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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

3.3. Abstract-logical priyomi ekonomіchnogo doslіdzhennya

Improved economy, who may spend more time on the environment, in the economy, at the galleys of the economy, I can see how the process is clear, without breaking the silica part of the authorities. Behind such outdated data we can identify the financial mill of the company, the level of profitability, the singing tendency of the development of the indicators of the business. Protect stinks do not give zmogi, establish the causes of these appearances, signify the quick effectiveness of the work robot. That is why often the winery needs to be “dismembered” more often than not in the warehouse, in order to see the main, most important factors.

Such a "discernment" of an item in the warehouses of a part is called an analysis. Zrozumіlo, scho disclosure of the issue of any manifestation of material in the warehouse can be done with the help of other mechanical, electrical, chemical or other experimental methods. The prototype of the evidence of suspension of life in such ways is impotent. Analysis of economic manifestations is possible only on the basis of logical visnova, vidovnogo rozumovogo model, abstract art.

From now on, an analysis of economical manifestations - an abstractly rosumov division of these manifestations in warehouses of a part for the additional logical visnovkiv that model . Razpodil collapsible apparitions on the territory of the elements to give the opportunity to understand the daylightness of the objects and objects that need to be recognized, the meaning of the internal sounds and superslimnost.

The separation of the mysterious apparition at the second depot I am able to enter into the okremich side of the apparition, but I am not trying to fully acknowledge the interaction of all factors. In addition to this, an economical form at the warehouse and that of detailed details is necessary, one must have one before the present. Tsey zvorotny process of abstract achievement having gained the title of synthesis , so that the smoked one has okremich the side of the apparition, the recognized yak of the one whole.

By synthesizing economical manifestations, one can see one of the same monasteries at the signified group, due to the infusion of different reasons, and the pivoting of various reasons.

In practical cases of economical appearances, analysis is clearly done by synthesis . The presentation of the mysterious apparition in the warehouses of the part of the house, but one’s okremich part of the community in one place one at a time can give a singing announcement about the completion of the show. Alya neypovnіshim revedenniya will be only for the organi- cal renewal of these protracted days.

In addition, it seems, the analysis and synthesis of one and the same one that approve of the dialectical unity. Recognition of the singing principle: on the other hand, there are discontinuities in the warehouses of the parts, and then there is a greater volume of the superhigh parts, of the internal sounds, of the words, of the bill.

At the same time, with the analysis and synthesis, you try to interfere with both abstract and logical recognition, such as and the deduction . For additional help, I have to learn the cause-and-effect deposits.

The Induction is the method of vivchenenny of clues of private to obscure, of okremich factors to otzagalnen, of all reasons to insult . By applying the induction method, we can transfer the number of specialization features, which are tune into the singing areas, and on the regular development of the system as a whole. As a result, one and the other have problems with realizing their products, then you can transfer the rule of law to the whole gallery and go about the lower cost of competitively priced products.

Deductsia - is the way of vivchenennya clandestine vid zagalny to private, vid naslidkiv to the reasons. For example, in the banking sector, if you want to finance financial crisis, then you can have a better and more serious environment for financial problems and financial security. The inductive method in the analysis of vikoristovitsya only in the one with deductive. Victoria only one of them is not less than an analysis, robbing him is incomparable.