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Investuvannya - Shchukin B.M.


Investuvannya - a warehouse for the development of economic objects, the main method for the development of material minds living in suspension. The organization of effective investment is important for the investor, and for suspension in the whole. Good results in the robot skin-specific investor, the company will be able to advance the economy of the country forward and secure the growth of the population of the population. Opportunity has been accumulated in these areas of theoretical models, practical ideas and recommendations, and I can help you to improve the resources available for short-term investments.

Investing є Warehouse and economic activity, which means that organization and methods are multiplied by capital. Knowing and understanding the logic and technology of the process of capital and capital through the use of financial instruments, it is possible for investor-investor to effectively conduct financial work and financial resources, work together with each other.

Investment is a subject of integration є with a set of theoretical approaches, methodical and practical methods of managing capital with the help of secured first-time education and internal knowledge.

For optimum upravlіnnya іnvestuvannyam neobhіdno opratsyuvati wide range of knowledge schodo viznachennya tsіley that zavdan іnvestuvannya, vplivu makroekonomіchnogo seredovischa, rozrobki іnvestitsіynoї strategії, formuvannya that upravlіnnya portfolio (programe) proektіv, tehnologії rozrobki that obґruntuvannya іnvestitsіynogo project viznachennya efektivnostі that dotsіlnostі іnvestuvannya, of acceptance rіshennya stosovno іnvestuvannya , method of in-line project management.

To start the course є compact presentation of information and planning for the capital market, organization of the investment process, development and analysis of projects, completion of the weekly review process. Helpful students can help students learn and learn how to work in the field of investment, see what will happen in the future, make it easy, organize it and do it in full without any loss of investment.

The “Investuvannya” course in the big aspects of familiarity with basic disciplines for financial management, analysis of investment projects and the market of valuable folders. The main materials for investing in a preached course and a lecture were chosen in such a way that they can get out of the way and don’t drown in food, so you can take a look at the total disciplines. We recommend changing the subject of nutrition from financial investing and managing investing.

The main challenge course is lecture, compactness, respect for practical nutrition and methods of maximum performance, maximum performance in the IAPM program of discipline. When training is completed, it is largely accepted in the investment areas of the theoretical approach and the methodology of the rozrakhunіv. The list of victorian dzherel is in the books. Methodical nutrition is illustrated by the standard stocks of stocks.