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Rhetoric - T. Gritsenko

Theme of abstracts (vistupіv)

1. Historical tradition oratory mystery.

2. Oratory of mystery in Russia.

3. Kiril Turovsky - representative of the oratory of the Red Kingdom of Kyiv Rus.

4. Prince Volodymyr I the baptized Rus.

5. Farming in Kiev yesterday and today.

6. Bogdan Khmelnitsky: hto win?

7. Naiibilshiy oposhtsіoner ісnuyuchі Vladі

8. Kishhenkovі villains, ix of the weekend.

9. Chi jury trial jury?

10. The main causes of malignancy.

11. How can fingers of a finger like to be malicious?

12. Yak and Yakі pіdroblyayut sodogodny documents?

13. Effective struggle against organized malignancy. How do you detective movies on kids?

14. What is it like?

15. What is kleptomania?

16. What kind of corruption?

17. Smuggling and advanced business.

18. The law and moral standards in ordinary suspension.

19. Feofan Prokopovich - prominent Ukrainian exercises, speaker, writer, political and enormous diyach.

20. The sound of the oratory of the mysterious science.

2 1. Genre of an oratory of mystery .

22. Preparing the speaker to public promo.

23. The speaker’s conduct in the auditorium.

24. The Principle of Encourage Public Promote.

25. Composition of public wisdom.

26. Argumentation in public promo.

27. Priyomi pіdtrimki respect rumors і під hour of that day. Specificity of public lists of various genres.

28. Urakhuvannya іnterestіv і special features of the audience pid hour publicly promovi.

29. Evaluation of the effectiveness of public opinion. Vidguk on ny.

30. The court of the Reds.

31. The authority of the ship speaker.

32. Courts of the oratorio of the other half of the 19th century - cob of the XX century.

33. Petro Porokhovschikov (P.Sergeich) - a prominent theoretician of ship rhetoric.

34. Anatoly Konі - the first middle of the court oratorіv "sorcery words".

35. Sergiy Andriyivsky - the master of the psychological zahistu.

36. Sudova Promova, special features.

37. Preparing ship promo.

38. Vocabulary accuracy at the ship promo.

39. Prom of the sovereign obvinuvachuvacha.

40. Zahisna promova.

41. Priyomi i zavdannya accused.