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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

3.5. Heuristic priyomi dosljennya

The order of the abovementioned irrelevant , uni versal priioms is analyzed in the course of systemic victories and heuristic priioms , so that they can be used at the same time as before.

Prior to the heuristic advantages , as well as the methods of activating creativity, the non-standard way of doing things, lower the methods of generating variational ideas, I need to solve problems on the basis of coherent people’s activities before creativity. Їх zatosovuyut Todi, if sounding routine methods, based on the analysis of the last time and the present minds, do not give zmogi vibrati way virishennya. Especially broadly take pride in strategic analysis for predicting the development of an economical situation.

The heuristic methods are divided into two large groups - the methods of non-directional jokes (“brainstorming”, “expert assessments”, “collective notebook”, “control nutrition”, “social and analogous methods,” the method is directed at). a joke (morphological method, algorithm for developing the tasks of the ARVZ tasks).

Naybilsh broaden that type of є method of “brainstorming” , which is widely stalled for the generation of new ideas for the creation of creative groups of specialists. Pratsyuichi, as one of the group, the special forces group, are entitled to "storm" to overcome difficulties, as if they are trying to solve the problem, what is needed. “Brainstorming” as a method of activating creative creativity I will need to improve the creative and creative atmosphere, if you want to “find the way”, look at it first, look at it respectfully and earnestly. Completely, the negotiated agreement took the fate of private workers (accountants, financial managers, managers, designers, technologists, public service employees), and therefore, they’ve gotten more time. Zrozumіlo, it’s possible to smell buti know about the problem, but in more detail знї knowledge є neobov'yazkovim. It’s not a concern that the chiefs of that іkhnі pіdleglі were shabby to the group.

The main rules of the method . Kerivnik sesії (as a rule, the price of the group, the yak performed the analysis) the formula in the top view, the daily routine, for example: to achieve the conversion of viroba “A” from zbit to profitability; give virobnitstvo to virobu “B” with the extension of the offensive quarter; speed up the turnover of werewolf for 2 days.

In the process of such an assault, the participants hang out of their hands, develop their own ideals, give a voice to develop their own, combine them. Schob secure the maximum effect, a “brainstorming” of the treba to be carried out after the singing rules. Inakshin vin overturning on zvaychainu out of the blue.

Diyovy “brainstorming” of the march is taking place at the first time, during the process of hanging, the idea and the process of negotiating evaluations. At the first stage of the storming assault, criticize the criticism of the idea and the proposition (critical appreciation of the creative process). The beginning of the group’s core is active in the creative activity of the participants in the winter, the stench of the stink hung in the middle of the day. At the stage of overtaking, the number is increased, and not the brightness of the idea. At a different stage і ideіy negotiate, to economically evaluate that in the first place in the box with them from them.

At the stage of negotiation, participants in the guilty party development of the idea: at the same time they can know the grain of the land. Significant effect of combining ideas with the help of folding the list of all reserved options; the functions and functions of the skin are limited. The maximum triviality of salvage is 1.5 years (it may be buty of salvage from one nutrition).

The main effect of the “brainstorming session” is reached on a firsthand basis during the hours of discussion and discussion: the number of hours in such a way is unique, but it’s traditional.

However, do not be yak zavadannya can be developed using this method. Winner’s zde_shchishnogo for razv'yazuvannya not worse than the complex problems of the ignorant (especially organizational) character, if the participants in the meeting may have enough information about them.

The method of expert evaluations is the method of forecasting and evaluating the results of May at a special presentation. Tsey method nabuv wide zosuvannya in strategic and functional analysis of analysis. There is a good deal of freedom in that, especially specialty, you have to think about important and real things, practical functions, how to reach them, how important they are, more importantly, more important, more important, more design solution. For the recognition of the most important judgments, to participate in the expert examination, special skills are needed, which may require a higher professional level and the great practicality of the problems posed, the need for an adequate presentation of the tendency is imperative.

Information, freed out by experts, to study for the help of special logical and mathematical methods and procedures for re-creating the knowledge for the vibration of the found variant form.

In the process of expert review and organization of robots, they are subject to individual characteristics of the people: they are one to the figurative, the last to the verbal-logical number. Up to a group include features with a variety of types, so you have a chance to succeed in solving problems.

Clear recommendations and experts: as a rule, between 5 and 7 special specialists are instituted, and, in addition to that, include a group of social scientists, psychologists, and mathematicians up to the group. Razrіznyayut іndivіdualіnnaya that group methods of nutrition Specialists - experts: інтерв'ю, analytic and expert evaluations (forindividual) and the methodology (for collective learning).

One of the most eloquent heuristic ideas of collective creativity is the name of the conference . The kind ofbrainstorming ” is won out by the pace of the campaign and the permissive good-natured criticism in the form of short replicas and comments. Criticism in this form can lead to the appreciation of the ideas of the public. I want to fantasize and combine ideas. Usi is protected by protocol without authorship.

Prior to the “ conference idea ” there are curvatures and ranks of experts, and therefore, I have to constantly deal with this problem, so I have no room for new things, so I can tell you more about them. It’s not right to ask for a conference, so that you can be skeptical about the possibility of positive development of the problem, that’s the kind of special services, like "know everything better for those who are better."

Methods of social and analogous activity transfer of activity of the best socially minded people. The essence of these methods is that the new ideas and propositions are based on the establishment of more significant changes. Naychastishe zososovuetsya a specialist analogy - priyom, for the help of some kind of people I’ll separate myself for analysis. There is no need for more insight, but before the analyst.

Prior to such methods, the method of “focal objects”, “synectics”, “method of low waterfalls and asociationshould be adopted .

Clutter to the method of focal objects of the field in the transferred sign of the vibratory vibrations of the objects to the site, which is worth a look. You can know the result as a result of a series of varied problems. The method of focal objects to give good results to a bunch of new modifications of add-ons and methods that can be used to train for learning (for example, you’ll need to come up with a fantastic mechanism, a tool to skinny).

The method is implemented in such a way:

  • vibrate the focal object and install the meta on the fly (for example, accelerated revolutions of werewolfs);
  • vibrate 3–4 vipadkovі ob'єkti (they should be taken from the dictionary for the catalog);
  • add lists sign vipadkovih objects; bring the signs of the vipadkov’s objects to the focal object and generate new ideas;
  • otrimanі uchenuchennya develop way vіlnyh asotsotsіy;
  • to think through the principles of decisiveness, to evaluate the rejected options and to choose the most effective decisiveness (call yourself in an expert way).

I am using this method, for example, for the purpose of identifying new, unavailable, wide-ranging goods, and introducing fundamentally new approaches to organizing virology forms.

Synectics ” is a complex method of stimulating creative creativity, which is based on the principle of “brainstorming”, as well as the method of analogy and asociation. The word " synectics" is a neologism, which means about the creation of elements.

The method is based on the joke of the fun-for-pleasure decision for a round-necked sweater of psychological energy, like a pole in the imagination of the problem of traditional tradition. The synectics amazes the world beyond the specific way of understanding (significantly) that significantly expanding the range of the new ideas of the familiarity of the sound of an uninvited viglyad and that navpaki.

The henchors of the whole method are imparted to scho rozumova dyalnist human beings are more productive in a new, unfamiliar middle ground. Koristuvannya by the method of synectics for the development of problems and the need for the creation of a group of special professionals in particular professions. Bazhano, Schob the members of the synectic group (except for the cervix) in front of the cob, the robots did not know the problem, they should take a look. All the same, I can abstract away the sound of stereotypes.

In synectic quarters, there is also a widespread vicarious analogy ( empathy ). For the help of such a reception, ludin is left to be drawn into the image of the object, to look at it, so that I “take away” myself from it and analyze it, to blame. Nine empathy succeeds in creating problems for especially complicated problems, as well as in order to practicalize practical problems in ideas.

The control power method is locked in for the psychological activation of the creative process. Yogo meta - for additional help to bring problems to the end. The method can be locked up in an indiviual robot, if the interlocutor himself put the power and the sound on them, so the first hour of collective discussion, for an extra hour “brain storm”.