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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.


The wilderness of occupying oneself with deyichnyh sounding signs, quiet internal psychological and semantic authorities of an artistical image, without any mystery, would have been used to be signs of life’s power, ruh, dynamics. It’s important to tell the story of which there is more - sincere and trembling kindliness of the feast to the best of luck, to knowing about the parallels, to liking, letting go, and to reliably rejuvenate us all. its golden bounties of rosy bounty, a deep understanding of wisdom, a wise docility, a rosy perfection, in some people I constantly scoop up the bacheliness of my life, my physical and spiritual life, science and culture, zdobutki Svoge pіznannya, obraznostі, fantazії.

Before figurativeness, humanity was unfolded as if it were a write-down, with a higher meaning and sense, an explanation. Bagato's image and tropіv nastіlki organically escaped vocabulary, but stinks have spent their original love. It’s a mystery, you’ll be drawn to an artistically-shaped art, create new and reinterpreting our structures, invariably create our own ideas, creative process, follow the rules of art and poetry - more clearly, more

You should talk about the most important things in the world, the need for more and more fun, then you should be able to make sure that you are in good condition, its genetic basis for the emergence of an artistic image to assert itself behind the law of sociability. Once in a contouring way, it’s a winery in memory, to finish the folds of the hats of an asociative widget, to look at another row and have a nice look. The singing social series will confirm the system of signs, which should be borne in their own hands by the general and general authorities, renewed in memory in the image for the law of social associations, equalization, contrast.

Prior to the igneous signs of the most respectable storage facilities of the figurative structure, enter more and more, as well as the law of social activity. For the rachun of one sign of the subject in the rest of the world. Ozhe, portion - all of which are imaginatively inspired, inspired by the finished items, to understand, become, to make the most of the songs, the reasons for which are included the mechanisms of the artistic dream. Vkazuyuchi on skladnіst i nedostatnyu vivchenіst Poética porіvnyannya, doslіdnik power O. Kvyatkovsky nazivaє Yogo in sistemі rіznobіchnih hudozhnіh zasobіv viraznostі "Pochatkova stadієyu, zvіdki in viglyadі gradatsії i rozgaluzhennya vihodyat mayzhe OAO All INSHI Trail - paralelіzm metaphor, metonіmіya, synecdoche, gіperbola, she lіtota ін, In portions - a dzherel of a poetic image ”20. There is a lot of nibble. Porvnyannya not less than zbagachu є movna vocabulary, rozshiryє zmіst understand in new synthesis, and th create artistic and poetic bachennya svіtu. In a more specific movby, the genetic code of the entries in the memory of oneself awaken itself.

Metaphor (in letters, rosumіnnі - transference) - one of the most widespread paths and interests in the creation of an artistic-figurative movement. By Aristotle, it’s worth knowing how to put together a metaphor for a special poetic gift. For the values ​​of the Greek writer, “to put together a good metaphor - means similarity”. At the metaphor, there are direct rhetoric of speeches and appearances, implantation of words from autologous, meaningful guards but portable. Porvnyuєsya subject with a seemingly ryshim z urahuvannyam sign, scho to help know the basis. Navigate the authority in finding the capabilities of their fourth synthesized into a folding organism. There is also a presence of protidia elements of the single system in the third antinomy - similarity is dissimilar.

Prior to the metaphor, a significant theoretical interest appears. Semiotics, poetics, philosophy, aesthetics, mysticism to reach the nature of the metaphor in different aspects of the functional functions, combined with asocious, artistic imagery, a symbol of the art. A metaphor є to justify more spiritual assertions, as if there was a lie, however, on the basis of intellectual and psychological evolvement in pragmatic knowledge of на ту дв сут сут сут сут сут сут causal, symbolic. The metaphor, bearing in its own physical context the explanations of the cloisters, was prompted by the identities of the sides and their dissimilarities. "Whip

Kvyatkovsky A. P. Poetic dictionary. M., 1966.S. ​​280.

of singing and hierarchically organized operations, - we write one of the most respected authoritative editors E. McCor-poppy, - the human rosem is a semantic concept, with a significant amount of unrecorded knowledge, which is the reason for the win. Metaphor peredbachaє Pevnyi skhozhіst mіzh vlastivіstyu її semantically referentіv, oskіlki Won guilty Buti zrozumіloyu and of іnshogo side - neskhozhіst mіzh them oskіlki metaphor poklikat stvoryuvati deyaky Novi smisl, tobto volodіti suggestivnіstyu "26. Same ponyattya suggestії, tobto navіyuvannya, peredaє dosit suttєvy vіdtіnok mutual understanding of the metaphor with the method of reaching the greater day-to-day ideology of creation.

On the butts of an old mystery, you can stagger an image metaphor, so I can do it better if I’m not only in portions, but in analogy with those transferred to the sign, but also in the setting of my own words. Robilos Sutіlnee zmіshannya rіznih іstot, natural, human and divine, and metaphorism and allegory to repair spіvіsnuvati in one image. The Sphinx, a kind of symbolization of the power of the pharaoh - in accordance with the torso of the left and the tsar’s head with the singing symbols of divine lack of fabrication (sokl over his shoulder). Це і є the butt of such a fantastic receipt. His nevorushnіstyu and power against the famous Great Sphinx bіlya temple Hafra in Egypt. In the main - nature skeleton, with the highest rank: the recumbent lion in the guise of the pharaoh and the attributes of magnitude and power, the hanging of the forehead - the sacred oberigayu serpent. “Independently on the order of rozmiri, - rozpovіdaє doslednik M. Motherє, - exposing the Sphinx all the same before the main portrait portraits of Pharaoh Khafr. In the old Sphinx, a colossal monstrous miraculous guise of the pharaoh, he was guilty of instilling at once instances of the rule of Egypt with the pyramids, 27).

In the novel by the English playwright John Boynton Prestlji “The doors”, she herself is also called the creator є metaphorical, small philosophical text. Among people there’s a glimpse of the impenetrable one, krizy yak stink all the same and the rosum, but you can’t know a way closer. The metaphor of growthє into an image-sense, an image-concept of the hour. “Gra in Biser" by Hermann Hesse is a metaphor. Our

Ukrainian playwright Ivan Kocherga, author of the Maystri Chasu puєi, having developed the socialist and socially philosophically metaphorical metaphor and symbolism. About the idea of ​​his own creation, so rooted in 1934: the idea of ​​showing the live scenic form, such as the hour, the law and the law, the law, the law and the law, was born on 28th. ontological and at once with an abstract philosophical one, as if to be reminiscent of artistic and metaphorical meanings. First, the hour - the rhythm, the second "Vlad Vlad", simply telling the playwright very simply, the whole time, the complete, the improvement of the truth. The metaphor of historical zmіnyuvana in svіtoglyadlyanyh and aesthetic vimіrah. Having been born into a mythological society, she unimpressively wondered and wondered in the baroque and in the ordinary style of mystery.

Of particular significance is the nabuv наб metaphor for the cob, I will conceive of the creator. You can serve in your own way in miniature and the key to acquaintance, as if you had beaten Vasil Stefanik at the kraplini rosa (the “Dew” option), and there was plenty of space for the first time ... tushnik tatarnika (rep'yakha), two great evils and bad feelings, and the third one, I want a black saw, all the more alive and the middle one ... I thought about it and scribbled. And he gave a characteristic record: “Nagadav Hadji Murat. I want to write. Vіdstoyuє living to the last, and one middle of the field ... "29.

The image for the mystery is much less able to communicate with real life, nature, history, ethnicity. It’s a fact of art that it’s very old, if one is inspired in one’s misconceptions with human imagination (but not utterly utilitarian, lack of spirit, and almost no lack of respect), there’s a great deal of freedom, internal viduchenimimi, unrecognized. In metaphor - the symbolism of recognition and the number of codes encoded in the form of poetry.

Art symbol. The terminological has a significant symbol - a mental sign, a sign. One hundred percent of science (mathematical logic, chemistry is so thin) and the mystery is the symbol of masterfulness. In the national formalization of piece of movi

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sign of additional assistance in numbered, encouraging family tables, theoretical models. Behind the symbol is reality is reality and supreme in the recognition of the sign-structured structure. In religion sacred and non-sinister ш symbols viri. The mystery is to be hidden up to the symbol as much as one out of the most varied and figurative art of old times. In a wide rosumіnnі nature the mystery is symbolic. There is a certain sign in the song, a singing deputy, but an equal sign, in a clever form, with the help of a specific subject matter, the words of a turn, the meaning of which is significant. The symbol is tsezh spirituality, and not just a little more manifestation of a consecrated context.

In the poetical symbol, it is signified as a big-valued subject matter, but a verbal image, a definite idea of ​​a unique plan depicted by a mitzvah of duesnost on the basis of their only two parts, singing odnosti. The symbol will be on parallels, systems of events; Yomu dominion metaphorism, scho maє mіssets in poetic paths. As if the symbol had lost the meaning of the image depicted in the New Year, as long as it didn’t turn its back on its subjective isolation, then the Bi Bi simply ceased to be the most artistic and spiritual manifestation, a figuratively signposting of its own good.

The symbol is not in its own image, but in the gentry (zasib), who seem to be able to reach a figuratively-metaphorical depiction. It is important to recognize the presence of mystery to the symbol, the sign of symbolic acquaintance, the closeness of manifestations between oneself, the yakbi of the people behind their anthropological and social inclinations did not indulge in the most important and important a range of meanings, spiritual and almost respectable and valuable vіdtіnkіv. The symbol of the precept of significant significance is the very old value.

The symbol образом symbol in the image of mysteries, ale can be found to accelerate a viable signpost - in no way less than the supreme values ​​of life, ideality and suspension of the moral (natural, natural, different kind of spiritual traditions) . In the symbol of Beethoven’s "Monthly Sonati" symbol, there is a water hour in the presence of a suggestion of beauty that is almost worthy of genius. The symbol of the mystery is a big-valued type of valuable attributes of old, with its original designation, as it is, in the present there is a present temple spirit and talent of the artist. Mount Fuji is a symbol of beauty, legends, poetry, and ministry of life. Great seriya is dedicated to the theme in Katsushika Hokusai's paintings - “36 Views of Fuji”. This is also a symbol of one of the peaks of the Japanese mystery.

An artistic symbol can be seen in three of the most significant signs. They talked about the first time as if about the songwriting corner, the power of the mystery buti is straightened out to parallels, the subject sign is especially quiet, as in the very real reality of the symbolic meaning. Colors: blue, chervonium, chorny, bіliy - symbols; the form of the sun, which is so widespread in the pagan ritual ceremonies and the artistic culture, the pink pantheistic symbols of the object, the living and the natural, the mythological and relational symbols, the more clearly expressed the cultural differences. Navigation is small and meta-forism matched symbols. As soon as one guesses the mystery of Japan - one of the oldest artworks of its own in civilization (in poetry, architecture, sculpture, painting), it’s impossible not to deny respect for the large number of times it’s beautifully The specifics of ум remember living on the coasts in a perfect poem told us that you need to show your vows, dyalnosti, all that is alive and living in psychology рий sprinting and excluded cult of natural recognition. Poetizuvannya speeches spovneny symbolics. Klasichna minіatyurna form of literary genres - haiku, hokka. Their smut is the mood of the lyrical hero. The image is less than poshtov to spivperezhivannya that, to enter into non-transcendental values, with which the skin is alive in one and the same way.

It’s impossible to reassign symbols і ра ц ц ал ал ал зм,,,, нед нед нед нед того того того того того того того того того того, нед оск є є хов того того того того того того того того того того того того того себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе себе пов пов. In the traditions of the symbolism of the heroic epic, the author of “Words about Igor Pokhid” is the vicarist of the episcopal sacrament. In the price of the bagato of the most hostile symbols, as a rule, with the pagan traditions of the world. Symbols have been recovered, which are hidden in the verses of nature and human obsession, as well as the old-old epic of the Mahabharata.

Signs, rituals, ethnic peculiarities of rituals and sounds of symbols, wanting to be given to men and women in full of historical furnishings, still do away with them for themselves the special significance with specific meanings. In mystery, the symbol is polysemantic. Biblical and mythological, folklore plots and characters, deprived mainly of their images and symbols, invariably lobbied in the mystery until reinterpreted, depending on the philosophical and irrelevant ideas.

The mystery itself is to create neporushny symbols, which signify itself significantly greater and wider aura, spiritually and holy manifestation in its global significance.

The middle literature gave birth to the immortal masterpiece-symbols. In the midst of them is "Leila i Majnun" Nіzamі. The number of folkloric variations, the basic retelling and compilation of the plot in Arabic literature about purity and tragedy of the young women Leila and Medzhnuna, who translated the meaning of "obsession", turned the respect of the Azerbaijani poet. With this creative work, a masterpiece of scholastic literature, the tragedy of V. Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet,” is thrown over. About parallelism, versatility, and that paraphrase in symbolism by writing a vidomy Ukrainian-Ukrainian sculptor Oleksandr Archi-penko, behind the words of a kind of symbolism - familiarity and understanding with psychophysiology and reaction. “A word is imperceptibly implanted,” wrote Vin, “a derogatory gesture of abo mіmіka, deceased written abera abo numeral — all these are symbols. Music, mystery and religion are grounded on symbols. ” At his own creative work, the sculptor put pressure on the symbolic meaning of the symbols as the thoughts and respect, the sponuki to the intellectual creativity, until the mastery of the movi. The symbol is a whole statement, an indirect way of understanding and understanding, which can be conveyed to the recipient. That’s why parallels are so important here. “I’m a symbol, - pidvertverju idea of ​​O. Arkhipenko, - for an artist who has a lot of German parallels, let’s remake them to think” 30. I’m letting the creator know, I’m communicating with others, , to anarchic tendencies in mystery.

Alegoriya (inoculation) also becomes one of the main works of art in the formative. There’s a superconducting gift of mystery with a stretch of bagatokh vіkіv, at that moment, if the manifestation about the ambiguity of the image was included as a transfer of meaning to one

30 Arkhipenko Oleksandr. Theoretical notes // Chronicle - 2000. Ukr. cultural almanac. 1993. No. 7. C 224.

the subject of Chi manifest in the last. Allegory of my own particularities, I would like to have an element of a greater system of art and imagery, but I like to serve as a kind of an artistic symbol. “Pigeon to the world” Pablo Picasso - ce і symbol, і allegory. The first sign of allegorism in the mysterious field is that one has two plans: an abstract of understanding, an idea of ​​that particular object in its unambiguity, a unique emblem: a lotus, for example, an allegorical symbol of power for the first time. В алегорії уособлюється явище або ідея — і тоді перед нами постануть агнець, голуб, змія, сокіл, лотос — символи чистоти миру, мудрості, влади, краси тощо.

Алегоричним називав Шеллінг «те зображення, в якому особливе означає всезагальне чи в якому всезагальне споглядається за допомогою особливого»31. Для продовження даного визначення в найзагальнішому тлумаченні алегорії як тотожності особливого у всезагальному необхідно відзначити таку його рису, як поєднання абстрактної ідеї чи поняття з конкретним явищем. В алегорії не вимагається, щоб поняття було повністю втілене в образі або зрощене з ним. Предметність в зображенні умовна, оскільки вона повинна означати інше — переведення її в площину всезагальних абстрактних суджень. Якщо породжена в лоні міфології алегорія певний час залишалась однаковою мірою всезагальним поняттям та його уособленням (сили і стихії природи, людські пристрасті, музи), то в кінцевому підсумку вона набула властивостей умовно-демонстративного іносказання. Тут йдеться не про аналогії чи уподібнення згідно з властивостями метафори і певним допущенням зближення предметів.

В алегорії поняття залишається таким, що має тенденцію до абстрактного самоствердження, але воно може читатися в нашій свідомості через зовнішнє конкретне одухотворення чи «опредметнення». Міфологія, релігія, фольклор, різні притчеві жанри (казки, байки, апокрифи, билини) звернені до алегоричних персоніфікацій.

У ставленні до алегорії — не лише данина минулому чи моралістичні сентенції в живих уособленнях, а й визнання високої поезії, довіри до свободи і духовних прагнень того, хто спілкується мовою мистецтва.

31 Шеллинг Ф.-В.-И. Философия искусства // История эстетики. Памятники мировой эстетической мысли. Т. 3. С. 158.

В алегорії може бути і глибокий художньо-філософський сенс. Один з шанованих багатьма митцями алегоричних персонажів давньогрецької міфології Псіхея (образ душі) послужив сюжетною основою картини Рафаеля «Поклоніння перед красою Псіхеї». В цій картині не лише символіка поклоніння перед благом краси, а й передчуття драматизму, колізій, адже Псіхеї, за «Метаморфозами» Апулея, заздрила навіть богиня Афродіта. Звертання до алегорії відмічені поетичною символікою втілення образу долі, сильних і чистих людських почуттів, як, скажімо, в «Тополі» Т. Г. Шевченка та «Лісовій пісні» Лесі Українки. Навіть своєрідний раціоналістичний дух алегорії, якщо він належить великому талантові митця, набуває ліричного іносказання, в чому ми переконуємося, дивлячись картину «Три царівни підземного царства» В. Васнецова, де уособлюються скарби земних надр — золото, коштовне каміння, вугілля. Однак вони є і символами людської краси, гордої незалежності.

Хоч алегорія правічна в художній самосвідомості людства, вона не може бути забутою, оскільки залишаються безсмертними «Прикутий Прометей» Есхіла, «Божественна комедія» Данте, «Лебедине озеро» П. Чайковсько-го. Алегорія Добра і Зла, темного і світлого — двох кольорів душі людської. Два алегоричних образи буття — Ерос і Танатос. В алегорії як динамічній частині художньо-образної системи мистецтва — естетичний феномен Всеєдиного.