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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

3.2. Technical Acceptance of Economic Analysis and Classification

The method of analysis is realized through the first science device, so that through the purchase of prizes.

The most important element of the methodology of economic analysis є technical analysis is that it is possible to analyze, as you can call an analysis. The stinks are victorious on open days for:

  • initial processing of information technology;
  • vivchennya I will become one of the laws of developing the community, which will be better;
  • notice the influx of factors on the results of duty;
  • p_drakhunku nevikoristanih reserves in zbіlshennya efficiency virobnitzstva;
  • otagalnennya results in the analysis and comprehensive assessment of the dіyalnostі pіdpriєmstv;
  • obruntuvannya plans for economic and social development, management decisions, open visits.

Bagato priyomіv, scho vikoristovyvatsya in economical analysis, it is written because of the basic sciences: mathematics, statistics, accounting area. Economical analysis, most importantly prior to completing your subject, bring in them the required amount. Ale singing priyomi pritamannі tіlki ekonomіchnomu analysis. Classification of technical advices for economic analysis is shown in Fig. 3.1.

Classification of technical methods of economic analysis

You can take an economic analysis into two groups: yakіsnі and kіlkіsnі. Make sure that you don’t give the numerical characteristics of the monasteries that you want to get involved in, and you only have to give food, so that you can economize, recognize the ways to get to the laws. Yakіsnі priiomi pritamannі yak the process of scientific recognition as a whole, so і will dictate to the scientific spheres of advancement.

Before yakisnyh (abstract-logical) priyom_v dosledzhdennya to introduce: analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, portion, heuristic priyomi.

Kіlkіsnі prіiomi doslіjennya give a numerical description of economical manifestations and follow descriptions and analitichny.

Describe the best results, give the opportunity to determine the size, scale, trends, dynamics of the development of economic processes, the standard structure of the economic manifestations, the song number, the characteristics of the environment, and the number of times. Before them lay average and average values, rows of dynamics, graphical priyom, structural and typological group.

Analytical priyomi can not only indicate the singular value of indicators, but characterize the economical processes, but the previous cause-and-effect accumulation is less than the evidence, the strength is added to the amount of factors for the subject. I have my cherkom, analytic priymi to take priyomi, for some help to vychayutsya funktsionalnye (determinovany) deposits, and priyomi, schik to become more secure for stochastic interconnection. Prior to the first introduction of lancing arrangements, the way of absolute and the indivisible ones, the index way, the integral, proportional part, private part, balance sheet. Shchodo embraced stochastic factor analysis, then the most extensive analysis, analytical group, dispersive analysis, component analysis. In the neighborhood of the group, you can see the priyomi, and give them the opportunity to optimize the singing and economic appearance: the linear programming, the theory of mass servicing, the theory of the ing and the future.