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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

8.2. The Rinok of International Tourism

A stretch of the 60-70s rock of the twentieth century, international tourism has become evidence of a global scale. Nini shoroku ponad pіvmіlyarda cholovіk vіdvіduyut zarubіzhnі kraїini with a method of tourism.

International tourism is a specific form of proposition and consumerism, turning into an important element of suspension virobnitz. The exchange of services in the field of international tourism will help the country, as well as provide foreign tourists, including natural resources at the sight of the peculiarities of nature, natural beauties, as well as cultural, cultural and historical attractions.

International tourism develops in close cooperation with the most important aspects of international life, so the growth of the oath of international tourism can be seen as the outrageous economy of the world.

Surely deyakі statistical statistics given to tourism. Foreign exchange of international tourism grew up from 6.8 billion dollars. at 1960 p. up to 14.1 billion dollars At 1967 p. The share of the foreign wartosts of the export of goods and services became 6.7%.

Behind the camp for 1990 p. revenues from international tourism reached as much as 255 billion dollars, the most profitable part of the USA (40.6 billion dollars). Vitrati of American tourists behind the cordon also overdone the Vitrati of tourists from Western Ukraine.

The need for foreign exchange of international tourism among people with significant value and a tendency to growth, the need for the highest amount of protection, the most frequent parts of the region, and the state of Kazakhstan, are recognized.

For bagatokh, the most reliable type of international tourism was overturned on one of the most respectable dzherel tides of foreign currency. It’s a matter of interest to all-national tourism organizations, there are about ten dozens of people in Ukraine, for those who want to go on tourism, re-publish the necessary articles for export, and a lot of bagatories. Sokrema, at chotirokh with half dozens of krai nadhodzhennya vid tourism to become a ponad 25% of export business.

The positive balance of the French business tourist sector should be about 6 billion dollars at the average, and Spain - 13 billion dollars. Profit from tourism to secure a third of the export to Spain. Similarly є a part of income from tourism in the foreign export of Austria.

In Japan and Nіmechchinі, the negative balance of export and export of tourist services to the middle one becomes more than 20 and 15 billion dollars.

In the middle of Ukraine, I’m developing, the most positive balance of tourist business is Thailand - about 3 billion dollars. to the blink. 50% of the gross domestic product of the Bahamas is being serviced by regular servants of foreign tourists.

The foreign exchange and financial aspect of international tourism is more important and economically significant. Tourism has reshaped to the important official of national development, especially to the baguette of the gadgets, the economy of the country - the fun of getting ready, the transport, the sound, the big amount of food, the bargaining, the communal services. Tourist enterprises offer tourists a complex of services.

Often, zavdyaki international tourism in viddalenich territories have an incentive to develop. Sokrem, there vidrodzhuyutsya forgotten crafts and okremі galuzі folk creativity. Tourism є in a catchment of the occupied population, the polls of the natural resources of Ukraine.

Tourism is dominated by economic specialties. International tourist exchange є exchange by living people. Tourist services cannot be pissed off for their customers, they cannot be bought. The market for international tourism is the shopping market. The main intermediaries are airline companies, regular service and charter flights, tour operators, travel agencies and companies.

By extending the period of rest, Other svitovoj vіyni viddulissya significant values ​​at the rozpodіlі nadhodzhen in vіd international tourism in the middle of region svіtu. Yakshko at 1950 p. the part of the European country in the foreign tourism industry grew 40%; in the mid-1960s, the rate of growth grew to 60%. In Russia, there is a lot of land in Ukraine, it is developing, among international tourism it has become 10-11% of the total liability of all kinds of tourism. Є Dani about those scho 1969 p. 153 million chol were at the service of international tourism.

For example, in the 60s of international tourism, it concentrated re-concentrating in Europe, some of which fell 74% of the foreign burden, another half went to America (16%), and less than 10% fell to the other countries.

In the mid-1990s, nearly 65% ​​of the international tourist roads fell to Europe, 20% to America. The share of the decision krasn svіtu became 15%. Behind the camp for 1993 p. in the tourism sector, 10.1% of the gross domestic product was gross and 10.5% of the total number of working hours.

At the evil of thousands of years at the tourism industry, it was 100 million chol. Vaughn belonged to a number of the most timid for work. In the Americas, tourism revenues became 5% of the gross national product, while the galaxy was protected by the 8% of foreign tourists. The average indicators of Western Europe became 7 11%.

International tourism develops indiscriminately in the region, and at the border of the singing region of the planet, it’s zoomed in on the step of developing tourist infrastructure and the wider range of officials.

Territories - members of the Organization for Economic and Social Development and deduction shall list the required types of foreign tourism for the additional cost of banking operations using the approximate method of financing. At times, the first method is to insure that the necessary foreign currency is properly established, all the necessary documents and arrangements, which may change the right to go around with foreign currency. The approximate method of building a base is based on vibrating experience, and at least an hour to obtain the necessary data from tourist, hotel, transport and other organizations. Surroundings of the country - members of the OECD include the right of international tourism as well as the availability of goods, which foreign tourists should buy and transport from the country.

The availability of the “one method” will significantly accelerate the exact estimation of the influx of international tourism on the balance sheets. I haven’t got statistics on the need for tourism gadgets, it’s not possible to see the exact value for realizing the actual size of international tourism in an economical development of the be-of-the-land region. Every day criteria of tourism and tourism in the sphere of international trade.

Mother is respectful, but the balance of tourist activities is not to the point that they are too busy for tourism to live in suspense. It is economically important for international tourism for the whole of the Czech Republic - it’s more difficult and uncommon to analyze it because of the additional statistics, due to the fact that it’s more affordable and less expensive. Well, in the meantime, the need for international tourism is as clear as a vagomy indicator of an economic value.

International tourism can bring the same currency for cordon. In this situation, a number of people have come to the fore, are beginning to develop, as well as buying a grocery and a comrade for foreign tourists and the need for tourism tourism infrastructure. The most important and the “demonstration effect” of international tourism is that foreign tourists will show their comrades abroad for an hour of their trips, and they will be welcomed by them. It seems like a jart, that international tourism is trimming with chotyroch "s": sea, sand, sun, sex (sea, sand, sun, sex).