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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.



At the front of the shops, there is a mystery, the initial power of a kind of self-determination of self-determination and form, an artistically-shaped supreme vision of real change of mind and a complete sense of duty. The mystery is folding, the sign system is aesthetically framed. For the umpteenth time, the emphasis was blatant on the sound of the creation of the mysterious, the third subject, on the synthesis of the intelligent and the insane, the one and the same, the mysterious, the second and the same, the mystery of its potential potencies, the clowning of the bagatogaluze life of people. Zrozumіlo, a scholarly meta of a painstakingly productive act, ends in a way that brings about the image and creation of the mystery - moreover, the ear of self-cultivation in culture and human life.

I need to respect you again and again for the mystery of the ensemble and the structure of the human life, not to compromise your complexity and baggage with the internal structure of the living room. In the history of society, people of mystery became an analogue of yoga. Liche for its subject-ontological ontology won’t be overlooked, as if I’m be-yak іnsha rich. complete and close at sobі. In the real process of samoviya, mystery is included in the presence of verses of their own presence in HUMAN LIFE.

It’s important to name that sphere of people’s suspension of life, to the point where it’s directly a little misinterpreted, it’s unclear, it’s bulo mystery. Universalism zumovlyu i way of butting yogo, mostly because of the fact that you too much to get lost in the very same people, I don’t want to lose yak rice talent, and yak is alive sprynyattya butya yogo. In the Austrian scribe Robert Muzil є s tsogo drive: “Why are you missing a mystery?” We are too much. ”

Well, before the global, broadest rationality of mystery, it is necessary to state, but it is not explicitly included in the historical process of humanity - it’s very important, socially and vividly. With a characteristic drawing, the interplay of mystery and all of the realm of sphere is unavailable to the mysterious paintings of the artistic life in the seafloor of the quieter of the most recent historical phases of the development of suspension. Zmіna svіtoglyadu, style of art, dyalnostі u pіznannі zmіnyuє type of artistic artwork and aesthetic svitovidnoshen. I want to mysteriously and naturally in the most powerful way to react to all kinds of winter life, which I need to be aware of in suspension and natural structures, as well as in psychosocial education, it is impossible to constantly revive, I can constantly revive everything. The mastery is historical with one's own winnings, becoming, so much the same as before singing civilization situations.

Create mysteries, transferred to them zmіstovna і zovnіshnyo-khuttva structure to repair lives of their own reference, close-hearted lives, if you join the dyalnuyu interaction for an hour, history, special people. Potential spiritual value of the mystery of office at once included in the cultural and historical context and space. From now on, how can the mystery do not disregard it with the factual presence, which is violated by that chi іnshіy material-sign form. Mistetsvo - the process of the rozgortanny yogo functions in the various sounds and interconnections, individualities with vital suspension structures. Being related to the main types of human life, the mystery of the water hour is the same for the industrial and official. But as a tool and a way to turn the human spirit out of the blue, you can’t lose yourself for the sake of your own pleasures, to insist on all the joys and turbos of life, the drama of all the superlatives. I’m more and more involved in the activity of my hands at all times, the mystery is not to be solicited, but to the very stagnation of the view of unrequited zmіn, social addictions and rukhiv.

In the dyalnomu method, buttya, folding its own consistency of the supreme spirit of the human spirit, has a great idea that it’s constant and watery hour. It’s impossible to pretend to be honest; there’s a strong constant and structural constant, but it’s always at the front of the house, and the power is unique. with new artistic health and the needs of suspension. For the sake of specialty, so far the power of the historical pastors of the hourly boot of the mystery in the past is manifested by the latest manifestations of life and culture, the art of mysticism is paradoxical. However, the paradox is there. What is the innate spiritual values? There is also greater living and nature, greater forms and more, more and more generation, and mystery to come from our first years of life, that is, you can be more active, -

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rennie. You cannot indulge in mystery alone, for a vignette, hiba, a word, a healthy akumulyuvati in your own hands and bring to memory a yak іsіb іntelectu і spіlkuvannya all the rest of people. From now on, mysticism in our own and other ways - this is also the word, semantics and language, which represent the right values ​​and new values ​​from the protected moral and creative values ​​of people in the world.

Rimsky sings Propercius, who is alive at the other half of the table BC. є., in one of his “Elegii”, guessing about the power of the soul of Orpheus, to speak with the poetic source about God I’m completely dumb and not dumb, it’s not gilded crypts, it's dumb. Prote Muzi, even sings, "do not tickle me." Win the glorification of the beauty of your judgment: “My dear skin is my memory!” I am the first memory, the author of the song will be able to:

Well, pyramidi tsar’s, so far as far as possible to reach the highest, Zeus the Eleusky temple - hear the heavens - I have the unremarkable beauty of the grave house of the Mausoleum May recognize the law of death. The board is that Z'dival fire to celebrate all glory to all; Rocky to strike at them - to become a stink of gunpowder, Alya ne zginu all-in-all that glory, shcho genius pribbaє, Feat of spirit-in-all shy no real beauty 2. May even unison sound the stanza and justify the immortal song “Foolousy,” rasiplyaetsya-stіni rozpisanih palaces іd baking trades і board boards zliv, ale "Castle z pisen", works of poetry, do not ruin ni vihori, nor thunder, nor spec. The mastery of reassignment is the first hour, and all is less in life, because now it’s won є mriya, ideal, it’s freedom. Through the mouth of Antonіo, one of the characters of the drama of Lesya Ukrainy, “At the Forest”, to pry about the main struggle for life and death, for their own misfortune. “And in a bundle of skirmishes, there is a life of mine, and the land of life is lost. The same meaning: “Pereat mundus, fiat ars” (“Living mine - you live the mystery”) 3.

Living mine at its own grave and timidly won over the uninterrupted reality of butty. As a symbol of peace and mystery, mystical justice, I’m grateful to dominate the power of being unimpressed, there is no lack of respect. It is sound, that one has less time, more specifically one concrete TV_ of Bartii of that. Ale tut є shche іnsha of the principle furnishings -

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neporushnost moral and spiritual pudvalin, on which people were seen, the growth was clear about the existence of natural and artistic criteria, for many could have been realized in complete and genuine mystery. Immortal folkloric vitvori, schto vmutuyut spiritual sprague, the classic vistas of a long-held mystery coexisted in the organisation of cultural values ​​with new artistic careers for an hour. However, the picture is ideal, because it’s more and more widespread to look at how to get in the middle to get a folding and super-easy system, such as historical and practical life of mystery. In the midst of a mighty zupinimos hocha used at kіlkoh moments. All of the antithesis to what was said earlier about the harmony of the mystery of the past and of complicity.

Do not wait for a sightseeing and planking, a screaming dream, as they said great poetry, obviously, more respect for an hour, great monuments of ancient mystery, middle culture, and plenty of barbaric art were ruined. By itself, the rite of passage to the Desyatins Church in Kyiv is described in such a way, talking about Yak M. Roerich, saying about the forerunner of the mystical and spiritual mendicant of the words of the Yansky peoples. Mriya and spirituality here appeared impotent. Ale inner cross for his own є also a specific signified mystery. At the whole vredenchenny - dzherelo yogo progress. Struggle between tim, scho є, tim, schotch to be born, the establishment of new traditions - tsya is tainted by mystery power to wait for the bar with him. For example, XIII century having appeared to navigate the term “ars nova” is a new mystery. Itself with such a program name Bulo seen a book from the theory of the music of the French composer Philip de Vitry. With an unprecedented smile, thoughts about those things that mysteriously seem to swear to the new creators and ideologists, and on the contrary to take the trouble to dogmatic canons and fences. There was a clear desire for widespread ideology of the mystery in greater latitude, nationality and harmony of the yak, without compromise the pole was led by the whole drive, one can see a special view of the city (1322 p. “Acting post-graduates of the new school,” the bulletin says, “wring all respect for adding the watch and giving the new notes, giving them the opportunity to move the new and not the old.” Far away from all the documents they say, why do you have to give them all the rosettes, embellish them with treble, with the other and the third voices you can demand simple, confuse the number of your notes, please note I’m calm, stink, hear the rumor, need us piety, tone and compassion of the shkidliva rozpusta "4.

Yak vyavlyaetsya, “are nova” - is not the only thing in direct falsely development of the mystery, to commemorate the arrival of a signified epoch. Tsekozh i sutnist boottya mystestva. Aje vidomo, who’s left, wait for the unique creativity of your creator. Yakshcho is dumb in new, yet not yet completely understood in art, we exchange the beast which is significant for humanity, then the next creation is less for an analogous way that an energy way can be brought to an artistic way. Ale Tse is simply nonsense. The mystery itself at its offensive appearance is new. Soundly, є singing schools, styles and hours of study. The Italian theoretician of the mystery Giuseppe Mazzini, having agreed that we can sing for quiet, good time, quiet and good time, I’m very good. As soon as possible, with these clever ideas, it’s time to get into the skin lesion but it’s new, since it’s unique, because of the logic of D. Mazzini, it’s possible for you to Goethe, pidbilly pidssumok5.

In the midst of new goodies, new and new farbi love, new and intimate voices and thoughts, new dramas and changes, it’s important to go through a lot of psychological features. The power of the mysteries will be lost in the new way, you won’t be ruined by the fact that you can see the atrocities of the past until the last one, wholly distant futuristic. Maybutn’s discreetly swaying through the passage of the wiki’s suspension, before they can become conscious of their own freedom. Well, it’s not marvelous, because the whole history of self-image and aesthetic self-image is invariably assimilated and approved of the new, it doesn’t contribute to the standard.

As a matter of fact, so harmoniously live in one and the same epic class that is new and mysterious, then for the whole you have to imagine. Riddle and water hour a solution to such a hairdryer

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There’s no reason to come to mysteriously artistic genesis, so that I would like to have a good deal of sutta not less for the history of history, but for longer perspectives, I have a great artistic excellence, as well as great human values.

The procedure for ascertaining the need for new things in the mystery, and also, for some reason, consume life in new life every time, implicitly understood the present sum. Otzhe, a newer affirmation of herself through mystery through skepticism and skepticism. You should be very aware of the extreme range and lack of knowledge before that, it was possible, so recently, that you have been corroborated by the authority of the all-zagal life and worship, and you will most likely be delivered to the most sensible social psychologists, but you should not be afraid of it. heuristically right. V_dnositi tse yavishche on rashunok krizi nadto one-sidedly. Just say, at one o'clock the priesthood of the Philosophical Philosophy directly, recorded by Pyrron s Elidi (bl. 360-270 pp. BC.), I’m straightforward, having a little trouble not to take this, but to “wipe it out” , skepticism manifesting itself on the side of the side. Winning no less than having hidden the ruin of a building that was under-finished, and having crooked after itself a simple passage for updating that self-critical setting and self-culture. Francois Laroshfuko at the famous “Maxims” (1665 p.) And Michelle Mon-shadow in “Doslidy” (1588 p.) And those creatures blissfully blasted the style of skepticism in tolerance, aphoristic judges and humor.

Nowadays, the boulevards are upheld by the unacceptable traditions before the court of the rosum, of the enlightened maximalistic strenghts. J.-J- Rousseau forbade the possibility of compromising the humane deceit of that mystery himself, in a manner of a certain buv himself. By the spirit of і ких о ц ц нок нок про про про стан справ справ справ справ мист у мист мист мист мист мист мист мист мист мист мист мист мист ’ Quite naturally, not all the nuances of the word were brought to a skepticism understanding, the frailty of the small and the small and the uncompromising struggle. Along with your own daily dominions, the element of skepticism is the most important, if you are negatively affected by the dawning, you will be able to re-create your music and watch your music before and after. Here is the need for the logics of motives of natural adversities. The idea of ​​unprecedentedness, which was more likely to be skepticism of electricity, hour and hour became the subject of negotiation. The skin of epoch, bringing with you the serpent of holy eyes and souls, of natural ideas and ways of living, tore of the new artistic inscription and mystery of the mystery. Zrozumіlo, in the whole process, take care of all the suspension, because the skin person of the secrecy, however, in that case, in which the trend was gradually crystallized. Prednesennya i zanepadi - to the right of history, and not okremich volovih zusil.

About the “knowledge of mystery”, as is the case with the ignorant European culture, as well as misrepresentations of the middle forces of the intellect and technology in the lower table, there was a lot of information from S. O. Shp. Since the talks and the author of the foreword to the book of V. Obürten “The Master of the World”, do not wait for the main pathos, Les Kurbas hangs out of the way, as much as you can see through the streets, so much more and more, you can see the rest, . Prote zvertaє self respect psychology of all transverseness, serpent, znetsіnennya. I on the right here is not a sneeze of the blasphemous radicalism of the old, but a unique manifestation. Utopically vyprodukuvana fantasy has become a practical tool for society, brought to the forefront of the opposition of old values ​​and new values ​​in mysteries. Barbarism is old, the old memorials of culture, redefining cult equipment, repaired on people's eyes and sanctified by unobtained progress. This is the context of the misfortune of Les Kurbas in the winter, which is the mystery of “vmir”. For us, writing wine at the forefront of the past, that I have experienced the tragedy of a crucial year in mystical life and humanity, for us, we have to live up to the great delight, always listen to them in good faith. Mayakovsky, - it’s even more clear for us that I can’t fit a wake of mystery ”. It would be nice to know for yourself in the old and old vision of the old, "but it’s just too early for us to become a stranger ...". “There is only one such frontal rebellion of such a tall and living mystery, which, for the sake of strength, wasn’t so bad” 6.

Speak up the process of mastering the mystery mystery, M. Berdyaev with the meaning of “find the greatest shock in the thousands of years”. Analizuyuchi A. Bely’s novel “Petersburg”, a prominent writer of the mystery of the author as “booty butt, chaos, whirlwind

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рух, його космічне відчуття. І це є новим і незвичним у ньому» 7.

Далі слід наголосити на формах зв'язку історичної творчо-змінюваної життєдіяльності і мистецтва. їх, найбільш рельєфно окреслених, дві — пряма і опосередкована. Причому, як за змістом і характером зв'язку, так і за функціонуючим взаємовпливом. До прямого втручання в безпосередній життєвий процес мистецтво освоїло специфічні механізми певної єдності, органічності в продуктивно-предметній життєдіяльності, а також у суспільних і людських відносинах. Воно й справді набуває реальної форми життєдіяльності, коли всіма своїми доступними засобами виражає оптимізацію життя. Це стосується не лише ужиткового мистецтва й архітектури, а й слова, образотворчого мистецтва, музики, театру, які здатні включитися в життєдіяльність практичною своєю стороною.

Що ж до опосередкованої участі мистецтва в життєдіяльності, то тут відзначимо, що з його допомогою формується ідеал, розвиваються творчі здібності людини, пізнається світ. Воно активно сприяє взаєморозумінню між народами, становить, так би мовити, золотий фонд духовності.

Якщо не завжди, то принаймні в екстремальних ситуаціях буття мистецтво є викликом. Воно не терпить суєти, корисливості, тиску на талант. Гостро й метафорично прозвучала свого часу думка Ф. Шіллера в його знаменитих «Листах про естетичне виховання»: «Духовна заслуга мистецтва перестала бути вагома і, не маючи найменшої підтримки, воно щезає із галасливого ринку століття» 8. Певною мірою це не просто констатація, а попередження на майбутнє. Адже ще не раз по тому висловлювалися перестороги про те, що мистецтво потрапляє в найнеспри-ятливіші умови меркантильності, втрачає щирість і само-визначеність духу. Про це під різними кутами зору писали Ж.-Ж. Русо, І. Кант, Ж. Сент-Бев, К- Маркс, У. Морріс, А. Луначарський, М. Бердяев та ін. Тут і суворий економічний детермінізм, і техніка, що полонить людську уяву й особистість творця, тут і відчуження, втрата безпосередності взаємин з природою і навіть мораллю та олюдненіс-тю освяченого віковими традиціями сенсу життя. Але на безвідворотний виклик епохи й цивілізації мистецтво вод-

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ночас робить рішучий, нерідко шокуючий виклик. У «квітах зла» як естетизації потворного був виклик Ш. Бодлера. Іронія в естетиці романтизму — це також виклик, який не залишає мистецтво упродовж всього наступного часу. В широкому розумінні мистецтва поза сферою людської життєдіяльності не існує. Тією чи іншою стороною воно включене в історичний рух. Залишаючись паралельністю і часткою буття, акомулятивністю культури, мистецтво на кожному новому колообігу соціальної спіралі, в який включені також в усіх своїх спектрах людські інтереси, по-своєму реалізує закладені в ньому потенційні можливості свого буття.