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Investuvannya - Shchukin B.M.

Technology robots financial investor

The technology of the financial investor’s robots can be represented by such an outward postulate:

1) vibration investment strategy;

2) analysis and prediction of the situation on the market of valuable folders;

3) the vibration of the most valuable (from the point of view of the strategic image) of the valuable folders. For a joke on the stock market, underestimated value of the servers, an investor, a postal analyzer and information, I will become a stock market, the dynamics of prices, forecasting the help of the clients of the company;

4) the form of the portfolio of valuable folders for the operation of the purchase and sale of the fixed folders for the market: talk with the seller of the fixed folders, the execution of the contract for the purchase of the fixed folders, re-registration of the rights of ownership;

5) organization of post-monitored monitoring at the camp of the market and the maintenance of the investment portfolio;

6) assessment of the effectiveness of the investment portfolio;

7) a review (at times of consumption) of the warehouse of the investment portfolio.

Independently go through the procedure and carry out an investment by conducting an investor, the portfolio is formed, that is the result of bag criterion-optimizing, which is possible due to the investor's optimal business opportunity. Metodi formuvannya portfolio takozh Je sub'єktivnim Process poєdnannya іsnuyuchih pіdhodіv (teorіy abo models), methodically rekomendatsіy schodo rozrahunkіv dohіdnostі th riziku, nayavnoї in іnvestora Informácie (povnoї abo nepovnoї schodo market analysis that emіtentіv fіnansovih іnstrumentіv) іntuїtsії іnvestora i Yogo menedzherіv.

Criterion of profitability, as a foreclosure to the investor, is realized because of the increase in income (dividends, extra charge) for capital, but through the increase of capital for the capital itself. The first one has a portfolio of income, the other has a portfolio of growth.

A “conservative portfolio” is stored in projects, so that they can have a minimum amount of money (and, as a result, small amount of income). "Aggressive Portfolio" with tools for a long time with a well-defined portfolio and a high price tag.

Investing like a process develops at a time, such as the investor’s own resource, like a tiny resource. Ор Investor plan є termini. Today, Volodinny about investment, hour payback, the cob is ripped off a bit, the hour the project is leaned leanly.

More active and passive portfolio management. Passive investors do not often have to keep a portfolio warehouse, they are optimistic about mid-term indicators of profitability, do not want to beat the market, reach the gain in profitability. Stink vstvayut, scho on the market may even be a bit underestimated tools.

Pasivny management manifests itself in the dowry of the greenhouses for the pre-Gostrokov perspective. The instruments get in such a way that for one hour, especially not in the warehouse of the portfolio, to reach the delivered goods in the forensic view of the house.

Navpaki, actively managing transfer є post-purchase by an investor who invests in the market of valuable folders and prix. So that active donation can help the investor post a complete report of indicators, like a plan for an invested ear.

From now on, the effectiveness of investing for passive management is formed during the vibration of the base portfolio, and for active management - by stretching the entire period of the portfolio.

Criticism of investing in reality in the natural environment to reach the maximum profitability of capital.

Rizikovany chi nerazorikovane investuvannya є chi not nagolovnovіshoy oznakoy oznakovoi investor strategii. Rizik can be seen through a no-name official, more likely to go to winter in the first place (for the project), middleware and grace in the resource management project (internal middleware).

We’re important by calling the prototype є the liquidity of the investor’s assets, as a sign of potentiality, the flexibility of the second shredder and without having to go back and forth to activate the project of ideas for pennies. In investment dіyalnostі slіd urakhovuvati іvven іkvіdnostі і to inform yogo criterіv, vіrіshuyuchi nutrition about otsіlnіstі investіvannya.

Vіdpovіdnіst financial resources є head exchanges for investor’s plans. Inadequate water resources can be supplemented by the latest drafts, however, the price and need for a better financial plan. Chim bіlshoyu є part of the invested capital, so as not to be investor, tim bіlsh pіdozrіlim will be a project for partners.

It is important to reach the most important indicators at once for all criteria. The practical investor needs to have the best characteristics of the capital market for him (Fig. 9.3).

Criteria portfolio form

Mal 9.3. Criteria portfolio form

Yakіst managing a portfolio, as if with a vibro okrimanogo financial instrument, viznachaetsya for the parameters of the cost and risen. It’s stinky, from your own house, to lay down all the details of the skin papier’s skin, what’s the way to the warehouse of the portfolio, and that’s what I’ve gotten into.

The completeness of the portfolio (D) can be almost completely insured as the average value of the skin instrument (D):

de Rі - pitoma vaga vartosti pribdannya i-th instrument (C) to the invested in a portfolio of capital (C):

Nj - number of valuable folders of the first kind.

The portfolio riser as a whole also lies in the form of a portfolio skin instrument, and is identified with the interchangeability of instruments with an environmental instrument. You need to get involved in the cesspool, where the portfolio portfolio is stored with a vivid (individual) crib, a certain amount of crap is included in the portfolio until the portfolio is full, regular and systematic, I’m all equally secured.

Chim more tools and unstable trends of a better portfolio, more and more diversification and more systematic charts close to the middle chin. The middle-market risen is identified for the profitability of the intellectual portfolio, in which there are used tools, which are for the market.

Diversification of portfolio changes of portfolio lower than the portfolio of all markets is impotent. The water hour of diversification of portfolio is the rizik of portfolio. If there is any kind of diversification, the main methodological principle is to reduce the risk of investing portfolio.

A leather investor with a lot of options, tools for the market, a good form for a portfolio of “effective” ones. Such a portfolio is to ensure the maximum income when mixed up with the level of the accepted risik, but to protect the minimum risen for the mind, but the income is not less for the investor. Such effective portfolios can be completely free - they are called "effective" number of portfolios accepted for the investor.

I’m asking for the excuse of financial risks and folding of analytical robots with financial investments, managing portfolios of valuable folders in these areas, a system of financial intermediaries has been formed.

The Ukrainian legislation has the right to middle-aged business, responsibility for the second and second companies, may lose the “special share” partnerships and banks, which have the largest number of operating folders for .

Trade in valuable folders to the right of health:

a) dіyalnіst, pov'yazanu with vipuskom priests;

b) comіsіynu dіyalіst on valuable paper;

c) commerce with respect to price paper.

Dyalnistyu, entrusted with the release of valuable folders, to get to know the dealer as a merchant of fixed folders operating operations for the first time for sale, for sale, for the first time and for the share of the item.

Commissions on valuable folders are available for purchase and sale of valuable folders, who are welcome to be a trader in fixed folders for their personal names, for handouts and for personal items.

By commercial dealership on valuable folders, purchase and sale of valuable folders are recognized, and you are welcome to become a trader in fixed folders for their registered name.

Good practices, due to the fact that they are protected by the official documents, as well as exclusive access, are permitted on the basis of permission, and may be seen as the sovereign statement of the valuable shares and the stock market. Change of documents, necessary for denying permission to health care, for the release of the old folders, as well as change of the terms and conditions, as well as the possibility of a long term availability of Ukraine.

I have more economical financial investments, I’ve decided on a specialized sphere of activity, I will need special and universal knowledge and additional robots. For the butt, the number of people is ignorant, like the situation in the field of financial investment in the United States, the debt is 7% of the total number of loans. Stink to consult, collect and analyze information, collect information for investing, conduct negotiations, make purchases and sales of important folders, shuffle promising prices, arrange and manage public accounts.

Naybilsh ntelektualnaya part of the financial management and investment management is connected with the financial analysis of the valuable folders. The head of financial analytics is the “undervalued valued files”, the real potential of such changes is to sharpen the price tag. Obirati get to know about the tools and tools (the most important folders and the worst ones), I’ll wrap myself up at the market. Special mathematical methods are introduced to analyze the behavior of the market, the dynamics of prices for the old folders, I will consult with the existing folders, the behavior of their directories, international situations and so on.

There is a special training system and certification of financial analysis. At the rozvinenih market lands, the oaths of capital are in the realm of financial investment, the realities of real investment are desired, although the spheres are important, and the flows are capitalized.

The main field of financial investment is secondary rinok of valuable folders, and the first rhinoceros of singing role in the sphere of financial investing. If you don’t have a second rinse through those who have a lot of financial instruments, wrap yourself around, get a big sale, have a second time, have a big deal to do, lіkvіdnіst. Itself to the market to carry out mechanical mechanisms, which I can give the investors the opportunity to invest in, in general to the investor, exchange financial assets.

The rinok of valuable folders is on the one and the other. On the other hand, there’s a wide range of operations with valuable partners, which are registered on the market, and direct operations with great packages of promising investors and institutional investors. Commissions, such as brokers, service providers and investors on the stock market, become 1-5% of the operating transaction purchase and sale of valuable folders. Moreover, with all the important functions of intermediary functions for the functioning of the stock market of the market, the flexibility of direct operations is possible among investors without intermediaries.

Birzhovy rinok is based on the functions of stock exchanges. The whole organization of registration, the permanent supply of the market, for a certain reason is indicated in the hour of the spacious trading with the valuable folders, the promotion and the presentation of the valuable folders are kept in order to form, the exchange rate is formed (the exchange rate).

The stock exchange is being formed at the form of a joint-stock partnership, without taking a canceling allowance and borrowing money from an organization organizing the purchase of the property and selling the valuable folders and the third-party property.

Birzhovy rinok for the minds of its own functional є nikonserva-tivnіshoy part of the stock market. On the new day of special rules, it’s hard to regulate:

a) see the land, which is laid down on the stock exchange;

b) the procedure for trading in the stock exchange;

c) think of the admission of valuable shares to the stock exchange;

d) understand the procedure for the payment of valuable shares, which are quoted on the stock exchange;

e) the procedure for formulating the price, exchange rate of the current state publication;

f) change of valuable folders, which are listed on the stock exchange;

є) Obligations of members of the stock exchange to enter the region and information, internal order of the robots of the stock exchange, the order of public relations;

g) the system of information security of the stock exchange;

h) see the servant, rejoicing in the stock exchange, and pay for them;

i) the rules for managing the securities on the stock exchange;

In the sphere of financial investing, hour after hour, I will take advantage of financial assets, as well as a short-term market for short-term cash loans - a groinny market (an hour for trading goiter-to-rock) and a long-term business card.

The investment of the valuable papier - this is the name of the fair price, which is indicated by the best knowledge and the most accurate information on the basis of all the most important forecasts. The flow of price and investment is not identical at the moment of time. ix of the characteristic is characterized by the "effectiveness" of the market.

On the “effective market” of the market price of the valuable papaer of the investment investment. It is possible, most often, to participate in the market (stink to formulate a proposition and drink, and from now on, to a price), please give all the information to a skin valuable papier. Timing is effective, we are more proficiently thorough, informative, well prepared analytics for new practice. At the same time, all the current prices at the skin time are exactly right at the right price, not at all, but at the same time they are undervalued. But such situations may not be buvaє, as though kind analytics did not magnify praciuvati. Wait for information, competitive struggle between minority partnerships, hi-fi furnishings, Maybut undetermination, international acceleration, political identity and so on.

What is better є reznitsya on the market among the more accurate market prices and the investment wartime, while less effective is the market. Absolutely effective business, de є ectiveness of stream value and investment price of skin valuable papier. To get involved, because the market will be less effective, more often the participants of the market will have access to more information (more information about the market), the more effective will be more accessible, more information will be available (there will be more information available climb on maybutnі income the hairline of the whole valuable father and the maybutny price.

In order to illustrate this, as far as the importance of information is available in the sphere of operations with valuable folders, we suggest that you protect the rights of the investor, who can take revenge in the Law of Ukraine "About the size of the base dіyalnostі emіntenta, scho to pour on the wares of the old servers as well as income on them, we can stretch 15 days at the time of publication of the public agreement in a unilateral order. The supplier of goiter ’requests for vitality and vitality, due to overpayment or purchase of valuable folders. At times of unclear minds of overpayments to the official website, the number of people who want to turn them to pay-offs for all of them can be changed if they are paid for all the lines of the third trim. I have the right to give you more information, because of the lack of information about the price of the paper.

State control in the field of financial investment (for the release of both the total number of shares) is governed by the laws of the State Commission of the main share markets, the territory of Ukraine is fully controlled.
A special kind of financial investment є arbitrazhny operations. Arbitration is called the one-time operation and the sale of valuable paper on geographically different markets, and the prices are identical in price for the same price. Arbitration operations are based on the obviousness of the same prices on the same tools. Investments in arbi- tration operations, as a rule, є non-recessionary operations, and that tools for the most commercially arbitrage operations with the most important folders, can be controlled by financial investors.

Control food.

1. Explain the term "investment portfolio".

2. Explain the scope of financial investment.

3. Who is the financial investor?

4. Yak pratsyu financial investor?

5. Who has the opportunity to portfolio and strategic investors?

6. Yak vi rosumіte termіn "portfolio structure"?

7. How do you manage your portfolio structure?

8. Portfolio management.

9. Diversification portfolio.

10. Conservative portfolio.

11. Passive briefcase.

12. Kerovanov portfolio.

13. Active portfolio

14. Balance sheet.

15. Aggressive portfolio.

16. Meta portfolio form.

17. The principles of the formation of the portfolio.

18. Financial Instruments.

19. Investment is the financial stability of financial instruments.

20. Commercial Arbitration at financial investment.

21. Institutional Investments.

22. Brokerska dіyalnist on financial market.

23. Commercial activities on financial markets.

24. The first and second stock markets.

25. Members of the stock market.

26. Institute of Investment Investment.

27. Consulting services on the financial investment market.

28. Довірче управління капіталом.

29. Визначення результативності керування портфелем.

30. Роль фінансових аналітиків у процесі інвестування.

31. Технічний аналіз фінансових інструментів.

32. Фундаментальний аналіз фінансових інструментів.

33. Визначення дохідності фінансового ринку.

34. Визначення середньої ризикованості фондового ринку.

35. Кон'юнктура ринку фінансових інвестицій.

36. Технологія дослідження інвестиційної привабливості цінних паперів.

37. Технологія проведення операції фінансового інвестування.

38. Функції інвестиційної компанії на українському ринку.

39. Мета придбання цінних паперів.

40. Спільне й відмінне у фінансового "спекулянта", "інвестора" і "гравця".

41. Сформулюйте вашу потенційно можливу власну інвестиційну стратегію на фінансовому ринку.

42. Якою ви вважаєте середню дохідність фінансових інвестицій на українському ринку?

43. Хто і як присуджує інвестиційні рейтинги корпораціям?

44. Поясніть термін "корпорація".

45. Показники інвестиційної привабливості акцій.

46. Показники інвестиційної привабливості облігацій.

47. Дивідендна політика і її вплив на вартість цінних паперів.

48. Від чого залежить поточна ціна цінних паперів?

49. Яке значення має інформація для фінансового інвестора?

50. Які чинники впливають на поточну ціну фінансового інструмента?

Література [2, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13].