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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

10.4. Influence of inflation on the adoption of the decision of financial nature

Ля Inflation - a whole range of pennies through the destruction of к, ль к к в в об,,, перен перен перен перен перен перен перен перен перен перен перен г г г г ро,,,,,,,,,,,,,, товари товари товари товари товари товари товари товари

As long as the price is relatively small (between 4-12% on the average), people need to repair the need for singing and their own resources from the sphere of financial resources management.

Pridprimodstva shvidko invest in large pennies in material activity and cym, mimzh іnshim, stimulate the development of the inflationary process. Zrosta will drink and grow in price for the benefit of the virobility, objects for living, as a result of the offer, and will agree on the price of their products for the saving of the future.

For hyperinflation (the rate of redevelopment is 100 times higher in terms of success), the best initiative is to keep the land no less than the last state and the second half of the city.

The analysis of robots for the use of information and energy in the event of difficulty because, most importantly, the most valuable assets and the passwords do not need to be properly visualized by the accountants.

Ale іsnuє vimіryuvannya vlivlu іnflіvatsії for vikoristannya such indicators:

  • riven інфляці ї;
  • Yandex інфляції .

Riven price for image for singing period with music. Yandex іninflyatsії vіdrazobaє, at the age of the club matured prices for the singing period. As a rule, the average price for the product for the development of the river in the period in the period is the Y1, and on the cob the period is the 0, then the period of the income is the formula:

Rivne інфляції

and Yandex Inflation:

Інссі інфляції

So, in fact, for example, the price of one group of virobi at the end of the singing period became 200 thousand. UAH, and on the cob of yogo - 160 yew. UAH, then the price of inflation is yak , and Іandex інфляції - , abo II = 1 + + 0.25 = 1.25.

Інссі інфляції, що shred for months, sign up for the formula:

Іі / рік = (1 + Ір1) • (1 + Ір2) • (1 + Ір3) • ... (1 + Ір n ).

As a rule, the index of inflation is indicated for the river, and the fact of inflation is not fixed, then it will be corrupted by the formula:

Іі / рік = (1 + Ір n ) 12.

Rivne of inflation for a period of time (sign) for the formula:

Ір = Іі / рік - 1.

So, as a rule the inflation (month) stretch to 4%, the index of inflation: II / inflation = (1 + 0.04) 12 = 1.49, and the inflation is 49% [(1.49 - 1 ) 100].

Yakshcho pidprimstvo є є є г ро ро зас зас зас зас зас зас зас в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в сот сот сот сот сот сот сот сот сот сот сот.

In order to recognize the real income, it’s necessary to pay the total amount for the purchase with the purchase coupons for the rate of simple rates for such a formula:

suma urahuvannyam інфляції ,

de Сі - suma with urakhuvannyam інфляції;

C - the amount invested in the price of the paper, as well as the financial operations;

in - vidotskova rate for the n- th period.

Signature: Butt 2 A sum of UAH 300 million is distributed to a commercial bank for a deposit with a line of one credit 30% of the total, and the risk of inflation for 40% becomes.

The amount in Kinets Roku with a price of UAH 390 mln (300 • 1.3), and the amount in Ukraine is in the amount of UAH 278.5 mln. .

For the whole time, the hairline sumi zaznaє has a direct hit at 111.5 million UAH (390 - 278.5). From now on, mother’s mother’s real income, it’s necessary, so that mother’s income from financial transactions will be restored.

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