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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

9.3. Officials and acquaintances of international rucho

The main officials, who want to zoom in on international migrations, are as follows:

o unreasonably economical, think about the life of the native population at the borders of the emigrants;

o stable and water hourly higher pay rate in the main centers;

o social opportunities for realizing their needs at their homeland;

o natural disasters in the country of emigrants and that is clearly the highest level of protection for the country in the country of immigra;

o political scraps;

o at the time of licholitty;

o relіgіyna vorozhnecha;

o ethnic superechnost;

o cultural motives.

The main thing for the international migrant official is to work with the strength to move from the low to the low (but low) from the low to the last. The meaning is the following: transnational corporations should receive the latest operating power and capital: the industrial capital will collapse before the international working force and the industry will be affected. Rositok transport also spriyє Strength of the international migratory work for the remaining ten years.

Absolutely greater population, scho migruє, є robbniks, services to other friends. It is divided by a new form of the international migratory work є the re-movement of science-and-technology personnel (for example, programmers).

The scale of migration is constantly growing, representatives of practically all continents should take their fate. To be advised and illegal migration, yak peredvorilsya to the warehouse of the malicious business of planetary scale. Illegal migration is possible for the victorists to find and work for strength. In bagatokh industrially rozvinenih countries glorified podіyny rinok pracі, on one vidbuvayut sales of national labor, on the foreign - foreign. The population of the singing region of Vicon is overwhelmed by the qualification of the robot, since most of them are engaged in labor-intensive, non-healthy work robots. Migranti is better than pricing, but to earn a lower salary. Employment іmmіgrantіv zmіtsnyuє positsіі pіdpriєmtsіv іh their negotiations with the trade union, so I can help you to increase the amount of pay.

Shchodo of the international migratory work to understand the protection of the eyes. It stinks like a vitrat, so I vigod krask - exporters and importers work. Neoclassical economies are committed to work, migration to the country, the growth of the country’s baggage, the acceptance of the guarantee, and the development of the power, the protection of the economy is not necessary.

Neokeynsіantsі, napak, recognize the possibility of the loss of the economy of the country-exporter of working force. Information is needed about those that are purely clear for the land, which can be accepted, and the idea of ​​one “average” counted out in the middle of the science of suspension should be 235 thousand. dol., engineer - 253 thousand, likarya - 656 thousand.

Vidomo, scho vid'izd robochii sily for the cordon spriyaє normalizatsії rinkiv in prazі krask-exporters. For example, migrants pracivnik for the cordon from the other half of the 80s rock XX century. gave zmogu Pakistan pacification of unemployment by a third. Having changed the tradition behind the spree cordon rivaled rivals квx kvalіfіkatsії, but you can also see the benefits for the Krai-exporters, it is free of charge. For the Ukrainian exporters, they are more important to have the necessary and reliable foreign currency, to re-establish the order due to the cordon-migrant border. So, tell the number of emigrants from a number of regions to become a significant part of their foreign exchange reserves. Also іmmіgranti polіpshyut demographic situation at the edges of the country, in such a large part of the old population is large.

Through lower prices for foreign working efforts, the cost of working in the country will be reduced, and now they will need to import. Migrants to do the bestowal are consumed by comrades and servants and to stimulate the growth of virobility at the borders of their own intercourse. All the land may save economy at the cost of training and professional preparation.

Foreign nationals often look like a buffer for freezing crises and unemployment, as well as for us before calling robots. Often, migrants don’t have to worry about pensions, they won’t be expanded on social programs.

Migrant to social responsibility in the country of their own interruption, change the share of borrowing for national practitioners, to bring up zloinostnosti zrostannosti. A number of Ukrainian, French, Austrian, French, FRN governments have developed anti-mm-political-political forces. Congratulations to the Leader of the French Rights Le Pen on the first tour of the Presidential Vibrations, who watched the equality 2002 p. In another tour, having won 18% of the votes, they needed to get the best score, and those who were against Le Pen arrived at all the main political parties in the country.

On the cob 2000 r. I mean the number of parliamentarians in Austria won a lot better than the protagonists of the Freedom Party, favored by J. Haider. The party entered the warehouse. The European Union having bequeathed to the Austrian sanctions, Israel vidklikav his ambassador. There was no blame for a precedent in history of the United States until that time. Veresni 2000 p. sanction bulo is packaged in looking at the actions of Austria.

State regulation of the international migrant population transfer and control see:

o passport-visa;

o qualification-lane;

o cultural and cultural;

o political; o sanitary-epidemiological.

Controlling the organization of the authorities to vіk іmmіgrantіv, іх native homeland ties with the populace of the country of vіzhda, establish quotas for іmmігрантів. It is not easy to get rid of the obmezhennya rights of ownership of migrants, the secession of the fence at the nabutti of the vastness of the country across them.

Pratsivniki joked about the work of a foreign stranger. In history, you can know how to put the positive and the negative shutters of the powers to the point of acquiring robust power. Proteus overcame the cool shutter to foreign princes. Zokrem, with the extension of the ХІХ Art. deyakі kraїini zaboronili in''zd of foreign robots, from the end of the nineteenth century in the territories of Krai they began to lay bilaterally in order to regulate the road and the road. The year of such a convention was considered to be laying on a bag-sided basis. For example, feeding social welfare services to immigrants in Italy and France, the boulevards were regulated by the land laid by these countries in 1904. Sweden, Dania, Norway, Finland and Iceland in 1955 they appealed to the people about the equality of the populace of these powers with the use of food for work and social protection. One of the main provisions of the Rimsky agreement on the approval of the "Split Market" is to completely relocate to the economy of the world.

14 worms 1985 p. Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Netherlands have pleaded with the French city of Shangen; СпEuropean Foodstuff and Third Territory. Through P'yat Rokіv - 19 Chervona 1990 p. zgadanii powers abandoned Shangensku convention about come in and the guarantor of free redemption. In addition to the Convention, the CU member states were recognized - Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, as well as Iceland, as well as non-members.

Nineteen practically all regions regulate the process of labor migration. The policies of the Powers are dictated by the Magnitians to oppose for their own economies of great praxis from the great stream of potential migrants. In economically different countries, there are special power organizations, with the competence to have power, and to work with foreign workers through the national cordon and the United Kingdom.

They have to take the fate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Internal and Rightful Right, as well as the special powers and the middle organ. Ninі inozemnu I’m working for the strength to recruit overtly for the help of the other for the cordon of the sovereign verbal commissions.

The different aspects of labor migration and the status of foreign citizens are governed by bilateral and bagatoral pleas, as well as by the norms of domestic law.

US federal labor organizations will be engaged in the labor migrants from the USA. The Bureau of Consular Nutrition of the US Department of State has established an order of remuneration in the “High Schools, Health” and the monitoring of the specialty and the Viscous Regional Office. The Service of the International Ministry of Justice of the United States of America and the United States of America controls over the legal regime in the United States and the transfer of foreign land to the United States. It is also up to зав на to impose such harassment and deportation on foreign soil as to ruin the US law. The US Ministry of Foreign Affairs accepts a residual decision on the part of those who are the main supporters of the American economy. Select the organization of regulation of labor migrants in the ranks of the most important countries.

Ninja international legal regulation of the international market praises health for the wider arsenal of priiomіv and zasobіv. Allow us to conclude a two-sided middle-term agreement. Bilateral co-operation in the form of inter-agency agreements or inter-agency agreements.

A great role is played by the regular international labor migrants and the international organizations of the Republic of Moldova, approved in 1919. with Lizi Natsіy yak International Commission for Violation of Conventions and Recommendations on Labor Laws and Policies for Practices. At 1946 p. became the first special UN order. During the hours of the celebration, a large number of conventions was laid out within the framework of the MOP. The organization denied the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967. The United States entered the Ministry of Natural Resources in 1977, having called the organization to politization, and ale turned to it in 1980.

The legal and regulatory framework for the large country ’is wider and more complex of laws and laws and regulations, and it’s possible to imagine the position of the first international government before the international labor migration.

With the help of the code for entering unimportant migrants система an obmezhen system has been opened. Pereusіm the stench to hesitate kvalіfіkatsіі robochії sily. For more professional careers we can guarantee the guarantee (to get diplomas about health care), the experience of working for a special service. Zrozumіlo, scho of the country to overtake pracivnikov at the homecoming center. Neabiyak value of healthy health potential іmmіgrantіv. For example, the U.S. law on immigration, adoption in 1990, the fence in the country to the edge of drug addiction, and mentally ill. Firmirobotodavtsi row of krai to conduct front-end medical and psychological tests, inoculation, as well as deny their work to them. Okremі kraїini obmezhuyut in''zd members of the communist and the last total parties, as well as malignant.

Bagato Kraїнstan establish direct quotas for foreign labor migration. For example, Greece doesn’t allow the practice of peace and quiet in the middle of the world, but I don’t overreach the peace and culture.

I’m more willing to take the Іmmіgrantіv-іinvestorіv near the country. The USA can see up to 100 yew. іmmіgratsіynikh vіz tim іnozemtsyam, as well as invested in the American economy ponad 500 thousand. dale In bagatokh kraynah for gaining sovereign permission to pay a robot, the payment is mit. For example, in the Irish Rosmere of such a measure, for example, the twentieth century becoming 100 Irish pounds.

For foreigners, it is necessary to get married to terminology and robots at the country іmmіgratsії. The wider direct fence at the lane is a profession for prazavlashtuvannya іmmіgrantіv.

Kraiini-robodavodsіvіdayut overtake to such groups pracіvnikіv:

o tim, hto vikonu low-paid, non-prestigious and shk_dlivu robot;

o Representatives of public professions;

o Specialists of the most attractive class and representatives of "professional professions";

o kerivnik firm and ikh of pidrozdіlіv;

o accountants, representatives of the establishment of trade, bank and high tech galosies.

It’s economically inconsequential to come in, hide on the change program, with the program of repatriation you can expand on the profession, so on the other group. Duty sanctions (administrative, criminal) for the violation of the established order of the international labor migration, transfer, secrecy, penalties and fears. Sanktsії stasis і to pіdpriєmtsіv, as illegally victorious I work іmmіgrantіv force. Great fines are imposed, if you recognize a vitrat, you’ve got to deport illegal immigrants.

By zagalom slіd mean, what is the international labor migration є the warehouse of the international economic vodnosin. The market of robotic sili has shifted to the global market.

Inozemna working force of victory in Ukraine. Foreigners, who permanently reside in Ukraine, may have the right to practice the national war with the people of Ukraine. Foreigners, as much as possible to travel to Ukraine, hourly, very often to be granted permission, some to be given the same rules before "Order for registration of foreigners and people without permission is permitted to be fully approved in Ukraine,” 1 No. 2028.

Businesses in Ukraine do not play long-term roles in the market of working force. Behind the camp for a quarter of 2002 p. in Ukraine bulo 2983 ofitsіyno zarestranovany bіzhentsya z 49 kraї svіtu. With a stretch of the front 5 rokіv vіdpovіdnі organis won 11 thousand. the beast with the abominations of nadati the status of refugee, so that I can help the people of Ukraine and Ukraine. Most of the residency in Ukraine is the largest in Afghanistan (as a rule, there are a large number of students from high schools and universities).

Vlіtku 2001 p. Odesa Bulo Vidkrito is the first regional point for a one-hour hourly business, de 50 know people. The most reliable bureaus are registered in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Poltava and Odessa regions.

The practice is to improve, generally, to turn around to the Fatherland (I have to know more about the situation, I have to suppress the excess of the house), but I’m able to go to Zahіd. Bazhayuchayh otrimat huge society of Ukraine is not rich, about tsulo filed more than about a hundred klopotan.

Nasamkіnets squandered about emigration from Ukraine.

At 1987 p. 6.8 thousand people dialed a visa for a cordon on a permanent residence. Ukrainian populace, in 1988 - 17.7 yew chol., 1989 p. - 50 yew. Chol., 1990 p. - 95.4 yew At 1990 p. 92% of emigrants have viralized before Israel.

The number of emigrants from Ukraine reached 550 thousand. chol. at 1994 p. і 420 yew chol. - 1995 p. Until zhidnykh krask having lost the skin of emigrants. Stretching 1994-1998 pp. the largest number of people from Ukraine moved to Russia (798 thousand members), Israel (101.6 thousand members), USA (69 thousand members) and FRN (49.7 thousand members).

Nine behind the cordon of praciєvid 1 to 3 million Ukrainian people, it’s overwhelmed that some of them are illegal to work on the robot.