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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.


The artistic image of the important for the mystery is not just its functions and designations. Tse form yogo butch. We talked about ideality, about knowing the essence of physical materiality in mystery in a different way, about it’s healthy buti memory, about the possibility of watching the creature that was sprung before. However, we did not stick out at least the most peculiarities of the artist's image - like health for an hour (past the last of May) and to represent the image here and now. Zauvazhimo tsyomu, scho not be sure to understand the presence of more than an uninterrupted display. The lack of mediocrity in the form of abstraction can be reached by some kind of imagery in particular, tail, asociation, because they are not understood by the argument, but the artist is experienced in the image. I’ll all be without interruption - there is no need to change my mind, just like I’m upset for an hour and a lot of space, to transfer our vision and experience to the center of our society, together with the life of the artist’s image. I can indulge in complete reach, sway on the water, almost feel good, at one and the same time, have a moral atmosphere, but we can do this without any doubt. Mova here is not about pieces, like the assertion of a second and separate yourself with a hero. To talk about the future - about bringing to the forefront of the artistic nature and artistic talent of Mitya’s creative ability to be present, and from now on, bring to the most creative I will show that internal bells and whistle, first and foremost, word for word.

The mystery is not less than the depiction in the images, but also the little ones with a plastic presence. The creativity of A. Chekhov, O. Kuprin, M. Gorky was characterized by stories and details and a lot of lively plastic presence, as well as a creative spirit of manifestation, the evidence of what is happening. I ce is not just an illustrative thing, but asocious animosity and thoughts are folding here. L. Kostenko knows: “the stitch, according to the last word”, “Samotha herself”, “Siviy spomin” 9.

The presence of one of the most dominant authorities of the mystery, as if in a different way, we may be able to participate in the completion of the contest, will be included in it. Navigate fantastic, transcendental forces in the mysteries and gain concrete presence in the image of the image. Pulling into the atmosphere of action of the igrovogo presence, to rob the mysterious emotion, let us forget. Epic genres, atrocities to heroic past, can’t do without the fact that the paintings have been reformed to the visible image, and indirectly having relocated to the sensible ones to complete the reliably depicted objects (we describe the classic, I’ve conveyed the knowledge about them) . What is more imaginative about getting closer to the image of being in presence of a fair presence, while more is being given room for imagination and recognition. Al fotografichesky transferring from the prototype to the image of appearing is not self-sufficient.

In order to become visible, plastically quirky, and still reckless, the presence of the mysteries (imagery in the stateless process of life) is not easy to reach, from the point of view of creative change of mind. Less than right talents and geniuses, the mystery of turning the image of life into one's relativity and artistic and practical re-creation. І. Franco introduce Give Aligur to the “most representative representatives of the middle civil society” І0. He sings and recognizes one who has experienced the prophecy of his own genius by fusing one’s two great addictions — bachenya, I’ll receive the light of power and the power of cohort — in one poetic distribution. Florence soon snapped up, whom she had squandered in her uncouth blue. In the previous creativity of the poet I. Franco zvertatsya before the analysis of that special gift mittsya, a kind of living vividly and reliably, with the accuracy of the details, vvidvoriti vidchutty presence in the very life. Relying on the respect "Divine Comedy", independent on allegorism, fantasy, mythology of the situation itself. І. Franco hanged on to his crap, so that I went on to sing about all those who were very good at it, about quiet people, knowing some kind of people, some kind of people who lived, struggling anyway. ... Vin opovіdaє everything is so clear, reportable and plastic, so the architects for the second show could visualize the report plan of the feast, and the non-medical painters and the ministry were thrown on the canvas and on the paper

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image, rallying one’s fantasy in their own eyes. "" Do not indulge this hero with outsiders, vigadanim, oskilki and razdov Veda Dante to behave yourself especially. The axis there vvu buv, having busted them so that you specifically need to. It’s water time to believe in those who have the whole light before our eyes, like, say, in the depiction of the paintings of the “Last Judgment” by Mikelangelo. “If I have an epic, I’ve been protected by I. Franco, it’s a little cold. in the most napryushennі chuttya, skipping krіz prism of that chuttya, nemovbi all vіt swim, krutivsya i tremtіv on Hvilya Yogo Mogutnov chuttya ... Vіn malyuє the entire universe, all velichezny Budinok svitu "12.

Vidoma the thesis of V. Boulinsky about those who want to bring science - to bring true truth to someone else to understand and power, the mystery signifies the show, for which the picture is poor. All of the judges should be left to finish by the unconfirmed principle in the explained day-to-day mysteries. However, at a certain time it is not possible to bring one to art in mystery, photography and copying. These tendencies were notoriously unbridled, and in natural avant-garde they served as a critical argument in unacceptable realistic traditions in the mysterious anterior viks. I on the right there are no styles in ignorance of the laws of intelligence in the artistic image of the visible, skills in singing conceptual positions of the ideas and theorists. For example, the naturalism of art, the grounds for ideology of positivism, biology, human instincts, not the phenomenon of presence, but the fact that it’s more important, For the presence in the mysteries, it is important that the completion is not complete, that the image is closed in one’s finality, and that there’s a greater degree of non-repetition. The defeat of the presence of pimpsylyutsya tim, shchi itself mi nibi znamenatska stagnantly. To protect oneself, one does not have to express oneself not in one’s best characterization, but in self-characterization through preachy, action, gesture, in the manifestation of all that is hurt.

On the authority of the mysteries to carry in themselves the effect of presence, having curtailed the respect of even our guesses, Jose Ortega i Gasset. Feel free to cece, secrement, painting and literature, if the philosopher speak about those objects

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Much but to represent without delay, movbi vich-on-vich, in full touch of booty, yogo "absolute presence". For the greater repetitiveness and presence of “presence”, the author suggests a specific butt of the finished one before Stendhal’s novel “Chervona i Chorne”. The plot is created by Mogue buti transfers in few words, but it will be a statement of status. The scribe represents the submission "in a timely manner, in reality" *.

From now on, you can re-tell the story about those who are more likely, but you can model the model, the item’s layout, but the mystery isn’t there, because there’s a lot of living image and presence. “Imperative to the novel - presence. Do not speak, I’m a character - I’m guilty of making a mess of it at all. ”14. The meaning of the mystery is that I respect the Spanish spiritualist Ortega, the pole in the unique sound sign and reach of the subject itself. "The rushі mystery is the miracle of the zhach bachiti." All the same, it’s important to go on with the painting, it’s important for the mysterious, steadfast to painting, to go to the heart of the desire, because we are afraid to go ahead, so that you can live right away. presence "15.
Obviously, on the right, you can use the best image method for navigating the broadest possible way, the more complete completion of the “Mummy-nosty” (term of the same author) of the subject. I’m enchanting you to navigate your chilled presence, your comfort, and your presence at the space and the clock - “now” and “here”. An artistic image, such as a clear message, one that is visible, so much more like a stereo, stereophonically transfer to reality, even if they are present in the presence of mystery. Yak bagato is written я ya ya bagato y doniny лиш which is riddled with a mystery from the famous Дж Giocondi ’- Moni Lizi (p. 1503 p.) Leonardo da Vinci,“ Portrait of Zhanni Samarі ”robots P.-O. Renoir (1876 p.) May be overwhelmed; how profoundly promising may be the beauty of spirituality and living bounties.

And the axis is the main situation of presence. Picture

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K. Petrova-Vodkina “Bathing of the red horse” (1912 p.), As well, bagato judged like that, extraordinarily unusual in the new mystery. Here, the mustache zupinilosya, nibi in the frame, caught in contrast with the dynamics of the crimson, saturated with plastic color of the rested horse and I can see that I’m pinned up for the dramatic vision, that young horse on nyomu. Ale you cannot say, the picture itself is not in its own presence. I’m literally drawing in the contrast with my dynamism to the colors, relief, statics and rukh, philosophical senses.

Ernest Hemingway at his glorious “For whom to ring”, “Old man and the sea”, as in the last creations, reaching with the concise intercessions of the movi “rebellion” visibility images; the win and himself are present in the midst of the image of them.

If the corpse of the Ukrainian theater of luminaries was performed by Mikhail Staritskiy’s instrument, it showed a bit of history, a closer proximity to the Ukrainian theme (in Ukraine, St. Petersburg, Moscow), because the atmosphere was different because of the atmosphere , the sound and color of the figurative word, and in most of this, the ensemble is ensemble and absolute presence. That suvoro had mercy on the one who believed the bi in пої as much as natural. That was a mystery in the temple, buried in the estimation of K-Stanislavsky, a kind of usable aesthetic-theatrical system that encouraged uninterrupted experience, lie in the actor, lie in the presence of the life itself.

A more eccentric image, easy and strong, yak efir (say the whole word in a metaphorical sense: for the manifestations of the old Greek, the upper prominence ball is repeated - there are fewer blessed ones), there are a lot of memory systems. For its nature, it’s ideal and to lay down to the type of images-symbols, images-Nagaduvan. The promo butt of such an ideal and ideal image is known in the history of the physicist Niels Bohr often in the Shakespeare Hamlet (for the collection of V. Heisenberg’s colleague). According to the famous castle of Kronborg - the birthplace of the Danish King Frederick II. Yak vidomo, to finish the stingy thing, the mystery of the chronicles about Hamlet, the Danish prince, is the basis for the genius creation of the English playwright V. Shakespeare. The most important and important for us are two judges who are most important to us, so much more so that you don’t have to lose your fervor over the physical picture, and the spiritual spirit in the number of people didn’t destroy the mystery.

N. Bor zvertaє respect for those who guessed the Kronborg castle can be restored, as if there’s a mystery about those who live here Hamlet. It’s nice to navigate through the winery of singing songs, portray the past, go with legends and old-time, sagas about war viking. All of this is hostile to an obscure picture of ideality. From our science, Mir Borє Bor, you’ll need to look at the castle, stonework with stones, real, and we have the forms, in a yakl škh arch architect. Stones, greenery dah, tree’s rebellion in the church of justice confirm the real spore.

So even fizik. That axis is the faintest idiom of the thought about the presence of the very quiet dematerіalіzuyuchih, іdealіzuyuyih officials, on the other hand is her childish image. “We won’t have anything to do with the ritual rank, as long as we know where Hamlet is alive here, - so analyze N. Bor.’s castle. - All right, I’m reminiscent of the old castle. Sti i krepіsnі vali repair at once speak in my voice. The castle’s door has become old, the dark nagadu zakadu about the troubles of human souls, miraculously nourished: “But, but not but?” І6. I’m more than ever able to see the reality of reality but I really want to, like I’m a naguad about N. Bohr, but we can’t bring it to you, but Hamlet can justify by taking the bag to the whole castle. “Ale kozhen is familiar to us,” I respect the visions, “as I have told Shakespeare, in this way, I’m completely unanimous when I’ve been misguided, since I’ve been guilty of it because I’m more than sorry for the loss of land. “Ale yak tilki mi pro tse diznaєmos, Kronborg as a startup with a castle”.

Psychology itself is a manifestation of zapam'yatovuvannya, in a wide meaningful way of preserving cultural values ​​in the form of suspension for the additional ideality (identity) of the image of manifestation of their own manifestation. It’s not too bad to inspire spiritual inspiration of specific objects and intellectual dematerialization, and special features to freeze the culture of historical, historical image. Guidance of the butt of such a personal emanation of memory in memory

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Hamlet’s image is not the same; therefore, the rule of affirmation of image-symbols is more general.

With such blessings, idealism and memory, a cathedral in Ravenna, Sophia Kyivska, Sikstinskaya chapel Mikelangelo at the Vatican is built. The absence of ideal ideality for the symbol in the image system of the individual recognition of one's own presence in the universal memory of the people.