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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

11.4. Analysis of the price policy of the company

One of the most straightforward analyzes is the price policy on commodity markets. In order to protect the company at the expense of planning, the competitiveness of the products is drunk on it. Through the price of realizing the price, the effectiveness of all of the virological and commercial structure is realized.

The policy is based on the fact that support is established in such a situation (fallow in the situation on the market) so that you can ensure that short-term and pre-term goals are secured.

The process of evaluating the appearance of the procedures for setting the price. To that (fallow vіd tsіley analіzu) analizuyu abo okremі procedure or otherwise the whole complex.

The main part of the analysis:

  • vivchennya zmіstu procedures established prices, rivnya prices for the visibility of specific prices for products;
  • a differentiation of the propositional form of an effective price policy.

Zmіst and the last analysis of the price policy can be implemented in the same way as this:

I stage. Analysis of the typical type of market price policy.

Analizuyuchi price policy, require mothers to respect, but won’t lie down like type of market. In economic literature, violated the chotiri tipi market ("purely competitive", "monopolistic competition", "oligopolistic competition", "pure monopoly"), and there are some serious problems in the world. Behind the vignette, robots on the markets of purely competition, enterprises need to analyze the technique of setting the cob price to their comrade.

II stage. Analysis of prices.

The policy is prone to lay down in order for the same purpose to get access to the specific product. Butts of such values ​​can be buti: visualization of business, maximization of income, view of the leader behind indicators of a part of the market as a commodity, more than one part of the market and that. For example, securing the visit has become the main principle of Toddler’s business, as long as the baguette virobnikov and the hostess of the competition are in place, but even if they’re consuming their clients, they’ll be free of charge. So that you can protect the business and the robot from your goods, the business and your business, you need to lower the price, check the program for new books. For realizing the goal of leadership for performance indicators, the product will be set to a new high price (to cover the high level of performance and the performance of the NDOKR).

ІІІ etap. Analysis of factors, which means the price policy.

In practice, the process of formulating prices is to keep the key factors - vitrate of the win, value of the competition, transport vitrates, foreign exchange, exchange rates, exchange of currencies, advertisements of the most important incentives. Otzhe, the hour of analysis of the need for insurance:

Factor Vitrat . Pridprimstvo, which took as a basis the policy of establishment, is entrusted to the Vitrati, I will establish the price, the time of the visit and the return of the building. Valuation, the basis of which is covered by vitrati, vicarious goods for goods of virologic designation, which do not have any indivisible characteristics.

I will feed a factor . Consolidation, organization of the market, distribution of the evaluation of intensive energy: high prices are awarded to a comrade of well-fed consumers, and lower - to partners with a small amount of food, as many as one product. We appreciate the opportunity to drink more efficiently from the best-selling, lively goods and bagatokh types of goods from the virological designation.

Competitive Factors . With the most stock of value-added, competitively-priced competitors, you can get more baked goods for metal, wheat, tea and more, have a lot to dictate your own prices and get a lot of sales. For the skin seller, the price is indicated, the price is for the changes, the reason may be a significant reduction, and the lower price is brought to an unjustified change. The main thing in the price, based on the price of competition, to reduce the price of products is quiet, and to get the same products.

Analyze competitive price, vividly see:

  • competition between firms of one galuz;
  • mizhgaluzevu competition;
  • rivalry deputy.

IV stage. Analysis of minds and methods of formulating a covert price for a product.

Zmіstom tsyogo etapu analysis є:

4.1. Otsіnka popit.

4.2. Otsіnka vitrat.

4.3. Analysis of prices and competitive products.

4.4. An analysis of the method of appreciation, which takes root.

V etap. Analysis of methodology.

If the company established the first price, then it’s only possible to correct the risks of the future factors, which should be done at the middle level. Requirements for advanced analysis:

5.1. Pricing for a new product.

5.2. Valuation within the framework of a commodity group.

5.3. Value for the regional principle.

5.4. Established price with books and booklets.

5.5. Established price for stimulating zbutu.

VI stage. Analysis of variance prices by competitors.

Undertakings, which have shattered the price system and the strategy of value-for-all in the process of their own activity, the strongest way to understand the price. The reasons for this are при, for example, lack of adjustment of virological needs, inflation, over-the-air drinking and that. Shchob z'yasuvati, as a maє dіyati pіdprimstvo for the best price of competitors, need to be analyzed:

  • reasons for that period of competitors;
  • I am able to fill my parts of the market;
  • life cycle of their goods;
  • the role of the given product in the boundaries of the vlasno commodity nomenclature;
  • dynamo vitrat fallow vid obyagu virobnitstva.

So, for example, the table. 11.9 to submit up to date price indicator on the Quantum AT and the analogue competitors. The table can be used for operational analysis of competitive prices for singing period (quarter, quarter, month) and the adoption of management decisions.

From the analysis carried out for a given technique, soak, cream, visnova:

1. Kerivnitsto AT “Quantum” pardonably signified the whole company and the price policy. By my head on the whole path, it would not be enough to get not a big gain, but a visit to a business, but try to get the right part of the market.

2. 40% іndicatorів, whichever vyroblyayutsya in AT "Quantum" for the brains of the supply of Ex Works, much more expensive, less than the competition.

Table 11.9


Virib AT "Quantum"

Price AT "Quantum"

The price of a competitor-analogue of a competitor

Price AT “Quant" at% to competitor’s price





Indicator 1

Indicator 1.1





Railway station "Reflector", metro Saratov

Indicator 1.2





Railway station "Reflector", metro Saratov

Indicator 1.3





Railway station "Reflector", metro Saratov

Indicator 1.4





AT "ORZEP", metro Oryol

Indicator 1.5





AT "ORZEP", metro Oryol

Indicator 2

Indicator 2.1





«Indicator’ metro station, Usman metro station

Indicator 2.2





Integral railway station, metro Minsk

Indicator 2.3





«Indicator’ metro station, Usman metro station

LED 2.4





«Indicator’ metro station, Usman metro station

Indicator 2.5





Neon railway station, metro Іnsar

3. The price policy is based on the Vitrati Virobnitzva, so that the price is fixed on the Vitrarata and the Singing Viadotka. Vidtak vitrati on a single product for quick access to realizatsii zrostayut.

4. The price of virobi is set by administrative_responsive solutions, without looking back at the mind-blowing diet.

5. AT “Quantum” is not a good policy of solving the problem of winners with competitors who are foremost in the best markets.

6. Viznachayuchi prices, AT "Quantum" did not heal the life cycle of high-tech virobi.

In addition, the results of the previous meeting about the great competition in the galaxy, but I will need the following companies:

a) lower prices on virobi;

b) the installation of a closed system of prices with books and books;

c) continuous analysis of the price of competition.