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Investuvannya - Shchukin B.M.

7. Investment Rizik

Rishennya shchodo investuvannya accept, orientuyuchis on the forecast of maybutnіkh results. The investor must ensure that there is a guarantee that the plan is guaranteed, that the project doesn’t have to take into account that it’s not necessary to take into account that the project is underwritten. Цей бік інвестування відбиває understanding the riziku.

Rizik існує тільки щодо подій, how to predict, ochikuyutsya in maybutnomu. Yakshcho podiya vidbulasa, then about risik no longer go. Rizik as a criterion is accepted by the investor as an investor, if investment is planned, the project is May.

The investment project is based on predictive reporting of how much you think for investing, the situation on the markets and the future investor. Navigate beyond real-world forecast accuracy with real-world economic considerations to win more information, arrange, understand, zoom in and out of forecast forecast-investment.

Taku negligence rozumіtimo yak ambiguity, variantnіst, lіnlivіst maybutnіh podіy і result іinvestuvannya.

An investment riser signifi- cantly represents the potential for underestimation of the planned goals of investing (in the case of a side view of a social effect), and as a result of the loss of cost, there are a lot of time and money.

Rizik is important for neutralization, but Keruvati is possible. You need to be late to evaluate, draw, describe, plan, come in, and save a little more money when implementing a real investment project. Such a complex of calls to become a third-party manager (Fig. 7.1). Win yes I can get to the point where I need to change the way they are. Again, getting rid of rizik is impotent.

Maybutnya ignorance of the investment processes to lay down the other factors, so that they can be seen in the groups.

1. Factors that need to lie in the form of secondary problems in the intercourse of economic processes (loss of living moods of the population, winter in the behavior of partners, cost of living in the city of Ukraine).

2. Factors, reasons and ideas of natural minds (climatic minds, poems).

3. Factors related to the lack of access to information and the lack of thorough methods of processing information to the may. The investment project is less than a forecast of how much we can invest in investment.

Management Investments

Fig. 7.1. Management Investments

4. Factors, due to the lack of information for the plan for the future investment (in fact, insufficient data).

5. Factors associated with a human official, with psychology, flexibility in the behavior of people, as a rule without delay for the project, or form a middle ground.

6. Failure, but not the best manager of the project.

7. Viad with good ownership, which will help you to invest in the project.

Sered faktorіv, SSMSC naychastіshe stanovlyat nebezpeku in realіzatsії іnvestitsіynih proektіv (krizovoe rіvnya) slіd nazvati: tehnіchnі avarії, vibuhi, Pozhezhi, vitіk konfіdentsіynoї Informácie, reklamatsії on yakіst produktsії, zboї in komp'yuternіy MEREZHI (іnformatsіynіy sistemі) upravlіnnya pіdpriєmstvom, krimіnalnі podії , verse of daring, the increase in competition for the market, the loss of power, the death of the key to the project.

Prior to these factors, there are a number of potential reasons for Ukraine that can cause problems, but some of them can be: limited legislation, non-binding partners, inconsistent competition, short-term competition.

Indiscriminateness characterizes the ambiguity of minds, such as being insured in the rozrahunah ochіkuvano rynnostі investvestannya. Unapproachability is manifested in bagativistic results of investing.

A rhizic can be reasonably ugly, think for the rest, for all areas of the economy, for which it is often called systematic. As a matter of fact, there is a rizik of commitments with the minds of the whole project, then it is an indivisual rizik (unsystematic).

Dependently on the factors of the risk of falling for the type (Fig. 7.2). In fact, be-yak podiya dobya investor schodo investuvannya can mother a rizik, bring to the eyes of the project, and from now on, I will call the singing form of rizik. For example, a low-temperature wake-up clock, a high-risk hryvnia for a project of significant devaluation hryvnias, a free wizard to enter into technical maintenance, a quick wired staff, an open contract, and a small deal. Potentially, the situation is possible in the course of the implementation of the project and the same one. Violate as well as aggregate tipi rizikiv.

Political, legal and foreign rhizics can be insured up to the highest level of investment (higher level).

Form of Investment Riziku

Fig. 7.2. Form of Investment Riziku

Because of the important factors, please be sure that you are an investor and a second manager, as a rule, you are not in the middle of the situation, but only to predict the risk of losing, so that you can absorb the project. Prior factors include: the back-country camp of the economy of the country, the situation on the financial market, the behavior of the project partners, the transfer of the post-hosted business, the situation of the financial market, and the interlocutor.

Internal riziki perezyazіm peremysl with possible pardons in the plan and organization of the project: the strategic development of the project, the organization of project management, the resources of the future, the product of the project. Potential dzherelyami internal riszik can vvazhivat such factors:

- lack of additional manager;

- Fakhova unrecognized personnel;

- bad manager;

- low marketing risk;

- lack of nullity to the project;

- vidtik commercially important information;

- technological indiscipline;

- non-motivation to staff;

- shortcomings of financial plan;

- Pogany overlooked for the possessions.

Technical risings about the shortcomings and graces of the issue Aspects of the investment: the project is completed, the technical base, the technology, the organization of the project management, the redistribution of the koshtorisu are thin.

A financial loan of obligations in the future , which will not be achieved in the result of the financial part of the project: credit loan, currency loan, pardons for the vibration of the financial project, pardons in the forecasts, business partners, other countries Cost-effective, real-time implementation, non-payment of product purchases, and the fact that they are very impure vitrati for the project.

Innovative rizik is possible at a time of investing in science and technology, at the most new products, about new technologies, which should be brought up to speed up and accelerate your business.

Commerce of problems due to problems with the realization of products, transport, lost prices, low cost of living with a project, increased costs, increased penalties.

Marketing winnings of a forerunner of projects with an assessment of market intelligence for a project: marketing of ads and materials, organizing advertisements of free ads, the amount of time to spend on goods and services,

An ecologic ritual of obligations for food and drink for the middle of the season, for the grave emergency, for the sake of the great people and the populations.

A participant in a project of commitments due to inaccurate contributions to the management and financial station partner partners.

Riziki vzamopov'yazanі. Please note that one of the smaller ones is necessary in the system of the investment project. Riziki varto doslіdzhuvatі i analizuvati on yakіsnomu and kіlkіsnomu rivnyah, zastosovuyu method of modeling riziku. I instruct you to give a little analysis, and I can help you differentiate riziki, model it, identify the type of rizika, evaluate it, and let it go in.

Management of risers є a complex of methods and methods for analysis, estimates and lower levels of neutralization of negative benefits of risings. In the case of management of the rhizic, the type of rhizic of yogo is irrelevant, but it is possible to uniquely improve it, or to change the potentiality of the potential. As a rule, internal riziki for the racket of tacit management can be changed and neutralized, then, strictly speaking, it is possible to speak only about the minimum possible amount. The following order of analysis for a zagalny vizadka is as follows:

o the manifestation of internal and external factors in risik;

o analysis of potential potential threats of investment;

o valuation of financial inputs;

o viznazhennya stіykostі project to the manifestations of rizikіv;

o the establishment of a criterion of permissible rіvnya riziku;

o development of anti-risk technology management investment;

o planuvannya zadіv shodo znizhennyaya rziziku;

o monitoring the behavior of factors in the course of investing;

o accepting the decision to neutralize the factors for the reality of the threat of investing;

o changes in the investment plans for the change of neutral or threaten the project;

o plan for effective (with minimal expenses) incentives for the project;

o zupinka investment process for this project and sales of assets active rights.

With complex investments, an investor can change a risik, but a big one is important. At the end of the vibrant investment project є a compromise between the middle of the world and the healthy lifestyle of the investor (a clear picture of the same interest).

Among the concerns of neutralization, however, lowering the number of slides and a number of rules has been taken and the following recommendations:

o insurance for the project as a single complex, because you can’t get away with it (through the significant insurance company insurance you can uniquely form the form of business), - insurance has committed to the project;

o securing high visibility investment. Bazhano, so that the activist of the Mali Rinkoviy project will not drink only on the side of the project. To guarantee that you can sell at different times to the project and change the price of the project, "go to the project." About the liquidity of the project’s assets, think about it late, until you take the decision to realize it;

o diversification - I’ve distributed capital for a small number of projects (projects) with the method of lowering the energy of one negative feedback on the effectiveness of all investment programs. Diversification can also be implemented between the same project: organizing a project on a product project, organizing a business in different regions, and leaving the country in total. Diversification є the main approach to lowering unsystematic rizik in financial investing. A portfolio has a dozens of tools and tools with a higher correlated sound between themselves (most often in the past) and the most complete market.

o Rozpodil to the project on the part of the part and Pobudova ob'єktta investuvannya yak ob'єdnany complex of such etapіv. The skin can be entered into exploitation autonomously, bring a profit and pay back vitrati. In addition to the financial economy, you are welcome to introduce the project early, to keep safe the commercial reality of the project and the early diagnosis of the social investment project, but only to the extent that it has been invested in.

o Hedgiruvannya - vikoristannya mehanizmіv zakrypllennya agreement of minds at the partners of the partners for the forecast period with the method of insurance of both sides, which are domiciled, the appearance of negative benefits at the market in Maybutnymu.

The financial investing hedge has more than one right to Maybut operations with valuable folders.

o Own plan and creation of necessary reserves and reserves of material, financial and hourly resources. These methods are especially important in the minds of the deficit of financial resources, which are necessary in Ukraine. Liabilities and stocks of reserves and reserves for non-distribution of vitamins, reserves for maintenance, maintenance and servicing of staff, nature reserves, and reserves of natural resources are preserved.

o Qualified agreement and contract among partners in the investment project, right now they are right in these terms and conditions in the minds of possible negative developments and conflicts.

o With the help of the change of financial opportunities, you can lock in special organizations and come in to change potential projects through innovative projects, take care of your potential. There you can see the project management function and the ability to do it yourself to change the consumption of the direct investments of the investor’s head office at once.

o In okremich vipadok, the "transfer" to the organization is organized by the fund for realizing the investment investment. Win the tremendous commitment to donating new projects, on the other hand, there is no way to endlessly develop the project, but don’t worry about completing the project and you can finance it through such a fund.

o Turnaround information on investment plans, permanent information monitoring of the situation for the market, with partners, living in an economical area.

o Organization on the sphere of dyalnosti with a desire for equal monopoly (regional, state) on the market.

o Organization of investing in "integrations" (cooperation), I’m ready to save the main project and the scope of the goods and the services for the first, as well as the scope of the product of the main project. The whole day I’m lowering the risk of inadequate partner behavior in the project.

o Victoria of modern systems and secure protection of the mine project.

Rizik can be more clearly expressed in the absolute, so in the case of a completely viral one. In addition to the methods for raising the number of times the maximum number of results can be seen, the average number of times can be seen as the size of the possible bits. For example:

o Risik spend a little extra on the project (the price of realizatsії products for the project is less than the conversion of vitrati to virobnitstvo);

o Risik of losing revenue for the project (do not go into the fake of realizing products);

o Risik spend the assets of the project (the cost of the invested capital) in the possession of natural deeds, pozhezh, coarse grafts in the exploitation of possessions, criminal incomes.

Deposited in the middle of the river can be differentiated by the investor's position before the project investment. From the point of view the index is induced by the interval of investment and investor investor. 1. Bezrizikov investvannya, if investors don’t bother me to change a little lower than the value, but a little more precisely a guarantee of a given rvnі.

2. Let’s say that investing is a good idea in that you want the project to guarantee the smallest possible reduction to less than the profit, if there is any hope that the project will be more profitable for the investor. For example, as long as you don’t overwhelm the maximum flare, the project will be done in advance.

3. A critical criticism of the obligations of such an investor’s powerful gates, as if to run a project for the unimaginable. For example, an investment investor, whose products cannot be bought or sold, and an investor can not spend only a couple of investments, but a part of their project assets (invested capital).

4. The catastrophe of catastrophic ryvnya of graves at vipadki, if іsnuє ymovіrnіst triple all invested capital. All the possible bankruptcy of the invested company (company, company), yogo liquidation, sales of the mine to the project of the abortion of assets, unlimited accidents, fire, vibration.

In the vimirniy viziry rzizik, there may be a number of notations, as the value is zbitkiv, it is brought to the same base (which can be but vitrati for virobility, the main resources are too thin). For example, it’s important that you spend over 1% of the invested capital, while you spend 20% over the past few months, overwrite 10% of the invested capital.

We will accept the є methodical reception of the best possible rivals through the rose of the undetermined ability to show the effectiveness of the project in May in the minds of the quietest and most unpleasant for the project. Variety plans for the next indicator of the effectiveness of the project are being carried out (sometimes tens of thousands of predicted options for the implementation of the project are needed) and based on the average size of the project.

Such an indicator may be the average square root of the mean (o) abo number of variations (v).