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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.

§ 3. Formation and development of the artistic health of people

Viznachayuchi is the natural potential of artistic creativity, the evidence of vrakhovuvati, which is the same sphere of human activity is not a small amount of emotion for people, like

Varnalis K. Aesthetics - criticism. M., 1961. S. І06-107.

Mystery, which is behind the skin’s first-rate creature of fasting and blood and self-esteem of the person of Mitzia, with rosem, respect, by the will of a kind, all those are more beautiful, over whose powerless hour. At the call of special theoretical respect for merit, an analysis of the internal psychological characteristics of an individual, one develops in dynamism: incentives, health, talent, talent, genality.

The makings are of the nature of the anatomical and physiological features of the nervous system, the brain. Stinks become the basis for the development of health.

Zd_bnosti - the іndivіdualno-psihologіchnі special features of specific people, who are so kindly able to conquer that chi іnsha productive dіyalіst.

Enchantment - all the way to the renewal of health, which is due to the closure of a successful weekend of specific dyalnosti.

Talanovity - all in all a high level of development of health, overcoming special ones, so that I can give them a chance to successfully complete the song’s performance: literary, musical, stage-wise. Understanding the talent I need to know less when analyzing professional skills in the mysteries, as well as living when evaluating the fundamentally new, original design and self-creativity of the artist.

Genality.— All in all, the development of health, a kind of signpost, I will create works, I can have a historical significance in the life of suspension, to enlighten a new era in developing culture.

Well, to the problem of artistic health, then it’s tied to the nourishment of natural charm of people. Moreover, talent is an immediate result of the appearance of singing tricks before the artistic dyalnost. At the 40th fate of the mysterious B. B. Teplov having put the thesis .- “Goodbye - a deposit for the development” 12. Good faith, have a good idea and be careful to keep your mind open. . Schodo zd_bnosti, then it’s not necessary to smell the element of nature, but є wait for the result of development.

To convey broadly є the concept of the vidomy psychologist K- Platonov, a kind of respect, о scho форму the formula B. M Tep-

12 Div.- Teplov B. M- New data on the study of the properties of the human nervous system // Typological features of the higher nervous activity of a person: Sat- M-, 1963.

The fishing “health is a deposit for development” will not need to see what’s needed, but to clarify: what needs to be the makings of the need to grow nature, but not what’s necessary to change your mind about fake development. ” Relying on the reach of psychology, physiology and philosophy, K. Platonov is recklessly informing us that "what is the structure of concrete health, more so in her full, intellectually reflexive". Proteus means the role of vіdіgraі and natural factors. “To keep the natural nature of certain elementary health, and the unique element of the structure of folding health is so neural, as it is natural to know (and it’s less dull) all.” I will look at such a statement of the problem, Platonov’s bastard, which says “the makings are of a natural nature to change your mind about developing functional organs, and later on, and functional structures of an individual. The fragments of mental picture in the minds of dyalnosti are guilty of looking at the best, the remnants of the deposit are є natural changes of minds of health ”13.

To our little thought, by and large, the familiar nature of the inclinations, not the next reoccurring role. There are also makings of inclinations and the manifestations of good health to lie in the hands of people. Natural factor is not knowing the talent of talent. The water hour is unlimited. For those singing minds of nature, the factor can be a miraculous basis for quick development and extremely talented.

Predkreslyuyuchi role and the value of the natural factor, mi rosumіmo, scho is far from dermal lyudina, like a natural masculine histo, obov'yazkovo is guilty of dedicating the life of mystery. Ale is unlikely to be chiddin, amused by the natural cunning before artistic creativity, we can go up to the tale of the talented professional meeting. First, the problem of the natural role of the natural factor will require respect and a singing theoretical zostroennya if I want to engage in her practice of moving in the form of artwork of artistic health and artistic talent.

Gliboke and universal recognition of the laws of creativity to repair the rosum development, the reasons and the possibilities of the establishment of the artistic health of the child. Istoriya Mystetsva meant a lot of applications, as long as I artificially appeared before children in the first rock of life. So, Mozart at the Vіtsі chotirokh-p'yati rockіv having seen the vikonuvati and do the first perseus musically create. Overpowered

13 Platonov K- Problems of abilities. M., 1972.P. 128.

Xia Tsіkava rozpovіd partner Mozart, musician Andréas Shachtner 14, about the unique health of Mozart diti-ni. Shakhtner buv, for example, as if wolfgang wanted to hear the Batkiv marvel at writing a concert for clavier. “On the back of the road, we began to laugh at the price of insight,” Zagaduv Shakhtner guessed, “but then we felt like respectfully examining the head - notes, composition. Win dovgo standing hostilities, marvel at the arch papa. ”On the spot, two slosi, slosi filled with joy, shook their eyes”. Mozart's father and Shakhtner - insulting professional musicians - bullets hostile folding intimidated by a child’s melody, її internal logic, stringing.

Navigate all the power of these changes in understanding, in terms, in terms of business and in life, in order to develop musical interests in Mozart-Ditini by zooming in on the creative process of the mature Mozart-composite. The view of the first children's test through the mustache of the life of Mozart was unique in the specificity of the image in the music experience. However, an early manifestation of the artistic charms of Mav and his negative negativity. Knowing about Mozart’s creativity, it seemed like folding legends, imagining how to represent the yak as an “easy”, “thoughtless” composer, having all done it intuitively, intuitively. You can identify the trends in the evaluation of the need for an artist to convey the idea of ​​a creative process, to sound inconsistently and not to dissolve the most important - stressful, folding creative work, without any kind of untroubled mystery.

Mozart’s darling child is not alone. Before the “grand” children, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, Canova and Byron, Repin and Serov, Rimsky-Korsakov and Prokof’s were in charge of ... for example, by a singing song for the development of the dawning chi of the auditory analyzer). The water hour is oversubscribingly important, so that it’s a bit of an art, an art historian is manifested, a small power of development, a little knowledge of the form of an art building. Adje socialist think on the basis of natural Dani form artistic talent.

Dytina will demand respect for herself, staged

14 Div.-. Schuler D. If Mozart kept a diary ... Budapest, 1963.

nya. Most children are free, so bi-movi, "all-embracing" talent. Now, without clearly recognizing your own intuition as a concrete kind of mystery, it’s stinky to oppose us with your own imaginative objects and appearances, which are more common and more real and fantastic. Directly and importantly correctly direct the interest of the child, as much as possible by the way all the steps of the child before the age for encouraging the great foundation of the high quality and natural taste, so that I can become more comfortable.

Own rozumіnnya role and the importance of the child’s charms at the established and married artistic talent propounded V. Sukhomlinsky’s pedagogical system. A prominent Ukrainian teacher of zooms recklessly demonstrates the inner sounds of art and talent for children, the rosums of beauty and assertions of ethical principles, the standards of the forces of good and evil. “... It is necessary to sunbathe and take refuge in the beauty of the field of children’s svidomosti”, - saying the teachings.

V. Sukhomlinsky, having pleased the Vikladachs with progressive imbibition for almost, wow, fantasy of children. Treba, shchob a little v_dtinok of life, having sunk up a rainbow in front of a child of all the farms. It would be better if you couldn’t forget the skin-whirlwind of a little child of Viktor Nicholas Sukhomlinsky: “Go by the field, by the park, drink dzherela’s thoughts, and there’s still water to kill your vigorously wise rivals, supple people and poets. I have throttled for a thousand times: without a poetic, emotional and aesthetic stream of ungodly, rosum-rich rosette of a child ”15.

“Music - Uyava - Fantasy - Cossack - Creativity” - • that way, apparently, for Sukhomlinsky, is the development of the spiritual forces of a child. The teacher, having violated the musical, rather than the artistic charms of children. I vernal up to the emotion of the family I have spoken with him, like a meeting at the awakened rosum, the bridal bridge, the shuttered shutter to the right. I’m not a principle principle, having become a hto-no-be with Sukhomlinsky as a professional mitts. But it’s not a fact that I didn’t know how to instruct such a teacher, but also canopy, callous souls, and miscalculation interests.

Tendencies, mortgaged by V. O-Sukhomlinsky, to find out more about creative experiments in Ukrainian

15 Sukhomlinsky B- I ’m Serving the Children of K, J972- S. 39-386 teachers of the 80-90s to develop artfully gifted children 16.

Most psychologists and behaviors are more important for developing and enhancing the art of a child’s health. His program of whirling the art of health of a child was invoked by the International Commission on Food, a yak from 1971-1972 pp. vivchala the mill of sanctity on the scale of the earthly climate. In addition, the commitment, meaning, is that “the development is good for creative work”. To lay down that way, so that you can learn more: how to convey the transfer and know how to awaken the reality, the fantasy of children. The commission is to inspire the butt of the positive experience of the work of the Spanish artist Ramón Sancho Mignano, the mcladachian is from the secondary school. Winning the idea of ​​copying nature, not beginning the basics of painting, but recommending it to your Maluwati scholars, zvrutyvayutsya to their reality. Uchnі Minіano listen to music (for example, create Bach, Tchaikovsky, Stra-Vinsky), and then revel in the "cross-section" of musical images on the word Farb. Madly, here є more than anything else, most of all, a test of the synthesis of two kinds of mysteries — the recognition of the rumors and the bestial feuds. Proteus doesn’t mean anything, I don’t have any kind of nature, I don’t bring children to realistic methodology. Having voted on the self-revolving vidkriva straight path to sub'ktivizmu. It’s a pity, the method of the Spanish teacher is to find the most eccentric in the very middle of the theoretician, who have the fundamental principle of mystery and to insist that it’s possible to silence the creative nature of the child.

Awakening imagination, imagining it before creatively revealing the image, in life it is necessary to whisper and have a more pink look, since the skin is mysterious - I need a lot of knowledge, a professional school teacher and teacher. I without knowledge of the laws of painting, without the music of alphabet, without access to imagination and love, let me be a little more fruitful before the singing hour.

Talent of children - that is why you want to know how to save for your father and father, and who is great, that’s great. I’m more mature for growing up, confirming my talent, for becoming harmonious, completely excluded

V_ddayuchi lately natural factor in the sta-

16 Div. Talanovita special, social, school, orb // Tezi mіzhnar. science.-practical. conf. K., 1994.

lazy artist's health, quick and quick exhilaration of the early manifestations of tricks to creativity, a child charmed all the same, not always reoccurring. Tsygo not bazhano robiti not only for pedagogical mіrkuvan. I want to say that I will not leave the role. It’s a pity, in Zhitty it is possible to speed up cover vipadki, having brought up hangings on Ditina Yarlik в child prodigy ’. Ale right і in іншому. Not a moment of fun, but a child’s charisma doesn’t need to be seen between the child’s light and light. Among the “genital” children and talented mitzvos lie the doves of the dance of professions, the grace of the home setting to the life of creativity, the assertion of their own loose days and their own huge click. It’s a very short time, especially on the basis of a natural factor, that the artist develops his health and form, his artistic talent is specific to his artistic form and his creative work, before creative work in singing form. It’s fair to say that talent is not only psychological, but social,

Makings, like nature’s change of mind, can be seen in a mature world. I don’t show up, but let me go to talent. At the other hand, talent І. Krilov and Paul Gauguin, V. Shishkov and M. Vrubel, S. Aksakov and S. Sergov-Tsensky. Tsіkavo, scho psychologists don’t bother with anything else. In fact, it’s very quick to finish a thought, about those that immediately have an old intellect, an interesting intellect. The psychologist G. Alekseevich vivchil Stan health 439 people at 60–97 rock and night, a couple of 72 women and girls “weakened the activities, we actively joked that they showed creativity and creativity”. Naytsіkavіshe those. scho in mature vіtsі not tіlki noskolalyuyutsya on apparent health, and th form new.

The greater professional proficiency praciuyut a stretch of a lively life and zerigayut creative activity to the old age. So, Mikelangelo pratsyuvav to 79 rock_v. Bernard Shaw - before 94. Verdi opened the opera Othello in 73 rock, Leo Tolstoy wrote “Kreutzer Sonata” at 61 rik and “Resurrection” at 71 rik 18.

" Platonov K. The problems of abilities. M., І972. P. 135. '* Rudkevich L. Talent: psychology and formation // Social psychology of personality. L., 1974. P. 2! 7.

Progress in the development of artistic talent, the marriage of women is different from the aspect of the vivchenny individuals of the mitts, to the power of the one is psychophysiological and suspension-historical. Natural makings - a basis for the fake form of creative creativity. They’re trying to get stolen from direct bedding in the middle of life of people, in the middle of social means, in the hidden interest.

Given the natural nature of artistic talent, the diversity of nature and the diversity of factors and nutrition, and about the genuineness of artistic charisma - genality. Artistic genility is the most important step in developing artistic talent. In addition, we have to analyze the development of charms, to protect ourselves and to have a clear aspect, a certain additional recognition and similarity, so that people can meet their needs before being able to genuinely. Pevny Rіven Charm of the skin is normally rooted ludina. To the very same thing, do the mystery of evil no less than tim, which is on target, and tim, that is spring. Power and talent й svіdomiy дом svidomy, absorption, universal development of artistic charisma.

Mitets pidnіmatsya until rivniya gen_ya zavdyaki strength and activity in the energy of their creativity in life for those who are involved. With imam of genesis, masterpieces of mastery of the mystery, the creation of a new mystic era. Yakshcho creativity talitovnogo mitzitsa mater can be meaningful as a show in the development of national culture, then the artist’s recession of the genital mitsya move between the natsionalnogo, once before the rush of zagalnolyudsky life.

Creativity of genital mitzvids is awaited organically due to the development of singing suspension-economic formations and designation of health up to the smooth day of daylight suspension. The water hour is the genius of the human being, the individuality of the unnatural, that is private in my soul. Talent, emotion, prejudice, prejudice and bagato oshnog osnach, scho virіznyayut genіїv, a few tampering іnshim people. Ale genіnal'st is the best source of all quiet rice, as well as often dominating bugging. Our synthesis and yes, we are new to humanity, yak і pidssumovanim and yakіsno new way out of the shortest authorities, healthy people stretching out the long history of development.