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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

5.2. Information security of economic analysis and structure

Understanding the "Information Security" (ІЗ) is wired to the sound of a computer with automated control systems (ACS). The dynamic system of observance, evaluation, zerigannya and re-processing of the Danish system is hampered by the method of viroblennya management rishhen. ІЗ is possible to examine and ensure the process of securing information, the form of documents, the regulatory base and the implementation of the solution, the identification of the information system and the information system.

The process of securing information is stored in the operation shown in Fig. 5.4. Zbirannya danikh zdіysnyuєtsya on msіtyakh viniknennya іnformatsії. Type of operation is to lay on the bottom, availability and operational value of the material. Nadhodzhennya іnformatsії to mіsts roblennya to come to grips for the help of special special services, transmission (acceptance) of data - modems, faxes, telephones.

The process of securing an economical analysis of informal information

Fig. 5.4. The process of securing an economical analysis of informal information

A tribute to the analysis is formed in the recognition of consumer goods. In addition, in order to organize information exchange with each other, as well as with different groups of corridors, there is a need to address the problem of informational complexity.

Stvoryuyuchi ІZ, dotrimuyu tsya such printsipіv: tsіlіsnіst, vіrogіdnіst, control, Zahist od nesanktsіonovanogo access, Yednist i gnuchkіst, standardization is the unіfіkatsіya, adaptivnіst, mіnіmіzatsіya Introduction th vivedennya Informácie (odnokratnіst Informácie Gone, Gone, vivedennya tіlki for Change). Validity - the price of health is the principle of clear understanding, accuracy, availability and availability of the image of the real camp. The responsibility of information is regulated by the requirements of “necessary and affluent”, as well as by the fact that they have the responsibility to give tribute. Okremo vimogi vozmozhno one hundred and one hour nadannya vіdomosti koristuvachevі.

The structure of IZ є such (Fig. 5.5):

Information security structure

Fig. 5.5. The structure of information security

Methodical and instructive materials ІС analysis - all the power of the highest standards, the most common methodical materials and the fragmented design solutions for the development of the ІЗ.

Classification and coding systems - a description of the systems and the superclassification systems of technical and economic information in the economic area.

Efficiency ІС a bagato in what to lay down a type of organization ії ії інформаційної base (ІБ), as yak ilyaєyatsya on a posmashinnu і machine. Information in a new image of a particular object of a third-party middleware and on the nose of the system. Also, please take note of the fact that you have to communicate between information and people, information and EOM, people and EOM. For information and information in computer systems, visually see and see the noses (magnetic disks, magnetic stitches, storage on magnetic magnetic disks, compact discs).

Pozamashinna IB is a part of the analysis, the warehouse is stored out of order, the signal is on and the document is on the form, the yak can be humanized without the need for interest in calculating technology.

Before the warehouse for post-mortem analysis, enter normative documents, documents of planned, regional and information, necessary for the implementation of the entire system. For security, the function of controlling the likelihood is also similar to that of the information of the video card and video machine. A part of the machine-program was given to us to exclude and inform us in order to meet the requirements of the machine-based information technology (especially as long as the first documents are completed and often recalled for the additional EOM).

Organization of the post-production information processing facility for the transfer of information and analysis of information flows, the warehouse of documentation, the specifics of the automated technology of processing of information technology.

Pozamashinna information base to ensure proper efficiency of registration and transmission of information; one-time and independent view of victorious tasks and special tasks and special introduction; dostovіrnіst and accuracy tribute; Compliance and the need for tribute for processing; the ability to use the above information on the nose.

The main (navigate for the minds of a significant increase in magnetic noses and information technology and electronic mail) is the main information and information base of the first document. To clarify this, in front of the topic, it’s easy to put down official documents in papermaking documents, they can have legal force and that trivial hour can be accessed without a reason to spend time in them informing (for more information). Ale stinky may have a small amount of information, demand significant vitrates of a defective dad, not required for the automated introduction of information in the EOM, є not tamed for sending that group of information.

Optimіzatsіya pozamashinnoї іnformatsіynoї bazi polyagaє not lishe in udoskonalennі nosіїv Informácie, and th at ratsіonalіzatsії dokumentoobіgu, tobto in zmenshennі kіlkostі dokumentіv, skorochennі hour to їh clearance, committing th Poshuk in usunennі promіzhnih dokumentіv i dublyuvannya, formuvannі їh out electronically formі by car nosіyah, at the effective document management scheme. To the main forms of document management.

  • For the technology of the vikonannya : hand, electronic, zmіshanu.
  • For centralized document management : centralized, often centralized and decentralized.

Massivi machine IBs can be local, molded in a crucial way for the development of tasks, and they can be integrated with a database of databases (DB). Integrated masiwi give the opportunity to take care of the typical for local arrays duplicated and unfortunate tributes, significantly ease the introduction of the given data, protect the collective availability of the essential software products, and make the most of the essentials.

Razrіznayut regulatory and operational, operational and in-kind view of the massive machine and information base. Regulatory and normative statements are very stable by the stretch of the third hour, given that they can be tinted for the development of tasks on the EOM (the selection of the latest objects, the standard rates, the price of the materials).

Operational services include regularly paying data, which is necessary to receive from the state donation process (the need for the most important things, the thousands of wages and salaries you pay). You can add up to three hours of masivi, form in the process of completing tasks, and with the latest data for offensive play.

Nosіїv machine and information base can be subdivided into such classes: magnets, lasers, combinations.

One of the main components of information security is automated bank accounts (DBA). Look at the following functions: recognition, accumulation, sowing, updating, integration of processing and integration into informational tasks for the development of regulatory tasks and informational needs. ABD specialty є advanced efficiency and information technology for a round of rational organization and public data in the process of processing.

The main vimogs to the ABD є: bagatorovove vikoristannya danih for a one-time õh removed to the system; Minimum duplication; the ability to expand; quick access to the Danish Іх zakhist, integration of the Danish for Victoria on the separate management streets. To the DBA warehouse, enter the database (DB) and the system of managing the database (DBMS) .

Depends on technological regimes in vikorstannya tribute to the fund and archival danich. The database will have to be buggy with friends (corridors) and save the independence of these applications. The hour of robots from the database is formed in the form of information about the information and format, the interchange of words, the frequency of the frequency of the nature of the tribute. Tsya іnformatsіya оророрєєєє єєє єє єє проє про про про про про про є про єє єє єє єє єє єє єє єє єє єє єє єє є єє є

Koristuvachami DB can be but okremі physical features individuals and applications. With a tool, I’m kind of saving you a system of sounding (interface) of corridors and application programs with these data, DBMS is the basis of DBMS software concerns. Prior to the main functions to introduce the organization of mass storage in the memory of EOM and machine storage; Establishment of a zvyazka among the Danish bases; Vidnovlennya (koriguvannya) database, logical zahist Danih; zahist secrecy danish skinny.