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Investuvannya - Shchukin B.M.

Social aspects of the project

8. Social aspects of the project

I would like to make sure that the project is funded by the interests of the group of people, as well as by the project: we are ready for the project, we are realizing the project, we are living on the same property, we are living on the same territory. Socially accepted Warto respect such a strategic project, so as not to hinder the interests of the most important group and the maximum social potential of the social and cultural consumer community as a whole.

If you want to fill out a project in a social plan, you can formulate it as a way to identify the most demanding people in the zone to fill the project and evaluate the possibilities of meeting some of the most successful projects. Pіd rіvnem zhitty rozumіtimo income population, івень і structure of the living material goods, cobwebs and cultural services. Yakіst life can be assessed through the understanding of the world (the protection of the world), the abolition of life, the life of the environment, the camp of ecology, the ability to live and enjoy the life of children.

With a high level of social organization, the project should be reflected in the project’s special needs, which are dedicated to the problems of securing regional social and cultural needs. For such minds, the project is not worse than the social welfare of its own profit, and the first energy: the improvement of the territory, the provision of the energy, the project of the living, the increase in the living area, the increase in the income Ecological region zavdyaki visits, we will carry out the project between the boundaries. For the most important social factors in living people, you can get more information about how to add a friendly project to form a friendly social middle ground for a better project, lower need for a better project, a better opportunity for you to choose from. The thesis is about those that are easier (cheaper) to neglect negative influences, more and less change, to cope with the social manifestations of the project.

In the process of social planning, the project will have a little aspect.

1. Employment in the region of labor resources of properly qualified and qualified staff to satisfy the project needs.

2. Cultural, demographic, national, social, professional, economic (for income) characteristics of the way of life of the population in the project area.

3. Representation of the project for the cultural and professional population, and for positive violations of the life and professional status of people.

4. Positive (natural and special formations) interest to the project of the population, government bodies, community organizations and directorates, which may even be at the regional level.

5. The first level of professional union in the galaxy and the other organizational bodies for the implementation of the project, which was able to fill the team for the project with the help of the project. I’m actively protesting the direction of the project and the virological team I’m saving the implementation and the problem and the problem for the investor, as well as for the robot team, who will be able to work together with the project.

6. Ecological image of the project in the eyes of the population, its real ecology and suspense thought drive.

Especially relevant Je ponyattya vnutrіshnogo sotsіalnogo seredovischa project: staff, Yogo profesіyna structure spіvvіdnoshennya virobnichogo th іnzhenerno-tehnіchnogo personnel Quantity novih robochem mіsts, rіven Pay pratsі, zaplanovana stimulyuvannya system motivatsії pratsі, organіzatsіya vzaєmodії direktsії th staff rіven їhnogo spіvrobіtnitstva chi mozhlivogo protestoyana, business and manager in the project and the base business are skinny.

We’ll surround the unit with analysis of the technical aspects of the project’s personnel: scheduled tasks, working hours, robot mode, number of times, system of additional safety rules, possible injury rate, meals of a day-to-day cultural project.

I’m analyzing the project for the country’s rural livelihood, we can follow the following indicators: demographic processes in the region, winter population, average life, health setting, social structure, social, May, (malignancy, alcoholism, drug addiction).

9. Management of a risik

At the end of the day, there is a rizik of investment, a second assessment and come in a little lower:

o factorize, make it seem like a vipad character, you can suttuly clue to the results of the project;

o kіlkіsna otsіnka іvnya ryziku on the basis of varied razrahunkіv forecast projected project;

o analysis of the sensitivity of the results invested seasonally in the environment factors, when the project was determined to be effective;

o the manifestation of the assessment of the safety factors for the project;

o plan for neutralizing factors in risic;

o assessment of efficiency and investment in the minds of risiku.

10. Effectiveness of investment

Dosilnost the project to be insured on the basis of information, to take revenge in the previous sections of the project, to redefine the financial plan. Victorious given three financial flows: investment vitrati, income to the project, flow vitrati. The last rozrahunkіv can be as follows:

o razrahunok mid-term financially invested capital;

o vibration criteria for evaluating the project;

o razrakhunok undiscounted indicators;

o obruntuvanny norms of discount for reduction of groshovy streams to the Unified Equivalent;

o razrakhunok purely given vartostі project;

o rozrakhunok internal standards of profitability of the project;

o termіn okupnostі іinvestitsіy;

o spіvvіdoshenny income and vitrat project;

o a specific situation "at a time of realizing a project" i "without a project" for an investor and for investment, a project is being realized.

There is no need to reconcile this business plan to the information security process in order to thoroughly invest, and to inform the public about the project. Rozrobka of the investment project є by the method of analysis and prediction of robot work. All that vipadok, if important is the result, the process of the robot is over the business plan.

We’ll forgive the business plan for the project, we’ll forgive and threaten the form, the details and the details we need for the warehouse and the warehouse, we need more information, more specific information, more information and more information, we’ll complete the registration.

It is irrelevant that, if I have seen the business plan for the investor, I’ll follow the steps to analyze the business plan and the warehouse process of managing the investment.

Analysis of investment projects - a set of methodical and practical methods for developing, developing and evaluating social projects for realizing a project. Less than a small part of the investment does not give the result for the reasons that are independent of the investor. The great part of the projects, which had been shown to be zbit-like, could have been prevented from realizing the yakby ahead of time conducting a detailed analysis of the best knowledge and the internal qualities of the skin project.

Analіz іnvestitsіynih proektіv zdіysnyuєtsya on osnovі complex vivchennya vsіh aspektіv maybutnogo іnvestuvannya: ekonomіchne seredovische correctly placed meta i zavdannya design, marketing, virobnichy, fіnansovy, organіzatsіyny іnvestora plan tehnіchna base project, Yogo sotsіalna znachuschіst, ekologіchna bezpeka, fіnansova dostatnіst i spromozhnіst project organization of the project, analysis of investment, sensitivity of the project to the highest level of factors, sufficient indicators of effectiveness, evaluation possibilities of the participant in the project, business attributes of the manager. Generally, we recommend that you complete the process of preparation for the investment project, review it at once, pay the loan at once, and may complete the project before completion.

1. Forward analysis of the concept of investment.

2. Identification of the project (region, galuz, the role of the project with the insights of the minds, the scale of the project, the base of business).

3. Institutional analysis (know how, legal and administrative aspects of the project).

4. Analysis of the technical basis of the project (transfer of the equipment, technology, organization of the equipment and the production of products).

5. Commercial analysis of the project (joint project and market product, realistic forecast forecasts, availability of resources, availability of resources and vitrates).

6. Financial analysis (the ability of a mother to a stream of income, the balance of pennile streams, the value of funds, the amount of money needed by the project lenders, the ability to turn back capital investments).

7. Social analysis (after the project on the social middleware and environmental).

8. Economic analysis (project value for suspension and country, assessment of the project for social and economic situation in the country and region).

9. The analysis is reserved by the investor of the ceruvanny system project and the ability to reach the project.

10. Formulating a comprehensive (with the needs of the evaluations of the various spheres in the project) estimates of the investment project and recommendations for the investor to drive the appreciation of the decision to implement the investment presented to the project. Analysis of investment projects є the warehouse process of investment. Win the information base (the project has a specially designed investment plan and the results of the project’s expertise) to praise the decision to include the project in the investment portfolio, as well as to realize the whole project.

Project documentation for investment plan форма Information base for project completion, praise of resolution and on-going implementation. Vivchennya, analysis and evaluation of the project - the essence of the expertise of the project, so that the special procedures for the interpretation and evaluation of the possibilities and the effectiveness of the project are supported by the participation of the investor.

Inevitably, the last hour of the project’s expertise.

1. Reconstruction of the explicit documents to establish a project, including the number (in advance of the standard warehouse) of the skin document.

2. Evaluation of the mysterious area of ​​fragmentation of the project (comprehensiveness, detail, clay, methods of teaching, quick and easy learning).

3. Yakіst Informácie, yak vikoristovuєtsya in proektі: zovnіshnya іnformatsіya (makroekonomіchne seredovische, market analysis produktsії mill project mill fіnansovogo market analysis, tsіni, tehnіko-parametric ekonomіchnі ustatkuvannya, sotsіalne otochennye project vimogi to ekologії, stosunki of mіstsevoyu Vlad nayavnіst labor for resursіv project), the extent of securing of the project methods, the method of forecasting.

4. Evaluation of the organization’s minds for the project: possibilities for the organization of virology goods; Assessment of the right to take ownership of the project’s assets for the implementation of the project.

5. Evaluation of the ceruvanny plan for the implementation of the project (on the basis of the viaducts of the stage of the development of the investment and stage of the operational operation).

6. Reconsideration of commercial opportunities for the project completion (realism of the marketing plan, balance of financial aspects of the project, availability of obvious resources, potential availability of the money, availability of the time and cost of the project).

7. Evaluation of the participation of participants (legal and physical aspects) of the project - the project is realistic for the project, the precision mill and the prospects for competitiveness are extended over the life of the project.

8. Analysis of investment policy for the project: real-time strategy, visualization of the plans for the implementation of the project and documentation, the need to transfer the project to reduce the need for weak project sides.

9. Analіz ochіkuvanoї efektivnostі project: prognozovane macro ekonomіchne seredovische, kriterії otsіnki efektivnostі, technique rozrahunku pokaznikіv, vnutrіshnya uzgodzhenіst rozdіlіv project mіzh him, urahuvannya zagalnoї іnflyatsії that tsіnovih Change log at the market, urahuvannya zmіni vartostі pennies in chasі, vibіr kіlkіsnih orієntirіv schodo porіvnyalnoї serednorinkovoї increments to the forecast period.

Varto will also have a look at the functionalities (less attachments before distributing the business plan to the project) and before the structure of the expert project analysis. At all times the examination will follow such a scheme:

o povovnosti and the fragmentation of the project (the appearance of typical recommended forms of submission to the project as a document);

o turnaround I will describe all the economical aspects of the project;

o the availability of the latest information;

o step іn ntruntovostі usіh tverdzhen, schо to avenge in the project;

o representativeness of the project, the need for the necessary investment and investment project (criterion of profitability, performance, capitalization, period of the project, period of profitability);

o internal design usefulness to the project (free delivery and display of the project by itself for indicators, design, concept);

o Opportunity for the project (the idea of ​​the project is that of the first indicator of the situation in the country, in the legal field, in the political situation of the mind).

Commercial analysis of the project of transferring the two important aspects: potentialities of sales (planned services) for scheduled problems and prices, organization and support for the project, all resources, material and material resources, material and equipment

The marketing plan for the project is to ensure that we take care of the sale, and from now on, the key set of calls for securing the income of the project. Realization of products and services is notorious дж with the main dzherel у у лив кош т т. The main aspects of the project are divided into sales, there are a lot of products for the market, put before the project, which are safe and well-ordered.

It is especially important for analysis: evaluation of business opportunities and potential capabilities of a project manager, evaluation of a realistic marketing plan, revision of details of a financial plan, “garbage” and maximum efficiency of a project,

responsible mother project neobhіdny rіven pributkovostі th dostatnіy "stock mіtsnostі" prognozovanoї pributkovostі for protistoyannya mozhlivim nespriyatlivim Minds Yogo realіzatsії: vnaslіdok assumptions prihovanih pomilok pid hour rozrobki project (stink zavzhdi h), maybutnіh pomilok in upravlіnnі project i mozhlivih for Change in zovnіshnіh Minds for іnvestuvannya.

Control food

1. Explain the term term "investment project".

2. Explain the role of "project participant".

3. Speak about yakі financial streams for the project? ix warehouse.

4. Warehouse for investment project.

5. Warehouse of the investment business plan.

6. Criteria for assessing the investment project.

7. What are the aspects of the project slіd viokremiti?

8. Zovnіshnє that vnutrenshnє middle ground to the project.

9. Obov'yazki head project manager.

10. Rozrobka, assessment, examination of the project. What do you mean by them?

11. Stage expertise of the project.

12. Commerce reality project.

13. What is the benefit of a business plan for an investment project?

14. The marketing plan for the project.

15. Institutional analysis of the project.

16. Financial analysis of the project.

17. Spіvvіdnoshennya "project - business".

18. Social aspects of the project.

19. Local and integrated assessment of the project. Yak iz local otsіnok otrimati єdinu integrated otsіnku?

20. Methodology of comprehensive assessment of the project.

21. The structure is sound about the examination of the project.

22. The principles of the development of the investment project (recommendations).

23. Head of the project and analysis of the project.

24. How can I take action on the cob of a realizatsii project?

25. What is the purpose of the investment project?

26. The principles of the provision, such as the need for insurance when working with investment projects.

27. What is the meaning of the statement that investment and boules are issued for the project?

28. Participants in the investment project.

29. Yak rozrahuvati dokhidnіst vikoristannya kapіtalu for an investment project?

30. Yak rozrahuvati rivie riziku for the investment project?

31. How to vibrate the discount rate for a project for efficiency?

32. How can I get an investment plan?

33. Explain the term term "legal aspect of the project."

34. Dzherela financial investment project.

35. The virological plan of the investment project.

36. Criteria accepted by the investor for the project.

37. Organizational plan for the project.

38. Cheruvannya project.

39. Investment Rizik for the project.

40. Stage the project cycle.

41. Head of the analysis of the investment project.

42. The functional structure is analyzed for the project investment.

43. What are the aspects of the project to be analyzed to take advantage of the investment?

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