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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

Chastina III. Administrative analysis

Rozdil 11. Analysis of realizable products and marketing activities

11.1. Significance and zavdannya analizu marketing dіyalnos tі

None of the links with our homepage of our country’s marketplace of advertisements, of the most important possibilities of marketing has significantly grown in the interest in marketing as a concept of market management. The leather industry, the planning oath of virobnitstva, the most arrogant nobility, the very products, the kind of liabilities, de facto, if the prices are the same as the real plan. For the most part, vivchity will rely on products, markets, products, real and potential competitors, potential purchasers, the ability to organize a competitive price for them. The main reason is to lay down the results, the renewal of the main capital, the structure, and in the financial bag - financial stability.

The period from 2000 to 2010, by the way, is all the more necessary and “pricey” to the marketing in textile business. Such reorientation of vimagu awaken viroblacial dyalnosti, zbіlshennya gnuchkostі organizatsіynyh structures on the basis of marketing conditions from urahuvannyam needs of the maximum adaptation to the needs of the corridor.

The results of marketing are guilty of formulating variative management decisions on the basis of criticism based on success in the area of ​​unintentional behavior of competitors and partners. The field of marketing significantly contributes to the transformation of models of comprehensive economic analysis of the business and economic requirements. Marketing circumstance, at one's own house, is an economical analysis.

Because of the significance of the issue, I’ve started to analyze the marketing activities є to get more and more widespread in the world of strengthening the functional role of the economic analysis.

Analysis of marketing activities on the basis of the following:

  • oath sale that will pay;
  • Rinku zbutu products;
  • price policy;
  • system of distribution of goods;
  • competitiveness of products;
  • marketing middleware (including analysis of marketing strategies, effectiveness of communications);
  • the tightness of the economic medium, the tendency to the nature of the yoy;
  • vikoristannya that rozbroblennya kіlkіsnih methods for analysis for viyavlennya vzєozmozv'yazku indicators, factors and that more.

The analysis of the applied plan is guilty of the reasons for the fall of the performance problems, the view of the marketing forecasts, the indication of the "weakness" of the business in the galaxy.

Systematic pidd can help you to solve problems, think about it, formulate a recommendation and get a thorough marketing dіalnostі pіdpriyamstva.