmitted on commercial ambushes, and specifically direct science-based and pre-design robotic guiding to concurrent national science;

o Vimoga licensing requirement (licensing requirement): foreign investor of goiters to get licensed knowledge of technology companies, as well as Viktor Vykoristov at his native land;

o remittance restrictions: remittance restrictions: the investor’s right to renew the rights to remuneration, having acquired the right to return investments;

o Vimoga about the part of the investor’s investor (local equity requirement): the part of the company’s assets is owned by the investor. Appointed come in can be negatively injected into international trade. Згідно з Pleasure about engaging in bargaining and investing, come in and pick up live tickets first and foremost from the induced transfer.

Come in and try to do something for the internal goods ’importing, so as to disrupt the principle of national regime. You come in as well to transfer the collection of quotes, as well as in the GATT get involved in unacceptable.

Інші інвестциійні come in not blocked by the designated land. Closer to foreign investment, the country could be able to afford it, because the private part of the product was exported, and the general part of the assets of the company was controlled by the investor. An investor can apply for a license for a new technology technology, as well as a high-tech singing and pre-design work in Ukraine, a de-invested capital.

To the benefit of transferring to phase out, the value is entered. Rosvinenim on the territory of the country 2 rocks were introduced, repairing from 1 year 1995, on land, on the other hand, 5 times, on the territory of transitional economies - 7 days.